FireTray Alternatives

#1 Inbox Pro, for Outlook


Inbox Pro, for Outlook, is a third party inbox app developed by Code Before Dawn Inc. through which users can read all their emails right at their fingers to give a fast response to an important email. You can share various multimedia files such as images, videos, and audio files as an email attachment.

Inbox Pro, for Outlook app, features a built-in inbox to view all the recent emails, and it shows the unread email at the top of the list with a dot to easily identify them.

#2 Samsung Email


Samsung Email app enables users to receive, manage, and send all the important emails from as many email accounts as they want. You can tap on a mail to read it and can tap on the button to forward or delete it. Users can write new emails by selecting the receiver email, and they also send attachments such as documents and multimedia files through emails.

The app comes up with features to help you in scheduling the synchronization of the email of all accounts to upload data to the cloud server to backup it for later use. Users can also use secure email communication features to send emails to clients.