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Followerwonk is a social media monitoring solution that allows users to collect and analyze information on Twitter users, determine trends in social networking tool, and expand their reach in order to widen their audience, increase their follower base, and forward their business goals… read more
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1. YouScan

YouScan is the fastest growing social media monitoring solution developed to help businesses tune in to their customers’ online conversations. The software is powered by Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence; it gives you a smart solution to empower customer support, research, marketing, and PR professionals. It leverages image recognition technology for effective social media monitoring, to provide you a bigger image of social media mentions. Its AI-powered data analysis gathers and analyzes photos related to your company or brand that identifies objects and settings in images in order to understand how customers are relating to your brand. With this, you can even sort or filter data by location, demographics and all the other similar information as well as automatically detect and analyze trends in real-time. It comes with a comprehensive machine learning algorithms that help you easily categorize each individual piece of content as charity, user-created content, and commerce. YouScan is coming with important social media listening features such as smart alerts, ML-powered analytics, and sentiment as well as advanced level spam filters. YouScan also helps streamline workflows, so you can easily set up rules for automation, communicate with unlimited users, and manage different access levels for your team members.


2. Social Champ

Social Champ is an all-in-one social media management designed to help users effectively manage all their social media related tasks such as performance analysis, post scheduling, and content management to mention some. The software deliver provides users with a single and unified solution in order to manage all their social media accounts. With this, users have a complete tool with which they can manage, facilitate, and direct all social media efforts easily. From scheduling content on different channels to reach out to your followers to applying your social media marketing strategies, it speeds them all up, saving you time and effort that you can use on other things, like growing your audience base or steering your business to success. With the help of this tool, you just need to create your content once and allows the solution to post your content in all your profiles with just a click. The software integrates with almost all the major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn, etc. that become your sales and marketing vehicle for your products, brand, and advocacy among others. Through this, you also have a tool to repeat your posts automatically. No more do you have to dig old posts and scour your account’s history in order to discover the post you want to be repeated. There is also a list of a core feature that makes it better than others. Try it out; Social Champ is the best social media monitoring solution as compared to the others.


3. Social Aider

Social Aider is an affordable, user-friendly social media management tool that helps businesses to enhance their marketing campaigns. It is an alternative to Social Blade and offers lots of new features that make it better than others. This tool makes it easy for users to schedule their updates and automate their posts that ensure their social media presence remain active while saving time and energy. With this comprehensive tool, users are able to easily find new content, enabling them to schedule them for their social accounts instantly. Aside from text, it also allows their users to schedule videos and images to go with their post for added oomph and visualization. Social Aider also comes with the hashtag suggestion feature that provides them with significant hashtags while making their posts, making their content more related and effortlessly accessible. For posts that your audience love, you can re-post them with ease using its rescheduling button that make more interesting. You have a list of influencers and bloggers whose content you love to share. With the help of this tool, you no longer have to manually take go to their websites, just need to copy the links to their content and post them on channels. It also comes with an RSS Import feature that collects all your favorite posts and schedules them based on your preference.


4. Socialinsider

Socialinsider is a powerful social media management software solution designed for digital marketing agencies, marketing professionals, and teams. The software allows its users to collect social media analytics of their competition and derive insights into their strategies. It gathers all the social media analytics from most popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and delivers a complete comparison between users and their competitors. With the help of this solution, users have a powerful tool that uses machine learning algorithms to determine the content the competition boosts to enhance their sales and conversions. As compared to all the other similar social media platforms it is more powerful and offers all the core features that make it better than others. Socialinsider makes it easy and quick for the marketing team to know what the competition is doing, what moves are they going to make and how do they aim to make a splash. Through this, you are not going to make a splash; you can create a bang and trump your competitors in their own game. You completely get to know and understand how their strategies work, determine content they are working on and unearth stats that you can’t find on your own. Social media analytics, historical data, multi-profile comparison, promoted post-detection, and engagement reports these are the core features of the solution. Overall, Socialinsider is an excellent social marketing solution as compared to others.


5. Awario

Awario is a simple yet powerful social media monitoring and listening software solution that is designed to help individuals and businesses discover true conversations about their brands, services or products so they can easily monitor the discussions, know prevailing sentiments, and monitor the trends. It helps them collect and analyze the data in order to create highly actionable insights they need to enhance their products or performance, attract more customers around the world, and enhance their image among others. Unlike other most of the social listening solution, the software doesn’t source their information from any 3rd-party data providers. Awario leverages powerful crawlers that easily scan and scour up to 13 billion web pages on a daily basis that deliver users vast coverage and instant updates whenever there is mention of their brand, service or product anywhere in the Web and social media. Awario also includes core feature such as non-stop monitoring, multiple language support; email alters, mobile access and functionality, powerful analytics, dashboard and organize the discussion, etc. Starter, Pro and Enterprise these are three different price plans for the solution; each one has its own cost and benefits.


