FMovies aka, or is one of the best entertaining websites to download and watch movies for free in HD quality. FMovies allows its visitors to download any series, TV shows or movies for free without even the requirement of the registration at all… read more
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What are best FMovies Alternatives for iOS?

#1 RunPee


RunPee is a fine place of movie lovers who constantly upload the links of the newly released movies. Most of the time, it even uploads the entire movie as well so that users of this app can watch those movies directly inside the application. As movies are released, these appeared on this app within five hours. You can even enjoy new movies that are added each week on opening day and even earlier as well.

Usage of this application is surprisingly easy because not too many options and clutters are involved in this application at all. As you will open the app, you will see the list of all available movies for watching. The application has plenty of exclusive features that make it one of the best movie streaming apps.


More About FMovies

FMovies aka, or is one of the best entertaining websites to download and watch movies for free in HD quality. FMovies allows its visitors to download any series, TV shows or movies for free without even the requirement of the registration at all.

The best about FMovies is that it always comes with movies in HD quality that is good for those users who always remain conscious about the picture quality of the film. The other quality of FMovies is that its movies don’t contain any annoying and disturbing advertisement at all. It always comes with ad-free videos.

Most of the movies and TV shows websites over the internet offers movies and TV shows only and don’t think about the subtitles at all. However, FMovies is listed among those few websites that provide the subtitles to its users as well. FMovies never claims to store any movies or related files on its servers. It clearly said that the content available on its websites is provided by the non-affiliated third parties.

The movies are available here into the genre of action, adventure, thriller, top movies according to IMDB ranking, sci-fi, and much more. You can forward the request for your particular film as well, and they will try to manage it for you. This website is not legal in all countries and is also banned in some.

FMovies Reviews

written on July 11, 2020

Such a brilliant place solves my problem of having a sight over some films and shows broadcasted in other regions far away from me. It is a perfect means of flowing unique content from the internet stream. I can stream a large variety of pictures of Hollywood stars and their current serials with a single click. I am capable of watching lots of funny videos and the best scenes of different films without any hindrance.

written on July 9, 2020

Their website is elegant but annoying because apart from streaming my all favorite or trendy movies over this platform, it also annoys me with some ads or other stuff inappropriately. Sometimes, when I click over the buttons of its video player, movie name, description, etc. it redirects somewhere else, which is really annoying or sometimes frustrated.

Andrew Schultz
written on July 9, 2020

It is the finest place for streaming online movies as well as helps us access all the trendy movies right over it.

written on July 4, 2020

Such a fantastic site assists me in spending my spare time by watching multiple videos which are a significant source of pleasure for me. I seek an extensive collection of data which is helpful for me in clearing most of the tough concepts I had ever learned. It makes me able to watch the latest trending episodes, serials, and many shows without any fuss. At one click, I can enjoy numerous genres of movies, including comedy and crime.

written on July 3, 2020

FMovies is my favorite movie streaming site. However, some ads come out, but it’s only like 3 or 4 at the most, and they don’t come out constantly. Ads only last for like 15 to 20 seconds at the most. You can also make an account, so you can watch on other devices, which is nice. I highly recommended this movie streaming site if you are a true movie lover.

written on May 30, 2020

In my opinion, the site is safe, fast, and was not penetrating any privacy agreement and also not compromising over the pirated content that is viewed online and presented to download. I had a little doubt in the authenticity of this platform because there were many FMovies sites and it was hard for me to locate the right site and with all the fake links it was irritating at some point. But the site recovered from this and updated their privacy policies and also worked on the allegation of featuring illegal content.

written on May 21, 2020

The site should do something about the domain because all fake websites just pop-up in search results and it wastes my time. FMovies should also work on the speed of the website and especially the streaming. Probably put a sign or notification when the movies are deleted from the database or the streaming source are not working because I can’t wait four hours for a two-hour film.

written on May 19, 2020

I want to point out the interface which has provided a guided layout of the site, and the content has incredible readability which has saved me from downloading and watching time-wasting movies with no motive and directionless action. I prefer the IMDb rating integrated into the website because I have always trusted that platform and when FMovies integrated that thing it was so satisfying.

written on September 21, 2019

It attracts me with plenty of customizable searching options, and these options help me a lot all the time I open it for watching my most likely movies.

written on September 20, 2019

FMovies is a fast streaming site as compared to 123movies and others. Its cool fact is that it is a regular update with new movies and TV shows with fantastic quality. The content, however, is much more to my taste than many other streaming services. Recommended!!

written on September 18, 2019

I am giving this platform an attractive amount of stars because I like FMovies a lot because it helps me discovering and getting all the famous, global movies and its online streaming speed is also jaw-dropping.

written on August 27, 2019

I recommend others to use this platform for watching all your most likely movies right under this amazing platform for sure.

written on July 20, 2019

I often enjoyed a lot while using it and love watching online movies whether action, adventure, animation, sports, horror, mystery, war, western, reality-TV, and anything else over this platform.

written on July 15, 2019

I observe that this platform update new movies after a while, which is sometimes good because it does not compromise with the quality of videos, which is a considerable factor as well.

written on July 10, 2019

It’s pretty nice to watch and download all kind of old and recent movies, and TV show. Its recommendation system is amazing and suggests all my favorite movies to watch. In this site, i can easily choose a movie to watch and download without any limitation.

written on May 15, 2019

I usually make use of such a fantastic site that hosts different embedded videos, lots of links, and permits me to download and even stream various pirated movies easily. I was lacking an excellent source offering various online HD shows and movies, both latest and old, but Fmovies met such need of the day. Fmovies enables me to gain multiple coal block benefits by exploring a massive variety of movies.

Woody John
written on April 18, 2019

I have been using this website for quite some time, and after being a popular movie streaming website the site speed has not disappointed, and it has provided all its features in a sophisticated way. As far as my opinion is concerned this website has provided with all the movies I wanted to watch, and when working in the office I could download the movie on my computer free of cost.

written on March 28, 2019

The elegant management of genres diving me crazy and helps me in grabbing my favorite genre in simple clicks. Its online streaming is another fact to talk because I experience smooth online streaming for all the movies that I’ve watched here till now.