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FileDropper originated to facilitate users a simple, rapid substitution to sites like RapidShare and MegaUpload. The service is a cinch and lets users keep their files hosted forever. FileDropper enhances core service by presenting users with a maximum file size of 5 GBs that is better than most of such websites… read more
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9 FileDropper Alternatives & Similar Software


1. YouSendIt

YouSentIt, now known as Hightail, allows you securely access and share your documents, presentations, photography and videos with a great looking interface. Hightail is the professional method to share your files folders with anyone from any device securely. In the advanced world, innovativeness is more cooperative than any time in recent memory. Inventive joint effort happens when originators, producers, picture takers and different makers work with chiefs, customers and accomplices to take ventures from idea to fulfillment, using numerous rounds of input and emphasis. Be that as it may, we need great instruments to deal with this procedure. A significant portion of us stays caught in email notwithstanding its certain defects, while others storehouse themselves far from customers and colleagues
 in authority administrations. Hightail plans to free the world’s imagination by making innovative cooperation more instinctive and available. As the organization that helped creative experts share their substantial video, outline, craftsmanship, photography and presentation records for over ten years, Hightail is interestingly situated to take care of the issues of inventive cooperation. Having seen documents named from “v.1” to “v.12” being sent forward and backward, there should have been a superior approach to share thoughts, gather input and get to the last form.


2. Streamfile

Exchanging documents over moment envoy are normally more miss than hit, and email limits you to 25MB at most—in case you’re both on Gmail. Streamfile encourages gushing document exchanges of up to 150MB, or 300MB with a free join. An attempt at manslaughter record transfer administrations like officially offer document stockpiling and sharing of up to 100MB, and more with paid files, so the fundamental reason you’d pick a device like Streamfile is its spilling powers. When one gathering begins transferring a document, the other party can hit a connection sent by email or different means and begin downloading it under 256-piece encryption. Neither one of the parties requires much else besides a program—not even a Flash module, at that—and the connections consequently bite the dust following 24 hours. Streamfile offers bigger record sizes (300MB), simultaneous streams to various downloaders, and helps the termination to 48 hours for the individuals who register with a free record, and considerably greater documents and sit tight periods for those paying $4.95 every month. As the Download Squad blog calls attention to, in any case, most anybody agreeing to a record will need to head into their Settings and un-check the alternatives permitting Streamfile to send advertising messages or impart your email to an outsider. All correspondences with Streamfile and the client are encoded utilizing the Secure Socket Layer (SSL). This is the same usefulness used by online banks and to transmit charge card points of interest. Streamfile likewise offers the capacity to store your records encoded before they are transferred to us, including an extra layer of security.


3. Files2U

Files2U is free to use web service that permits you to share documents on the web. It’s a basic and quick administration that gives you a chance to send records to a man without signing up. The records are sending utilizing secure document encryption techniques and stay accessible for a time of 48 hours on the site. After that period, the records are naturally erased and can’t be downloaded. The greatest permitted record size is 3 GB and up to 25 documents can be sent together utilizing the administration. The same document can be sent to up to 5 individuals in one go. Files2U is fueled by FileCatalyst which gives speeding up, unwavering quality, and better record administration. You can send files permanently by filling a structure where you have to give the mailing subtle elements of the sender and collector and append documents to be sent. After that, you can continue with transferring documents. When transferring is done, the records are sent to the beneficiaries. Files2U produces a pin number for each record, which it sends to the beneficiaries alongside the download connection of the sent document. A document can be downloaded essentially by entering the pin number for that record. Files2U is to a significant degree solid and an unquestionable requirement attempt one!


4. Jumpshare

Jumpshare is an online hotspot for sending records for nothing. It is a present for the individuals who are required to convey a huge number of files of supersizes regularly. At, clients can find the opportunity of sending the vast records, view documents, and make joint effort continuously too.

The best about is its similarity includes which permit clients to transfer and share the record of any sort continuously. The distributed storage and sharing administrations of can be gotten to by two means.


5. SendThisFile

SendThisFile is a document sharing site in the strictest sense. You can share substantial documents and you get 500GB of month to month transmission capacity. In any case, it needs a hefty portion of the components that are standard with most record sharing administrations. SendThisFile is an online document imparting administration to the reason in the name – sharing records. Most email suppliers confine the measure of a connected record to somewhere around 20MB and 40MB. While this is sufficiently huge to send your manager a word record, numerous documents are too huge. SendThisFile permits you to share expansive documents in light of the fact that there is no restriction to record size. Document sharing is done in two ways – an email module or an offer connection. The email module consistently incorporates with your email so you can connect any record. The offer connection makes a URL that permits beneficiaries to download the document from any web program. You should simply email the URL. For secure record sharing, SendThisFile utilizes 128-piece, end-to-end encryption. While this shields your records from programmers, it isn’t comparable to the business standard, 256-piece AES encryption. Furthermore, it needs firewall security, infection scanners and a remote-wipe apparatus. The main security include that it has is the capacity to secret key ensure the offer connections. Just beneficiaries who get the secret word can download the document. The passwords are never spared to the servers or shared by the administration, so you need to impart it to the beneficiary. SendThisFile is an online record sharing website that permits you to share expansive documents effectively through email modules and offer connections. Be that as it may, it doesn’t have a great deal of month to month data transfer capacity for sharing records and needs a large portion of the elements you’d expect with a document sharing administration, similar to share organizers, gadget matching up, versatile applications and document forming.