6. Quintly

Quintly is the most leading cloud-based social media management software solution that is specially designed to help businesses monitor their social media performance, set benchmarks, and optimize the reach of their strategies. With the help of this solution, users can benchmark their figures against their competitors, analyzed them. It comes with more viable, effective plans and strategies. The software sports a simple setup that is highlighted by its very minimalist user-interface that allow the most novice of users to directly get acquainted with the system and work right off the bat. Quintly social media tool supports data for almost all the major social media platforms such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram, etc. The software comes with powerful social media benchmarking tools that allow users to perform analytics on their own numbers and their competitors across all the major platform. One of the best thing about this software solution is that it integrates with all the social media platforms that make data collecting and analysis of your information and that of your competition fast and simple. Quintly is easy to use and very robust with all major features and functionalities. It ensures that you don’t get lost with the details the processes and then you have every detail you need to optimize every potential of your social media strategies. Core feature includes centralized analytics, smart reporting, custom dashboard, overall metrics, key influencers, exporting options, custom care, chrome extension, and blog analytics, etc.


7. Locowise

Locowise is a social media management software solution used by any company that uses social media channels for marketing. The solution is passionate about social media analytics and all the other major services that enhance their overall marketing campaigns. It enables businesses to have a better insight into their social media communities and the team behind in this software is committed to giving businesses an unprecedented level of insight and understanding your social media assets. You can use its competitor benchmarking feature to now about the peek at your competitors’ social numbers that allow you to know what worked best for them easily. It is loaded with more than 200 metrics, charts and custom filters that enable you to use in-depth reports that can deliver you with awesome results. Unlike most of the solutions, it also has a dashboard where you can easily access it all features and tools without any limitation. Locowise most prominent feature such as unlimited custom reports, Facebook ad analytics, competitive benchmark content, hashtag analytics, post-labeling, post time optimization, and campaign reporting, etc. There are three different plans; each plan has its own price and numbers of profiles.


8. Infegy Atlas

Infegy Atlas is an all-in-one social media monitoring solution that helps you collect data from more than 300 million sources. It enables large businesses to extract information out of social media content that can help them make the right business decisions and address customer queries more effectively. The software is completely a cloud-based, so it won’t require any special server installations or any specific hardware. With this comprehensive tool, you can understand your audience a lot better because it’s social media discussion is more honest and to the point. Infegy Atlas is a lifestyle based segmentation that divides the people who seem interested in your brand into multiple categories that depending on their interests. Through this, you can design your social campaigns according to each of these segments that can be very fruitful to your company. Also, all these segments are customizable, so you can have as numerous segments as you like. It has an attractive dashboard that gives you real-time results, and you can create reports at any instant. One of the best thing about this software solution is that it updates in seconds, so it offers you the latest results for your reports that allow you to easily and quickly find out the latest trends, hashtags, and keywords.


9. Keyhole

Keyhole is a hashtag analytic tool specially designed for those who want to create and viral their own hashtags. It has a simple yet easy to understand real-time dashboard where you can see how many people and posted with your hashtag, along with a number of retweets, impressions and likes your campaigns is generating. As compared to Social Blade and all the other similar social monitoring platforms, Keyhole is a bit different and offers all the helpful features. Use its dedicated influencers metrics to analyze and advocates talking about your hashtags. With this, you can easily filter influencers based on geo-location and keywords in their bios. Reach out to influences to help boost engagement and increase your overall marketing ROI. You can also be able to sort influencer based on the exposure they generate and engagement levels. Keyhole is a comprehensive solution that also offers brand monitoring system that instantly understands how your audience feels about your service or brand and competitors online. The solution helps you easily grasp any conversation and the sentiment around as well as its AI algorithm ensure that you never miss any important conversation that delivers it right to your inbox. There is also a set of prominent feature that makes it more interesting. Try it out.


10. TrueSocialMetrics

TrueSocialMetrics is a leading social media analytics tool that helps you turn social insights into action. No login is required to connect a competitor’s social media page. You can directly compare your results against your competitors, analyze their posting strategies, social media campaigns, followers and learn the best strategies. It comes as the alternative to Social Blade and offers all the core features with some new tools, features, and services in order to deliver a more realistic experience. As compared to all the other similar platforms, TrueSocialMetrics offers powerful, actionable metrics. Conversation, applause and amplification rates will help you measure the real active engagement of users with your social pages. Compare overall performance and economic value for all your social media accounts and find the best and effective social networks for your businesses. It is best for all size of businesses and also helps you to identify the powerful social influencers for your organization and the most engaged users who can become your brand advocates. Easy to understand dashboard, trends analytics, engagement rates, industry standards, support almost all the major social media platforms and free for everyone these are core features of the social. TrueSocialMetrics is really a powerful social media analytics tool as compared to the others.


