FocusNow Alternatives for Android

#1 FocusMe


FocusMe is the most efficient website and application blocker with the Scheduler to arrange your center sessions ahead of time. Organize your schedule for the entire week and increase your productivity by reminding yourself to take a break. If you need, this app tracks all applications and sites and permits you to control which projects or sites you are authorized to use.

Game Blocker is a feature of this app that helps you concentrate on critical and keeps you from getting diverted with your goal. It is useful for your wellbeing, as it can remind or compel you to take customary breaks from your screen. You can block anything, for example, diversions, Facebook, time squandering sites, or you can permit utilization of specific projects, for instance, MS Word. The application accompanies two modes: Blocking Mode and Allow Mode, and you can pick anyone, depending on the outcome you are seeking.