Flo2Cash is a cross-border payment solution that provides businesses around the world to receive recurring payments through credit and debit cards. It requires no IT setups; users can simply start accepting payments through its cloud forms and enables users to pay through online, emails, or through the phone –anyway they want.

The platform allows users to set up a donation page and can share the page link on their website, while donors can donate to them from anywhere through bank accounts or credit cards. Flo2Cash actively keeps the incoming donations moving to the charity account, while donors receive an acknowledgment email with the receipt of donation. It comes with an installment feature that enables customers to extend their payments over an extended period.

Flo2Cash allows companies to have a membership feature on their websites and provides payment solutions. New members can enroll themselves on the website by paying through their credit or debit cards, and Flo2Cash can transfer the money to the association’s account on the very next day. Moreover, the platform allows users to pay their bills through their phone or desktop and saves time. It also provides users with card expiry reports and detail transaction lists. Flo2Cash is a paid platform, and customer support is available online.


Flo2Cash Alternatives

#1 Chargify


Chargify is an Accounting software that simplifies the recurring billing needs of Web 2.0 and SaaS companies. With this, you can quickly build innovative online applications without worrying about how you can bill your clients. Whether your business is a new or an established company bills thousands of customers per month, the solution can make it work for you.

Its simple real-time dashboard allows easy access to customer insight, signup, and cancellations. You can raise your company revenue and optimize sales conversations by testing various subscription plans as well as freemium pricing models. Through this business intelligence tool, your business will make more informed decisions and prioritize what’s important.

The best thing about this platform is that it works with various payment gateways that enable you to be confident with your billing. You can easily accept payments with the branded payment page, and with this, you can also integrate the tool’s API into your website. This app is developed to make running your subscription-based company a snap.

It can send emails, helps take care of declined, expired, and automatically charge customers without a hitch. Chargify is a feature-rich solution and comes with all the primary tools and features such as recurring billing system, business intelligence tools, dunning management, invoicing, and easy to use interface, etc.


#2 Paddle


Paddle is a subscription and e-commerce tool for SaaS and other software businesses. It helps you to eliminate the burden of administration and internal complexity from your shoulders. It focuses on new international markets to support & sell and grow your business on a large scale.

Paddle is a unified platform that enables you to create personal, relevant customer reach form first click to renewal, optimize billing models, and build them to work for your businesses and provide excellent subscription flexibility to your customers.

It handles the issue automatically like fraud and tax inconsistency, payment issues with SaaS Commerce Platform, and manage the collection of sales taxes, VAT, etc. On the other hand, it accepts a wide range of payment gateways like PayPal with simple integration.

The core duty of the paddle is to handle and manage multiple vendors and internal processes like payments, taxes, compliances, also it is easy to implement and give a unified MRR dashboard. Paddle is working with almost 1,000 business growing companies globally.

#3 Invoicely


Invoicely is a robust cloud-based invoicing solution targeted freelancers and small businesses. It offers a scalable plan which is free for unlimited invoices for unlimited customers. The present tool is the third replacement of the Original tool launched in 2012 for the sake of providing the best online invoicing service.

The tool has all the basic functionality that expected from Subscription, billing, and invoicing platforms like payment schedules, workflow automation, handle the business account, client information management, and many more other features.

Its cloud-hosting makes it more efficient and shine in ease of use. There is no complexity to create an account, you need a few business information, select your desired payment gateway, setting up permissions for your team, and assign your URL, and that’s it.

Invoicely has powerful integration associated with primary online payment methods, free book-keeping tools that make sure your payments be on time, providing space for your business to grow and continuously track your finances.


#4 Trexle


Trexle is a gateway integration solution for payments and billing that designed to simplify the facilitation of online payments through suitable integrations using major shopping carts, online banking channels, and payment gateway.

The platform allows e-commerce and online vendors to accept payments from all over the world, securely store, management of customer data as well as PCI compliant. The tool makes it easy for their customers to manage payments efficiently with ease.

Trexle allows more than 100 integrations with most popular payment gateways including PayPal, Stripe, and WorldPay. One of the prominent features of this tool is that you can reuse your data against the same or other payment gateways to avoid re-entry.

The tool does not require highly confidential details of the customer and never store the information. Strict data protocols ensure the safety of customer’s information and never compromise with customer data like passwords, bank details, etc.

#5 SageIntacct


SageIntacct is a cloud financial management solution that offers a wide range of core financial operations to support your entire business. It allows you to act fast in facilitating changes in flexibility with deep insights.

The tool includes order Management, accounts payable and receivable, and many other features. Moreover, it has new modules to extend the functionality according to your business needs except for your industry form accounting firms to professional and financial services.

SagaIntacct is recognized by AICPA that shows its solid software background. Its general ledger makes entry work easy, less time consuming and more importantly, reduces errors in financial reports efficiently.