11. Twitter Counter

Twitter Counter is a powerful Twitter tool that offers Twitter user statistics and leading services for Twitter Analytics. Its flagship analytics service gives you more than 10, 000 customers unparalleled insights into their Twitter marking tactics impact and success that help them easily achieve more with simple activities. The software is a solution that is specially designed for Twitter users only and contains almost all the major tools and services that make better than others. Twitter Counter tracks more than 300 million Twitter account, a multitude of user stats are created daily and are divided to our ever growing database of unique user statistics and trends that give you a unique opportunity to deliver valuable users and customer. It is also best for those who want to track their followers, find the best time to tweet as well as increase followers. The platform is known as a most popular provider of Twitter stats and get the most organic traffic of every service in its space and deliver lots of opportunities to grow and serve an ever increasing number of happy customers. Unlike most of the Analytic platforms, it also has a dashboard where you can access it all features without any limitation.


12. Social Status

Social Status is a best-in-class social media reporting and analytic solution that deliver insights through PowerPoint presentations. It offers you in-depth insights about your profiles, and accounts, competitors and influencers performances. With this, you can also save time from analyzing your audience’s sentiments. It helps you with that as it instantly evaluates comments in order to your posts across different social media profiles. Also, Social Status provides you with insights on a trend that matter, it notify you instantly on things that matter to you for you to act on them and leverage them in your marketing efforts. In order to make sure your efforts are not for naught, can utilize Social Status to deliver you with information on the effectiveness of your content strategy. The solution helps you track the performance of your posts, campaigns, and content pillars. The software also includes core features such as automated report generation, multi-channel reporting, tagging, insights, activity alerts, and team collaboration, etc.


13. Crimson Hexagon

Crimson Hexagon is an all-in-one feature-rich social media analytics company that provides insights into the social audience to brands, agencies and all the non-profit companies through analysis of big data. It has a collection of more than 500 billion social media posts in its data library that include content from popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and new websites. The software gives both social media analytics and tracking applications, Brands and companies who are interested in learning about the interest of their audience on multiple social media platform that can use the solution to come up with customized solutions. The company indexes and saves data in their own library that is accessible to client on-demand; companies are not charged extra to use additional data. Instead, it’s made freely available. Crimson Hexagon is quite simple and easy to use software and offers an intuitive interface where you access it all features without any limitation. A key feature includes social media analytics, industry reports, interest affinities, data library, conversation review, rebranding, and account monitoring, etc. Crimson Hexagon also has a premium solution and has different price plans.


14. NetBase

NetBase is an online social media management software solution that focuses on social media marketing analytics. With the help of this tool, you can analyze millions of social media posts daily that help your brands deliver real business value. It delivers the world’s deepest, fastest and most accurate insights from social media to better marketing strategies for businesses. With a range of features, the software helps companies manage their brands and understand their customer to build a better and lasting relationship. This information is provided by NetBase is more than feedback and opinion that reveals feedings and attitudes and help business perfect their customer management strategies. The best thing about this solution is that it utilizes state of the art technologies that understand customer behavior and sentiments that businesses can utilize in their marketing strategies. As far as its reach is concerned, the software reach of more than 99 countries and support up to 42 different languages that makes possible for successful localized or strategies. NetBase comes with a customizable dashboard that allows you to easily change its setting, add new things with its simple drag and drop feature. It also includes core feature such as insightful data, superior client strategy, accurate data, global reach, and simple navigation, etc. There are two different price plans; both have different cost and bandits.


15. Simply Measured

Simply Measured is a social media management software that allows businesses to analyze social media activities such as conversations, competitor movements and audience across all the popular social media environments to derive real insights. It simplifies end-to-end analysis of all social network activities of its users, whether it’s paid, owned, or earned. Insights are derived from the all detailed gathered and then sent in exact formats set by its users, whether that’s on the web, in dynamic excel reports or in PowerPoint. The software is used by the small size of businesses, large corporations, and all the companies in between. Simply Measured provides them social media analytics to measure their social media performance and online campaigns etc. With this, you can promote and espouses a social philosophy that says all your account come together in order to help you reach your business goals. In introducing a Complete Social Media Snapshot report feature that delivers businesses with a clear and complete view of how your business is performing across all your channels, analyze the health of your accounts as well as the engagement rate and trending topics. Unlike others, it also has a dashboard where you access it all features and tools. Simply Measured core feature includes social media monitoring and research, social media analytics, all data in one place, competitor analysis, and online report, etc. Overall, Simply Measured is the best social media management tool as compared to the others.