6. ShareFile

ShareFile has a thorough rundown of offer elements with superb security and record following, yet the insignificant measure of data transmission can constrain your capacity to share and get documents. With a name like ShareFile, you can anticipate that record sharing will be the need. The least demanding approach to share records is to utilize the email module, which permits you to sidestep the connection confinements of your email with the goal that you can share enormous documents through your ordinary email address. In any case, the constrained transfer speed is a worry. For secure document sharing, ShareFile utilizes 256-piece AES encryption. This ensures the records when they are in travel or very still on the servers. Firewalls and infection scanners additionally ensure the servers, hindering undesirable outside and inward associations. You additionally get a remote wipe instrument. This permits you to expel documents from any PC associated with your record, which is useful if any of your gadgets are stolen or a representative leaves your association and takes their PC. The main security highlight that ShareFile needs is the capacity to secret word ensures offer connections. On the off chance that you make an offer connection, any individual who has the URL can download the document. ShareFile is a brilliant document offering administration to far reaching and secure record sharing. The record following is additionally great. You can redo your online entryway and offer connections to your organization’s image, which is an awesome method for fortifying your image to customers downloading records. Notwithstanding, the restricted data transmission implies that you don’t have much space for sharing and getting documents unless you move up to the endeavor rendition.


7. Senduit

Regardless of how great an email administration is, it normally doesn’t permit you to send connections more than 10 MB. So by what method would it be advisable for one to share records that are expansive? Senduit is one approach. It gives you a chance to transfer and share documents up to 100 MB in size. When you transfer the record, you get a private connection that you can impart to anyone you seek. On the off chance that the record has touchy data, you can likewise choose an era after which the connection to the document would terminate. You can set any termination time running from 30 minutes to 1 week. Senduit can be utilized to share any sort of record including archives, melodies and motion pictures. At the point when the beneficiary snaps on the mutual Senduit join, it is naturally downloaded to their PC. Send and share your documents (up to 100 MB) with Senduit, a basic file sharing application. Here’s the means by which it works: explore to Senduit, discover the record you need to impart to somebody, transfer it (took me around 20 seconds to transfer a 518 KB document), and after that Senduit gives you a URL where your record can be gotten to – this connection goes latent following 30 minutes. Click on the URL and your record begins downloading promptly. It’s a to a great degree non-confused approach to share bigger records, that is without a doubt.


8. is a quick document sharing and facilitating supplier that make the clients ready to transfer and share the records without few stages. The procedure begins by method for either transferring the document via seeking from the PC or essentially utilizing the move and customizes arrangement of the After the effective transferring of the documents, the clients are basically required to impart the connection to others. The best about is its similarity openness that permits is clients to transfer the record of any sort without agonizing over its arrangement and sort. This electronic sharing application is accessible in two modes that are Free Account and Premium Account. The Free Account accompanies 2 GB of free storage room as it were. Be that as it may, the individuals who will go for the Premium Account will get boundless space and no promotions amid the transferring and sharing procedure. In addition, the premium record holders of will have the capacity to appreciate more documents similarity choices. Both record of initially required the making of a record. is the most ideal path for sharing the any number of documents inside few moments.


9. Wikisend

Wikisend is a free online file and documents sharing administration that gives you a chance to share documents on the web. The most extreme permitted document size is 100 MB. No earlier enlistment is required, and the document stays accessible on the site for seven days. Aside from that, you can secret key secure your records to guarantee document wellbeing. You can join with Wikisend if you need to get extra advantages. To share a file, you have to transfer it on the site. In the wake of perusing document from your framework you can tap on the “Properties” connection to set secret word to secure the record. You can even demand a download connection of the mutual record by email. When you are done you can press “Transfer” catch to transfer document on Wikisend. A record Id will then be produced which you can send to the individual with whom you need to share the document. The mutual record can undoubtedly be downloaded by entering the File ID and secret key which you have set to secure the document. Wikisend permits you to share any record including huge records, little records, information documents, reports, media documents, reinforcements, or files. It’s a pleasant support of offer records online for nothing.

More About FileDropper

FileDropper originated to facilitate users a simple, rapid substitution to sites like RapidShare and MegaUpload. The service is a cinch and lets users keep their files hosted forever.

FileDropper enhances core service by presenting users with a maximum file size of 5 GBs that is better than most of such websites. The user can upload their file and share them with friends, colleagues, and family. FileDropper labels itself as “the easiest document facilitating site ever,” and that is what it is.

Utilizing FileDropper’s document uploader, you can secretly transfer and store extensive records uncertainly. There is numerous document stockpiling and sharing administrations out there; however, every one of them has a 100 MB (now and again 1 GB) per record limit.

With regards to FileDropper, this is raised to walloping 5 GBs. Along these lines, you can store virtually anything. Once your files are transferred, you can email and impart them to others. No, sign up, or enrollment required.