One of the best facts about this tool is that it offers lots of built-in report templates that save time and understand all aspects to immerse themselves in already present data. The tool can work closely with websites like e-commerce in online shopping by providing a secure platform.

#6 SaaSOptics


SaaSOptics is a Subscription management tool that provides reliable Subscription Analytics, Revenue Recognition, and Subscription Billing. It is an affordable solution for B2B emerging SaaS and Subscription Businesses effectively.

It provides one of the top optimized analytics for the sake of tracking Subscriptions like CLV, ARR, Churn, and many more. The tool allows you to do revenue recognition, invoicing and reporting efficiently. It brings financial maturity with powerful integration in your emerging subscription business.

SaaSOptics follow the idea to eliminate the dependency on spreadsheets and allow you to grow your subscription business fast and smooth. Tool’s Consolidated Invoice increases user-experience by making one payment for multiple bills quickly and efficiently.

Key features of SaaSOptics include Dunning Management, Project billing, Recurring billing and tighten security to ensure customer trust. The tool allows three pricing plans that are Platform, Training, and Support including a free demo.

#7 Recurly


Recurly is a recurring billing management platform designed for enterprise level. It serves many large subscription-based enterprises like LinkedIn and Hubspot. It is a high subscription management solution which helps to boost premium functionality with ease.

Recurly claim as the best subscription solution that provides a user-friendly interface with easy setup and seamless integrations. Multiple payment gateways increase its compatibility and make it more perfect for business.

The core features of Recurly includes Trails and setup fees, Add-Ons, Automated Communication, Intelligent payment routing, one time Transactions, and many others. The tool provides a payment solution with backup gateways to ensure business continuity.

Recurly offers three pricing plans with no contracting pressures and the promise of no extra and hidden charges. It is suitable for the web-based interface because, in the web interface, Recurly is more secure and elegant. It provides optimal results that any company requires from the tool.

#8 StripeBilling


StripeBilling is a subscription tool that allows you to build and scale your recurring business with recurring payments and subscriptions. It gives you an end-to-end solution regarding online payments that is ideal for web-based companies.

The tool uses a cloud-based infrastructure that gives you tighten security and scalability. It reduces the complexity of financial processes in e-commerce by holding platforms to work with payments networks, regulators, and financial institutions in place of your business.

StripeBilling provides you a scalable solution for your Web business and allows you to customize your payment forms, embed checkout easily into your site by using JavaScript single line code. Moreover, the services can be used in any size with user-friendly Interface.

It offers a highly secured payment process without any conflict to avoid fraud risks and chargebacks. By Stripe, you can manage stripe’s API and Dashboard for fee transfer and refund purposes. Stripe is available to use in multiple price plans, and each plan has its own cost and features.

#9 FastSpring


FastSpring is a platform for software companies that provide online services regarding subscription and billing. It offers e-commerce services for software to sell more, the verity of distribution models, and enable subscription and purchases using apps, mobile, and desktop.

It consists of the latest technologies to support databases and e-commerce with super security. Some prominent services of FastSpring include Global online payments, complete global tax management, including support for VAT, financial services, and Subscription Management with billing.

One of the top features that make it more exciting is Branded Checkout with the dynamic local checkout experience and powerful third-party Integrations. To ensure the security of customers, FastSpring introduces Fraud protection services.

By using FastSpring, you can increase Revenue, Boost Efficiency, Eliminate Complexity, Risk, and other factors for business success. If you are handling multiple stores, you only need a single account for the same interface.

#10 ChargeBee


ChargeBee is a tool for subscription businesses, especially for beginners and enterprise companies. Integrated with the leading payment gateways in the world that provide self-operating Invoicing, Collection of payments, Email notifications, and Customer management make it more cooler.

For the sake of subscription billing and all your crucial workflows from lead to the ledger, ChargeBee handles power pack integrations such as QuickBooks Online, NetSuite, Zendesk, Xero, and others.

The core responsibilities of ChargeBee is recurring Billing system like Eliminate manual errors, Handle complex recurring scenarios, Payments gateway integrations, Coupons/Discounts, Recognition of Revenue, and Subscription Management, etc.

The tool offers three pricing plans, such as Rise, Scale, and Enterprise. ChargeBee allows you to bill correct and handle special promotions by the robust, flexible billing system. It is designed with user-friendly APIs to help you to scale up your businesses.

#11 Zuora


Zuora is a Cloud-based subscription tool that builds your subscription business. You can handle orders, billing, revenue reorganization, quotes, and other aspects throughout the sum of your customer’s lifecycle. It is powered by six engines in central to manage subscription connection.

Zuora’s six engines structure include Global engine payments, Pricing Engine, Subscription order engine, Rating Engine, Matric, and Accounting Engine. These engines work together to give you an end-to-end solution for managing your subscription business for every single customer event.

This tool allows you to develop your application to grip the Zuora integrate seamlessly by using its rich library of SOAP and REST API. The services portfolio includes the SaaS application in which RevPro, CPQ, Billing, and Zuora collect is on the top of the list.

