Fishbowl Alternatives


Fishbowl is the most leading feature-rich inventory management system that is designed for manufacturing and warehouse administration. It helps both medium and large companies to manage all the inventory-related tasks as well as address issues that plague manufacturers and warehouse businesses by automating the entire manufacturing process… read more

12 Fishbowl Alternatives & Similar Software


1. Snapfulfil

Snapfulfil is the most leading warehouse management software solution that is designed to scale on an enterprise-grade cloud solution. It is a fast, affordable and flexible solution that enables you to deploy suitably to your existing mode of operations easily. The software has varying payment options in order to meet your budget requirements. Snapfulfil comes as the alternative to ship were and offers all the core features with some new tools and services that make it better than others. The software also delivers world-class warehouse solutions regardless of the business you are in. It is designed to accommodate companies in manufacturing, beverage, food electronics, and B2B retail and wholesale, etc. That is why you can be assured that the solution can meet your unique needs. Also, the software can help you enhance your bottom line because the cloud-based solution makes you more efficient in managing your tasks. Unlike all the most leading solutions, it also offers a dashboard that is quite simple and easy to use, where you can access it all features without any limitation. Snapfulfil most prominent feature includes disaster recovery, goods receiving, picking and packing, API integration, reports, and employee performance monitoring, etc.


2. Epicor Eclipse

Epicor Eclipse is an all-in-one distribution software that is specially designed to manage and automate the operations of wholesale distributors in the Plumbing, electrical, and HVAC industries. The software is known as a distribution-centric system that mixed its extensive functionality with the innovative technology in order to impact all facets of the distribution lifecycle. It enables distributors to digitalize business from e-commerce to mobile sales and services, to wireless sales counters and warehouses and to customer optimizations tools. Epicor Eclipse is also known as an end-to-end distribution system that delivers all the industry-rich features with options for on-premises, cloud, and hosted deployments. Also, Epicor Eclipse streamlines the distribution cycle while maximizing all the business effectiveness with best of breed processes created to help distributors reach their all productivity goals. One of the most leading features about this software is that it comes with time-saving tools to dramatically enhance productivity while offering process refinements to improve company effectiveness. One of this feature is the task-focused graphical-interface that visually appealing interface centralizes all tasks in a single area to advance operations and save time. Epicor Eclipse enables your employees to accomplish more within the solution that focus more time on your customers and deliver all the professional services in order to boost customer satisfaction.


3. eTurns

eTurns is a simple yet powerful inventory visibility and management software program that permits small to large distributors to intelligently manage their inventories, stocks, prevent the rate of stockouts, and increase revenues and profits. With the help of this software distributors and their customers that include contractors, manufacturers, tool crib and service truck operators, as well as healthcare providers will surely benefit a lot from the program, as it aids them to automate stock replenishment and procurement process. The software also delivers various methods to track inventory and manage all size of stocks. It allows users to enable Vendor-Managed Inventory and Customer-Managed Inventory on their mobile devices. With this solution, you can also be able to manage inventories through barcode scanning, an RFID reading, and the app of IoT weight sensors. eTurns has a simple and easy to use dashboard that provides them an at the glance view of the status of their inventory in real-time that makes it better than others. Its dashboard is also equipped with charts that can help users gain insights into inventory value, and stock out that enable them to be always updated and to perform inventory optimization that is driven by data. eTurns is commercial software and has different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits.


4. Infoplus

Infoplus is a leading cloud-based solution that manages your inventory, order management, and shipping processes. The software delivers you with the means to integrate with 3rd-party software that means you can consolidate shopping carts and calculate shipping costs from carriers in one go as well as transfer financial details to accounting software with just one click. With the help of this software, you can deliver your customers’ requested and paid for items on time. That is a critical facet of your commonality, as on-time delivery of the right goods paired with low shipping costs help you retain your customers. Also, Infoplus helps you in making your warehouse more efficient and beginning with warehouse route optimization. On top of that, the software aids you decide when you should hire new staffs, especially during peak seasons, in order to ensure that your customers get their packages within a set timeframe. The software comes with very basic level and delivers specific features, and now it has thousands of users around the world and offers a range of advanced features such as complete order management, inventory, APIs and integration, shipping management and warehouse management, etc.