16. Frrole Scout

Frrole Scout is a complete social intelligence tool that lets you see the whom, what and how much of everything related to your brand, competition, and organization with web-based login access that enables tracking, monitoring and analyzing your customers and the meaning of their conversations, in an almost magical way. With the help of this solution, you can get a microscopic understanding of your audiences whether they are on social media, your channel, and websites or just out there. It also has an option that allows you to create audience segment using social IDs, email and numbers. Frrole Scout comes as the alternative to Social Blade and offers all the core features with some new features and tools. It Influencers Intelligence system allow you to understand which influencers can positively impact your site and what kind of audience they actually have influence. With this, you can also be able to reach a targeted audience around the world that make it better than others. In order to enjoy its service, you need to sign up with complete details about your channel, website or brand. After completing the registration processes, you need to choose one of three different price plan and enjoy it all features without any limitation. Frrole Scout core feature includes a simple interface, easy to understand dashboard, notification, track complete statistics, track competitor sites and much more. If you need a complete social intelligence tool than try it out, it is an excellent solution for you.


17. Vaizle

Vaizle is a simple yet powerful social media analytics tool for startups and enterprises who need a comprehensive, actionable insight into the simplest possible why when their business is benchmarked against their previous performance and their competitors. It is a complete analytic solution that gets your social media data interpreted into actionable tips that you can use daily to enhance your overall social media performance. The solution will give you daily insights across several variables in the form of graphs numbers, charts, and daily tips. There is also a feature that enhances your social media strategy with this; you can understand what types of posts and hashtags are giving you the best social management. Judge your social media strategy across several engagement types such as conversation, applause, and amplification. One of the best thing about this site is that it has a simple dashboard and easy navigations that makes everything available on a single screen so that you don’t have to scroll all the time in order to find what you need. There is also has an option that allows you to track competitor sites and channels that make it better than others. Vaizle also includes core features such as range of free tools, enhance overall social media strategy, perform social media competitive analysis, intuitive interface, industry reports, personal social media analyst and much more. It is a commercial solution and has different price plans; each plan has its features and cost.


18. Social Blade

Social Blade is the most leading website that helps you track social media statistics and analytics. The site most notably tracks the YouTube platform but also has analytical information regarding Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, Mixer, Facebook, and Dailymotion. Social Blade functions as a third-party to respective social media network. It has a search box where you just need to enter the username from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and all the other networks to now about its statistics. It gives all users access to its public database which, using advanced technology, is able to provide you with global analytics for content creators, brands and live streamer. Whether you are looking up famous YouTube creator or Twitch streamer playing a specific game, Social Blade has you covered. There is also learning that teaches you who start, rank your content and get a targeted audience. If you are a business or entity looking for data then, Social Blade has solutions for you with its query builder. Filter the results to get laser targeted queries offered you. The site also includes core feature such as simple interface, live counts, now about popular trends, notification alert, grow your audience, rank your videos and much more. Social Blade is the most popular social tool and used by millions of users around the world.


19. Audiense

Audiense is a social marketing tool built in three core solutions such as social insights, social market, and social advertising. The tools are intended to help businesses to connect with their audience and discover understand, attract or encourage them in order to right action. With the help of this platform, businesses have a platform with which to identify their audience and their quality, gather high-quality social intelligence in order to drive their social strategies to success. It comes with a plethora of social marketing and social advertising functionates. All these tools help user optimize their engagement with their customers and prospective clients using audience insight, build audiences and track their ROI for paid and earned media in order to mention few. Just like Social Blade and all the others leading social management solution, it also has a simple and customizable dashboard, where you can enjoy it all features and tools without any limitation. Audiense core feature includes uncovering Twitter follower key details, find new followers, identify Twitter influencers, discover the best time to post, real-time states and integration with buffer apps, etc.

More About Followerwonk

Followerwonk is a social media monitoring solution that allows users to collect and analyze information on Twitter users, determine trends in social networking tool, and expand their reach in order to widen their audience, increase their follower base, and forward their business goals. This comprehensive analytical platform helps businesses easily discover existing and potential followers, identify them by location, sentiments, who they follow, compare accounts, and more. With the help of this tools, businesses are able to engage brand influencers in their specific niches and contrast relationships with friends and competing brands, as well as effectively optimize campaigns by matching activities that attract followers. Followerwonk also makes it easy for users to visualize data and share their reports with just a single click. As compared to all the other similar software solutions, it is more powerful and helps businesses go deeper into their Twitter data and find high-quality insights that help them drive their business forward. The solution is very useful especially in allowing users to be soft their Twitter followers by region, identify potential brand influencers, widen their reach and enhance engagement with their followers. There is also a list of core features that make it more interesting and enjoyable.