#1 World of Final Fantasy


World of Final Fantasy is an Action-Adventure, Role-playing, Turn-based Battle and Single-player video game developed and published by Squre Enix. The game takes place in the fantasy world of Grimoire and land of populated by classic characters and monsters from across the Final Fantasy series. The story of the game focuses on twin Lann and Ryan who suffers from amnesia and take power in one of his arms to capture the monster of the land called Mirages. Lann and Raynn start his adventure in his homeland to recover his memories and powers. The game allows the player to takes the role of a Lann and Reynn who can explore the world of Grymoire and a complete number of the task in order to progress. During the gameplay to the player can interact with the environment and non-player characters take the quest and try to complete them all in order to progress. It offers a turn-based battle system which allows the player to battle against the powerful enemies using special moves. World of Final Fantasy includes core features such as different gameplay modes lots of upgrades, powerful enemies, collect resources, unique characters, and stunning environment, etc. The game offers quite addictive gameplay, well-written storyline, enhanced game mechanics and improved visual details.