Fontello is a web-based app that offers millions of free icons in different formats. It is an alternative site like Flatiron and provides all the major services, tools, and features to deliver a more realistic experience.

The app also has a list of unique tools that allow you to create new icons with different font styles, shapes, and colors. It also has a community where the world’s best designer help beginner to improve their work.

Just like all other similar websites, it also has multiple categories such as food, shopping, people, animals, and much more. Each category has its own vector design.

Fontello also has a search bar where you need to place the name of the vector or tag to find your favorite stuff. The site includes core features such as icon font generator, API, customize codes, customize the name, support multiple formats, and more.


Fontello Alternatives

#1 Freepik


Freepik is the world’s most popular and best online platform that offers a massive range of unique vectors, icons, and stock photos for your apps, websites, or other designs. It has the largest community of graphic designers in the world that brings lots of new stuff regularly.

The platform only contains high-quality graphic designs, exclusive illustrations, and all other graphics resources that make your site more attractive. All the content on this platform consists of multiple sections, such as vector, icons, photos, PSD files, etc.

Each section also has a list of options to deliver a complete and more realistic experience. Like others, the Freepik app also offers a customization option that allows you to edit each icon or vector with different colors and shapes.

Freepik app includes prominent features that include an advanced search bar, user-friendly interface, regular updates with new designs, interact with the world’s best designers, browse and download unlimited designs and multiple categories. It is a commercial platform and has different price plans, and each plan has its own cost and core benefits.


#2 IconArchive


IconArchive is a beautifully designed, web-based application that contains more than 735, 802 icons, and up to 2458 icon sets. Each set has its icons, colors, and formats. The app comes as the alternative to Flaticon but offers a unique interface with some new features and services that make it better than others. Icon Archive is a completely free-to-use site that does not require any registration or login.

You need to visit the website, find your favorite icon, download it into your system, and use it in the way you want. This web-based application offers two different options to find your favorite icons, such as explore categories that consist of various options and use its advanced search bar. You need to place icon-related tags or another thing accordingly to get your icon delivered within seconds.

It has thousands of users around the world who are using it to make their commercial project more attractive and stunning. IconArchive app also offers key features such as extreme customization, create your own icons, user-friendly interface, multiple categories, popular section, and much more.

#3 Nucleo


Nucleo is a beautiful library of more than 25011 icons and powerful apps to collect, customize, and export all your icons. It is a robust platform that helps you to speed up your workflow by dragging and dropping icons into your favorite design tools.

The platform has a ready-to-use icon library, and all the icons are tagged for quick search and support an advanced customization option that makes it better than others. The great fact about this app is that it allows you to import your own icons and organize them into collections and projects.

Nucleo app is also best for teams and lets them share projects with team members. It allows you to create and edit your team, invite new users, and upgrade the app for more members.

Nucleo app includes core features such as a ready-to-use library, a massive range of unique vector icons, daily updates, developed community, powerful icon organizers, and much more. Nucleo is an exclusive app for you if you are looking for an all-in-one icon provided and a maker website.


#4 The Noun Project


The Noun Project offers millions of icons for everything. It is a free-to-use, web-based app specially made for those who want to get free icons for their commercial projects. The platform features endless customization that helps you to make sure your icons fit where you use them. With its editing tools, you can easily change your icon color, rotation, flip, and background.

It enables you to create your icons by customizing stuff in the way you want. It offers a simple interface and lets you quickly find the icon you want and insert them into your Google Slide, Docs, or anywhere you want. The Noun Project is a complete solution that helps you to find new ways to communicate everything from abstract presentation concepts to playful kid’s book illustrations.

It brings a massive vector creator’s community where the world’s best designers help each other to enhance their experience. The Noun Project offers core features such as integrating with its icon API, exploring different categories, daily updates with new icons, search bar, customization, etc.

#5 Icons8


Icons8 is a web-based platform that offers more than 77900 free flat icons in different formats, sizes, and colors. The platform provides dozens of social media icons like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, etc. With this platform’s help, you can also get Apple, Microsoft, and Google’s icons that make your UI more attractive.

The app is specially made for designers and developers who want to save time and get lots of free icons. All icons on this platform are consist of different categories, and each category has its pack of icons that are updated daily with new stuff. Icons 8 is a free-to-use site, and you can access it anytime, anywhere around the world.

It includes core features such as support of different languages, multiple categories, single style, HTML embedding, fonts generator, Mac and Windows app icons, icon recoloring, edible icons, etc. Icons8 is one of the best free icon sites as compared to others.

#6 Font Awesome


More icons, More Styles, and More options. Font Awesome brings the world’s most popular icons, and you can use thousands of unique icons that make your UI more attractive. It is a completely free platform that also offers lots of themes, plugins, and complete projects. Font Awesome has a unique interface where all the content consists of multiple packs, such as an automotive icon pack, an education icon pack, a map pack, and lots of others.

