FINEOS Claims Alternatives for iOS

#1 WellSky


WellSky, formerly Kinnser, is a healthcare solution provider that offers home health, blood management, hospice, and much more. It also offers instant Medi-Span drug database screening, fast scheduling, and OASIS checks. You can customize it to serve hospice, therapy, and private duty agencies. WellSky offers tools to optimize intake, manage patients’ bookings, track referrals, and manage authorization and eligibility. Doctors and their staff members can prioritize patient care, schedule daily appointments, manage documentation, and more.

The internal email messaging system allows users to attach messages about patient care directly to the patient’s chart. WellSky software optimizes intake, eligibility checks, and calendar management. Your company will be able to receive referrals seamlessly and securely, manage authorizations and eligibility easily, see all visits by disciplines on one calendar, and schedule entire episodes of care in seconds. All in all, WellSky is a great healthcare management tool that you can consider among its alternatives.