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Fla Exporter is a software program that allows you export your flash content to HTML5 with framerate of 60 frames per rate second and reduce the overall size of your animation with the help of this utility that integrates with Adobe Animate… read more

12 Fla Exporter Alternatives & Similar Software



Polycode’s center is composed in C++ and at present keeps running on Mac, Windows and Linux with iOS and Android bolster arranged later on. All stage particular usefulness is dreamy into a cross-stage center and actualized locally on every stage, so the same C++ code will accumulate on each bolstered stage out of the container.


Tupi is totally free to use software solution that helps you design simple 2D animations with all the basic set of tools and a very basic customizable user interface. It is very easy to install software solution and get up and running, and it even comes with a sample project that will surely help you learn the basic features and functions in one time.


Simple yet easy to use web animation software. KoolMoves is an all-in-one animation solution that allows you to create Flash animation with all kind of multimedia slide shows, media players and actions scripting as well as frames for animated gifs.

NanoFL Editor

NanoFL Editor is the most leading vector and animation graphics editor that comes with HTML5 backend in order to deliver comprehensive experience. The solution is specially designed for experts who want to create commercial banners, movie clips, and games.

Toon Boom Harmony

Toon Boom Harmony is the most leading software specially designed for animators and used by some of the high profile studios around the world. The software lets you work fast and animate in any style.


Moho is a comprehensive tool that helps you to create animation from start to end, it has a 2D rigging system of the marketing and combines it with traditional animation tools in order to make a professional animation.


MotionArtist is an all-in-one comic creator that allows you to make motion comic with animation and sounds. It is specially designed with comic artists in mind that provides a way to add movement and sound to their creations.


EasyToy is an impressive 3D modeling software solution that uses a sketch-based modeling method as well as a 3D painting method. Basically, it is a learning tool for beginners and allows you to learn and create professional stuff easily.


WebAnimator is the do-it-without anyone else’s helps HTML5 movement programming to help you make gifs, movement design and intuitive flags and catches for each gadget and program. Whether you need to make a basic presentation, a slideshow, a photograph display, a short motion picture, an advertisement or amusement, WebAnimator can be of help.

Purple Animator

Purple is a fundamental HTML5 liveliness maker for the Mac OS X stage that empowers you to make motion pictures utilizing a course of events and a conventional arrangement of instruments.

Adobe Edge Animate

Adobe Edge Animate or Adobe Edge is a web development tool created by Adobe Systems to create Animated and interactive HTML content. It is a complete solution that allows web designers to create any kind of interactive animation for web, digital publishing, media adverting and lots of others that reach both desktop and mobile platforms.

Adobe Animate CC

Adobe Animate CC is a Multimedia authoring and computer animation software solution by Adobe Systems. The software is specially used to design vector graphics, animation for TV programs, online videos, web applications and video games.

More About Fla Exporter

Fla Exporter is a software program that allows you export your flash content to HTML5 with framerate of 60 frames per rate second and reduce the overall size of your animation with the help of this utility that integrates with Adobe Animate. The program feature is an impressive collection of brushes and pencils, cloud libraries, video format exporting capabilities as well as all the comprehensive features that help you create a masterpiece. All its features make it one of the best web animation tool as compared the others. Fla Exporter comes with an interactive editor that is full to advanced tools, and you can easily use all its tools without any limitation. Unlike most of the leading web animation programs, it also offers dozens of templates that consist of multiple categories; each category has its own template to choose and customize. Fla Exporter prominent feature includes showcase gallery, mask layer, tinting, cutout animation, add text, timeline action script, blend modes and much more.

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