Fantasy Cave D and D Style RPG


Fantasy Cave D and D Style RPG Alternatives for PC

#1 Ascension


Ascension is a Card, Role-playing, and Single-player video game developed and published by Asmodee Digital for Mobile Devices. The game brings a brilliant series of beautiful casts containing powers and creatures. It takes you to a fantasy-themed world where you discover challenging missions to complete and deadly creatures to defeat. Over fifty detailed cards are there, and the game asks you to make a deck to draw your card on the table to show off your powers.

It brings a perfect mix of Improved Visual optimization, AI Enemies, and more. The game features different categories of cards, such as Monster, Enlightened, Lifebound, MEchana, Void, and Common. In the game, the player gets involved battling against enemies in turn-based combat where the player needs to improve his strategic approach to win the game. Ascension includes prominent features such as 50 Cards, Detailed Graphics, Superb Mechanics, and Wonderful Controls.


#2 The Last Faith


The Last Faith is an Adventure, Action, and Single-player video game developed and published by Kumi Souls Games. The game is scheduled to release in 2021, but the trailer has been released. It brings a mix of Exploration and action side-scrolling game elements to offer you stunning gameplay with dark and gothic horror themes. It takes place in an enchanting world where you discover upon getting into that an ancient religion is ruling for centuries the land left to its fate.

The world is full of glorious fast and comes with beautiful locations to navigate. The game features different types of enemies to battle and decide delicious deals and prizes for you to reward. Control the protagonist armed with a sword and ready to battle against enemies and their bosses for in-game rewards. Your ultimate task is to find the hidden prophecy and discover the truth behind the scene, corrupted and ravaged the land. The Last Faith includes prominent features such as Creepy Enemies, Puzzles to Solve, Interact with Elements, a Giant World, and more.