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Flipboard is a news and magazine aggregation based platform from where you can read the news, articles, magazines, features, and a lot of other informational content or free. Flipboard is a social networking based platform where the users of Flipboard from all over the world share their exciting content with other users of Flipboard… read more
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11 Flipboard Alternatives & Similar Software


1. PostPost

PostPost is a community based social networking and new aggregator platform that allow the users to view and read the articles shared by the others and share own topics as well. PostPost deals in a lot of topics and stories where they users can read articles and daily briefing on a lot of topics. There is a proper search system of the PostPost from where the users can search for any topic. The user is only required to type for the topic and get the trending topic and stories on this article. In a case of sharing own topics and news, the users are required to email their post to the PostPost that will be published by the PostPost after getting the in-depth review of that article. There is no limitation on searching. The best about PostPost is that it mostly deals in the articles about the architectural designs in various categories. The users of the PostPost belongs to the various cities and countries across the globe that make the PostPost a professional platform.


2. Mashable

Mashable is a digital media platform that brings the news, stories and articles from the leading newspapers, information, and resources across the globe. It is a platform that even provide its readers with the top trending articles over the social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. What are the hottest topic, news, briefings, videos, movies, photos and music over the internet is available at the Mashable? In order to get the news and trending topics over the social media platforms, the users of Mashable are required to connect their accounts with the Mashable and get the topic in their accounts as well. After connecting their accounts with the Mashable, the users can then check out for trending topics, news, articles, viral photos, videos, and a lot of other stuff and can sort by content type as well. The user-friendly environment of Mashable even allow the users to like, favorite and share the content over the social media platforms as well. Based on a self-learning system. Mashable allow the users to share their stories and articles with the Mashable as well. Mashable is best for searching topics in the category of social media, business, technology, entertainment, world news, and many others.


3. Pulse

Pulse is a news aggregator from where the willing readers can search for latest news, views, education and even jobs. Pulse is a dedicated platform only for the serious readers from where the users can get the daily briefing. It is a like a personal magazine that collects the all trending stories across the globe and provide the same to its users from where they can get the in-detail analysis of the latest stories and articles in business development, financial news, educational data and many more. In addition to providing articles and news, Pulse provides its readers with the opinion and views of the high-profile columnists on various topics. Pulse is available in two options; Pulse Free and Pulse Premium. In both options, Pulse provides the users with the comprehensive and indispensable range of most trusted content that meets the requirements of its users. The aim of Pulse is to provide the users with the information and data they need to improve their knowledge. With a lot of features, there is still one limitation of Pulse and that is most of the data available here is regarding business and finance sector.


4. News360

News360m is a cross-platform, news aggregator, newsreader, and RSS feed that lets the users get their favorite interring topics and articles on their favorite devices. It is an application that always brings the hot topic and stories around the world in the preferred device of News360, including Windows, and smartphone.

One of the best things about this solution is that it allows you to get the news in your web browser. To enjoy this, users need to create an account at News360 or log in with their Facebook account. After creating an account with News360, the users can read their favorite articles and topics in the category of business, technology, politics, science, photography, and a lot of other favorite items.


5. News Republic

News Republic is a web-based platform to discover the thousands of news and article on the daily basis. News Republic is a news aggregator that provide the most comprehensive daily breaking news coverage from the thousands of news platform. Don’t worry you will get the news and articles on the daily basis from the reliable and trusted news sources only. The data that is provided by the News Republic can be personalized by the readers as well. The visual system of News Republic allows the readers to get the all latest news from their favorite topics in clean visual and user-friendly dashboard. It will automatically personalize your reading experience by providing you all for which you are looking for. After using the News Republic, you will realize that there is no more requirement for relying on either independent search or searching for individual articles. The other amazing feature of News Republic is that in addition to text-based articles and stories, News Republic provides its users with interesting videos from the trusted global media sources in multiple topics. In addition to reading the own content of the News Republic, the reader of News Republic can read the blog of other users of the News Republic as well.


6. News.me

News.me is an online source for getting the daily briefing from the reliable sources across the globe. Unlike proper news aggregating platforms, News.me based on the subscription system where the willing users are required to subscribe the service of News.me and get the daily briefings from the reliable sources across the globe. News.me also provide its subscribers with the viral stories over social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and some others. News.me is the best way to get the trending stories in your inbox. It is a source for getting those articles that are fascinating social signal embedded with the massive data sets and providing the users with almost all those stuff that they think most important for boosting their knowledge. However, the email subscription service by the News.me can be said as the drawback as well as the news and briefing shared by the News.me will not be according to your own preference so there is no question of getting post according to your own demand. Secondly, News.me has now dashboard where you can categorise the articles. You have to manually do it in your inbox or separately on your PC.


