FHEM Alternatives for Android



EVA ICS is a reputable automation platform designed for either small setup or enterprises that brings a sustainable ability to do tasks nimbly. The platform comes with an automated approach having a rich set of features that gives the possibilities to get maximum output from the minimal input. There is a simple management interface based on JavaScript-framework, and you can connect all your devices with a different set of commands.

Many industries are pleased to have EVA ICS that helps administrators to work professionally with a seamless workflow. Data Control, unification, data exchange, and rich data analytics make EVA ICS more valuable to the road to success. The data analytics lets you make more informed decisions, making productivity in mind an administrator. The platform helps you get a systemize hardware, build an IoT cloud, design the required logic rules, and create an easy configuration interface. Moreover, the platform permits multiple integrations with the existing system to take a more proactive approach to automate your journey.