By using this tool, you can easily handle subscriber relationships dynamically. It includes industries in cloud media, education, healthcare, communication, cloud Infrastructure, and the Internet of things. It facilitates revenue streams with ease, accuracy, and security.

#12 Vindicia


Vindicia is a subscription billing platform that allows users to turn customer loyalties to royalties. The platform offers users to gain competitive advantage and increase revenue with its data-driven insights and subscription intelligence. It comes with three products, i.e., Vindicia Subscribe, Vindicia Retain, and Subscribe Plans.

It saves customers from billing hassles, makes the billing complexity less visible to customers for higher retention, and increases the longevity of the relationship with them. The subscription lifecycle enables users to attract more new subscribers with the freedom to launch and refine offers while enables them to support all the pricing and payment options that customers want. It also allows users to align their subscriptions with the changing pricing, campaign, and promotion demands.

The platform helps users to resolve failed transactions, and through its cloud-based platform, it enables users to connect to their processes and meet their needs anywhere. Some of the key features of the platform are Subscription Billing and Management, Customer Retention, Subscriber Lifecycle Management, Churn Calculation, and Business Model Optimization. The platform comes with paid services, and customer support is available through email and phone.

#13 sevDesk


sevDesk is a software that enables users to create their invoices and automate their accounting processes. The platform allows users to document their files digitally both clearly and quickly, and its accounting software creates a revenue surplus invoice for the users. Moreover, it enables users to develop provisional VAT returns through it directly.

The software enables the users to create professional invoices and take print of them with a single click. Moreover, users can use its scanning feature to scan the invoice and save it to the system, which helps in digitizing the receipts. It stores all the essential data automatically, and a booking category is suggested automatically.

sevDesk allows users to cancel any invoice anytime, and they send reminders to their clients for the unpaid invoices. Lastly, its online banking system enables users to retrieve transactions directly from the bank account to this software, and users can manage a cash register for all entries.

#14 Apprise ERP


Apprise ERP is a platform that helps companies to keep their teams connected, data flowing, and products moving for the effective running of the business. The platform comes with importing and distribution features that allow teams to grow their business and fulfill the demands of customers on time.

Its solutions are industry-based and offer such practices to companies to improve their operational processes along with performance and profitability. The software does not require extra add-ons and comes with integrated tools such as retail labeling, RFID, and other feature to companies to improve their usability and security.

Moreover, its supply chain management solution allows employees to manage the warehouse remotely and all other inventory tasks. Apprise ERP helps employees to manage purchase order, shipment, and vessel tracking and enables users to optimize their inventory availability. Lastly, sales teams can get their hand on customer forecasts, sales trends, and inventory statuses.

#15 RackNap


RackNap is a cloud service delivery and end-to-end business cycle automation platform that helps users to sell cloud services on their own infrastructures. The platform allows users to get access to third-party services for the delivery of their cloud services, such as Amazon, Google, IBM, etc.

Moreover, it helps in covering all the facets of the business operations, from sales to marketing, billing, and much more. The platform comes with a free trial, and a paid version, and its deployments are in either web-based or cloud form. Moreover, it helps businesses in performing performance and capacity analysis and allows them to manage their costs.

RackNap comes with various features, such as Access Control, Demand Monitoring, Multi-cloud Management, SLA Management, Workflow approval, and much more. The platform automates the ordering and provisioning of bills. Lastly, it can manage inventory and provides consistent support to users in their day-to-day tasks.

#16 ProfitWell


ProfitWell is a simple yet powerful real-time analytics solution that is designed for subscription businesses. The software provides deep and customizable analytics at the company and plan level, including LTV, MRR, and ARPU, making it a one-stop solution. It is a 100% fee to use the analytic solution, and you can access its service anywhere around the world.

The software also provides cohort-level churn analyses and retention reports, monthly and even yearly cash flow breakdowns. It comes with add-on modules that support free metrics products to save time and effort. The software has a feature that helps SaaS solutions stop losing revenue by automatically recovering delinquent customers. ProfitWell also has an import and export feature to get analytics in a few seconds.

#17 Plate IQ


Plate IQ is a simple yet powerful software that provides an accounts payable solution. It is created to help hospitality companies, accounting, bookkeeping firms, and construction businesses automate invoices and other tasks. The software is uniquely created by an expert team who contains almost all the leading tools and features to make it an all-in-one account payable solution.

With the help of this, software businesses can automate their daily tasks such as creating reports, tracking prices, automating account payables and much more. Like most similar software, Plate IQ also comes with an integration feature and integrates with most leading business solutions that increase its efficiency and features.

It also offers an easy-to-understand dashboard where you can access all tools and features. The solution also offers more than a hundred invoice templates. You can freely choose each one without any limits. Plate IQ’s core feature includes real-time food casting, third-party integration, reporting update, and much more.