7. TheFlud

TheFlud is an online tech community for the tech lovers where they can explore and share the articles and topics about the technology including business technology and social technological news. TheFlud is a free and personalized new aggregator platform that is best for both startups and professionals where they can read the article and news shared by the others and can share their own point of view as well. If talk about the source of articles then TheFlud always brings the news and articles of the leading and credible sources across the globe. Every day it comes with unlimited topics in the technological category of Apple, enterprise, Google, gadgets, mobile, Microsoft, trending on social media platforms, Facebook, online services and many others. In addition to simply providing data in these categories, TheFlud also provides the users with social news as well. In short, TheFlud is one of the best news aggregator platforms for those readers who have the technological background.


8. Nuzzel

Nuzzel is a super easy way to get that news that is being shared by your friends in bulk. Nuzzel is a platform that has basically solved the problem of social overload. A lot of information is being shared by your friends but it is not every information that is required by the users. Here comes the Nuzzel that provides the readers the articles and news according to their own preference only. By using the Nuzzel, the users can easily discover the best news and stories shared by their friends over social media platforms but according to their own preference only. There are not of news aggregator working over the internet but most of them are not good in the social media platforms. But the best about Nuzzel is that it focus most on those stories and topics that are trending over the social media platforms in real-time. After that Nuzzel utilize its filtering technology and provide the users with that information that is in line with their own preference. You are not required to go for every topic to sort out your favorite one as Nuzzel will present the best recommendation to you. Nuzzel is the more convenient way to see what your friends are sharing for you.


9. Digg

Digg is an online news aggregator that is mainly designed for getting trending issues and viral topics over the internet. It is a most powerful web-based platform where you get all the latest news about a variety of issues. In addition to getting the news from credible sources that are in the form of digital media services, Digg brings news from social media platforms as well.

Digg also works as the social news website as well that allows the users to event vote on the available content as well for promoting any topic or article. There are a proper submission and the voting system as well that is found in only a few news aggregating platforms only.


10. Fark

Fark is a web-based platform for getting news and articles on interesting and amazing stories that are being submitted by the other users of the Fark. Fark is basically a community-based news aggregating platform form where the users can read stories and topics in the category of sports, business, entertainment, politics and may more. It is a platform that shares the viral and trending videos as well. Every day it comes with hundreds of stories and articles that publicly displayed on the website and the users can then search for their favorite one according to their favorite category. It basically receives the submissions from its readership in the shape of articles and views and after reviewing these, it published these on its official website. You can also contribute in all these by providing the article at your own favorite topic. In addition to simply articles and views, you can share a lot of other information content as well. The user-friendly interface of Fark makes it easy for the users to either search for a specific topic from the search bar of the Fark or manually search from the list of available categories of the Fark.


11. AOL Reader

AOL Reader is an online platform for getting all your favorite websites centralized at one platform by simply following a website or adding the URL of AOL Reader searching for the trending topics according to your own favorite topics. In addition to working as the new aggregator, AOL Reader work as the RSS reader as well that provide the best reading experience to the AOL Reader. By joining the service of the AOL Reader, the users can browse their favorite websites and can switch between different views and can easily search for their favorite topics as well. The unique features of the AOL Reader are quick adding the site by URL or simply browsing from the database of AOL Reader according to own preference or category and then making it the platform of the AOL Reader. The users then can search through the articles and topics for a specific feed and even the entire website as well. All will be available in the single search box of the AOL Reader. In addition, to news aggregator, there is proper smart feeds system of AOL Reader that automatically scans the leading and credible sources across the globe and provide the users with the most important topics and articles.

More About Flipboard

Flipboard is a news and magazine aggregation based platform from where you can read the news, articles, magazines, features, and a lot of other informational content or free. Flipboard is a social networking based platform where the users of Flipboard from all over the world share their exciting content with other users of Flipboard.

Moreover, It also collects the top rate stories of the renowned newspapers, magazines, and other writing material providers on its platform. It is a platform where you will find all those material in writing and videos that you saw in the renowned newspapers and magazines across the globe.

Instead of individually going for these platforms, you can use the Flipboard also in order to get them all at one platform. Every day it comes with those stories that will impact your life and career. It is the platform for passionate people only where they utilize the data of other people on various topics, including business, technology, social life, exercises, entertainment, and many more.

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