5. Distribution One

Distribution One is an ERP software that connects your dispersed operation processes and makes them manageable from this single platform. With this, you can supervise each task in every workflow, especially the most critical ones, in order to ensure the success and profitability of your company. The software also affords you the ability to gain in-depth insights regarding your entire business operations. It delivers you with analytics that is based on accurate data that enables you to determine whether you are reaching your company goals in a way that you intended. Once you establish that, you can easily plan on how to enhance your KPIs. Distribution One is cloud-based software and offers you the mobility that you need in a progressively ambulatory business environment. That means you can eschew additionally operational expenses, as you do not need more hardware or any kind of software in order to deploy the software. However, if you need an on-premises or hosted deployment, the software can also help you set them up too. Distribution One is quite simple and easy to use software that lets you quickly gain back your investment. The software offers quick setup and on-site training of your personnel enable them to be familiar with the software faster.


6. ADaM

ADaM is a web-based software solution that specializes in warehouse and distribution management. The software comes with all the modern features and tools in order to deliver a comprehensive experience in a single platform. It is quite a simple yet powerful solution that has an integrated set of tools that enhancing your daily tasks for you to enhance your sales and revenue. The software comes with a navigable interface so you can manage your tasks easily and confidently. One of the best things about this software is that it assists you in maximizing your investments. ADaM does that by providing you with all management features. These streamline the organization of your inventory, and contacts, and finances as well as accounting. The software comes with the aim to boost your productivity and increase your profitability. Its interface is set to help you navigate it quickly and comfortably that enable you and other users to be efficient in deploying solution actions so you can finish tasks swiftly. ADaM most prominent feature includes inventory management, account playable, sales order processing, reports, general ledger, notifications, contact management, and sales analysis, etc.



ePROMIS is a comprehensive business suite for all size of that covers all their CRM, ERP, and HR management needs. The software comes as the alternative to the ship were but offers lots of new features and tools that make it better than others. With the help of this software, users can easily choose their deployment method between on-premise and cloud hosted, and get an individual package in accordance with their needs. ePROMIS support all kind of enterprises that make it possible to perform complicated and multiple-user operations using the web and mobile devices. In short, the software helps the business adjust to market conditions and goes out of the box by delivering accurate and timely forecasting as well as custom analytic capabilities. In order to meet the needs of all industries, the software is above all a flexible and customizable product that is designed to adapt to every market challenge. The software works dynamically, and empowers accurate forecasting for planning and deciding. This way, both beginners and large enterprises manage and control to go a step ahead of their competitors and to retain customers. One of the basic modules of this solution are Sales Management, Property Management, and Fleet Management, but you can also use this to govern facilities, finances, projects, and human capital.


8. SDS4 Distribution Software

SDS4 Distribution is an all-in-one Enterprise Resource Planning software primarily that is designed for automotive, aerospace, electronic components, and government industries. As compared to most of the distribution software, it is bit different and offers lots of new features and tools. It empowers SMBs with quality tools in order to help them take on the biggest distributors. One of the best things about this distribution software is that it is available both in on-premise and cloud-based deployment and features functionality for both CRM and ERP. SDS4 Distribution Software delivers a complete suite of features that allow users to manage every facet of their distribution company. It automates and streamlines processes from inventory to accounting expediting every purpose while making things easier and real-time for the administration. SDS4 Distribution features a user-friendly interface that is quite simple and easy to use. Its interface replicates Microsoft Outlook so well that it’s complex to differentiate the two systems that make it better than others. Purchasing, Dashboards, Quality Control, Supply Chain Management, Financial Management, Sales Administration and HR management are the most prominent features of the software.


9. Systum

Systum is also an online omnichannel business solution that helps you streamline and improve wholesale distribution with perfect business insights and through consolidation of all relevant applications in one integrated solution. The software comes with a comprehensive CRM solution, inventory management as well as complete order management that make it more powerful and better than others. Systum is an SMB solution that delivers its user’s full control through the use of analytics and an integrated system that controls all business tasks in a single dashboard. The software is specially designed for all size of businesses and known as an affordable all-one-one business solution that boosts your sales growth. It is also called an SME warehouse management solution that is able to handle CRM, B2B or B2C eCommerce and inventory management tools as well as multi-channel sales, and complete order management, etc. Also, Systum supports multi-channel selling; e-commerce sellers no need to visit several sites in order to submit or track orders, the solution automatically gathers and consolidate all sales data across numerous sales platforms and display them in the single dashboard. There is also a real-time delivery and custom inventory reports system to all its users that are simple and easy to use. Systum is a commercial web-based distribution software and has different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits.


10. ShipWire

Shipwire is a cloud-based distribution software solution that allows businesses to go worldwide without any limitation. It is a feature-rich software and comes with lots of new tools and features. The software enables you to utilize warehouses for local and international shipping so you can easily address demands promptly. Through this, you can also be able to fulfill orders anytime as well as deliver customers’ requested items at a rapid rate. Also, it helps you grow your business by delivering drop-shipping services that make it better than others. Apart from that, the solution also supports connections with most of the top retailers with which you can sell your goods. Exchanging details with these different items is also possible and seamless by the platform; it has a commerce EDI that simplifies overall integrations. One of the best parts of this software is that it has a massive range of new tools that can meet your business requirements. From order management to shipping and returns, the software has all the things you need. Hence, you can perform a huge range of works on this single but comprehensive platform that let you eschew the need for additional solutions. ShipWire core feature includes a simple dashboard, user controls, workflow management, fulfillment management, and account preferences, etc.


11. Foysonis

Foysonis is a cloud-based warehouse management software application that helps you manage your inventory accurately and fulfill all orders methodically. Aside from aiding you in streaming those processes, the software also assists you in managing all activates inside your warehouse such as receiving, picking and replenishment, packing, and shipping, etc. Foysonis comes as the alternative to the ship were and offers all the core features with some new tools that make it better than others. With the help of this app, you can make sure that all the items are stored in the right location. It does that by enabling you to customize storage rules that the software utilizes to direct your warehouse associates to the correct storage areas. The software also introduces an enhanced customer retention system that helps you solve all customer issues and affords you the ability to smoothen your all processes as well as ensure that customers receive the correct items at the right time. Receiving and barcode scanning, orders and shipments, inventory management, item management, kitting, dashboard and reports these are core features of this warehouse management solution. Foysonis is a commercial software and perfect for all size of businesses.


12. Conveyorware

Conveyorware is a comprehensive distribution software that covers all the major aspect of warehouse management with its broad array of advanced features and tools. The software helps you streamline your tasks for the rapid completion of the workflow cycle so you can easily focus more on sales rather than on administration. With the help of this solution, you can consolidate your company or business information in a single solution. You can also be able to access on your preferred device from any of its advanced internet browser which means that all the real-time insights are easily within your reach so you can steer your company into the profitable direction every time you need to make a decision capably and confidently. Conveyorware is a complete cloud-based solution and capable of providing you with the most up to date details about your business operations. In order to make it more powerful, it introduces a new automated management system that allows you to spend less time on manual data entry. Conveyorware also includes core features such as purchase orders automation, billing, and accounts receivable, warehouse management, customer management, sales reporting and tracking, POS and order processing, etc. There are four different price plans such as start-up, medium business, and enterprise and large, etc. Each one has its own cost and core benefits.

More About Fishbowl

Fishbowl is the most leading feature-rich inventory management system that is designed for manufacturing and warehouse administration. It helps both medium and large companies to manage all the inventory-related tasks as well as address issues that plague manufacturers and warehouse businesses by automating the entire manufacturing process. The software also offers tools and features to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your company performance. With the help of this software, you can easily create work orders, bill of materials, and more without breaking a sweat. There is an also option that allows you to monitor thousands of parts effortlessly. All the warehouse functions such as picking, packing, and shipping items are quicker. Fishbowl software comes with a myriad of asset tracking capabilities in order to help you control your assets efficiently. Unlike most of the similar software, it also integrates with QuickBooks that makes tracking and managing your inventory a whole lot faster and easier. The software provides a new modular approach system that allows businesses to be very flexible as they pick only the modules they actually need to be based on their staff’s responsibilities that enhance inventory and sales order accountability. In addition, many users love how they can access the details they need without having to go through dozens of files and documents. Just hit the few clicks and the data they require is right their hands.