Each pack has its vector icons to use. The site is also is known as a vector marker that allows you to create your custom icons with different font styles, colors, and shapes. After creating your icons, you can save them on your computer or share them with others.

On this platform, every symbol is designed from scratch against guidelines and standards forged from years of experience of illustrating and design icons. Font Awesome has grown to have up to 3000 icons and continues to add the most popular and needed icons.

Multiple categories, easy to play with its icons, user-friendly interface, support multiple formats, power transform, and basic styling, these are core features of this platform. Font Awesome is one of the best icon provided and making applications as compared to others.

#7 IcoMoon


IcoMoon is a pixel-perfect icon solution that offers thousands of free and premium vectors in different formats such as SVG, PDF, Polymer, CSH, and XAML, etc. It is an alternative site like Flatiron and offers all the major services with some new features. The platform is striving to create and provide the best iconography and icon management tool for perfections.

It features only the best icon sets out there. All of its icons are specially designed on precise pixel gird. IcoMoon lets you easily create and use your icon packs in many different formats. The platform has three different plans, such as IcoMoon App, IcoMoon Packs, and Go Premium.

Most prominent features include up to 5500 free vector icons, a powerful font generator, convert your vector in different formats, basic glyph editing, cloud sync, and easily update your icon sets, etc. Just like icon-provided sites, the IcoMoon app required registration with an email address and other important information. After completing the registration, you can access all its features for free.

#8 Iconfinder


Iconfinder is another platform that provides high-quality icons to millions of creative professionals. It has a massive team of professionals who is always busy delivering more and the latest stuff to make it the world’s most popular icon site. The site has more than 2,675,000 unique icons that consist of multiple categories such as Abstract, Fall, Flags, Christmas, Summer, Shopping, Easter, Desktop apps, Mobile Apps, and Holidays, etc.

Each category has its icons and also regularly update with new stuff. One of the best parts about this platform is that it offers customizable icon support and an icon editor system that lets you customize them in the way you want. You can also create icons with different colors, shapes, and tools. Iconfinder contains all modern technology and feature to create professional icons.

It offers four different sections, such as Feature icons, Newest icons, Most Popular icons, and the Following, which helps you get more options to deliver a realistic experience. Iconfinder includes core features such as interact with designers, regular updates with new icons, the world’s largest database, thousands of free icons, an advanced search bar, etc.

#9 Ego Icons


Ego Icons is the world’s leading platform specially made for those who want to create unique UI designs with amazing vector icons. There are more than 3600 brand-new, fresh vector icons to use in this portal that is perfect for making your apps, web interfaces, and user-interface design stands out in the crowd. To make it better than others, it introduces a new community feature that allows you to interact with the world’s best vector maker and get new ideas to make your interface more stunning. Each vector on this platform is created by a professional vector maker and available to use in different formats such as SVG, PDF, Sketch, and EPS, etc.

It also includes key features such as two different styles (Monoline style and Duotone style), changes all icon colors in seconds, multiple categories, search in seconds, powerful icon maker tools, and more. Ego Icons also introduce a customization system that allows you to customize your favorite icon with different colors and new items. If you are a pro designer and want to use the modern icon in your design, then Ego Icons is one of the best options for you.

#10 Free Icon Pack by ThemeIsle


Free Icon Pack by ThemeIsle is one of the most popular platforms that offer a massive range of unique WordPress Themes, Plugins, Vectors, and Icons that make your project stunning. It is a free platform, and you can access it anytime, anywhere in the world. Just like Flaticon and all other similar platforms, it also has multiple categories, and each category has its option that is regular updates with new stuff.

It has a powerful search bar where you need to place your icon name or tag to get them delivered within seconds. With this platform, you can also create your personal pack of icons by using its advanced tools. Free Icon Pack by ThemeIsle required registration to enjoy its service with an email address and all the other information. After completing the registration process, you can access all features and products without any limitations. Free Icon Pack by ThemeIsle also has a list of core features that make it stronger than others.

#11 SilhoutteAC


SilhoutteAC lets you find the best vector silhouette that you can use without attribution. SilhoutteAC is a free-to-use and the most popular platform that contains more than 52,000 exciting vectors that you can use without commercial use, even for commercial use.

All the vectors on this platform are consist of multiple categories such as People, Music, Icons, Insects, Animals, Sports, and lots of others, and each category has its vectors to use. It is free to use the platform and no require any registration to download your favorite stuff.

If you want to get an update or want to create your vector, you need to create a profile verifying the email address and all the other required information. As compared to the other similar vector platforms, it offers lots of new tools and features that help you to create your vector and directly share it with others.

Silhouettes app includes core features such as an advanced search bar, weekly update with new stuff, easy to use interface, more than fifty-two thousand icons, and more. If you need modern vectors, then The Silhoutte AC app is specially made for you.

#12 Project Clarity


Project Clarity is a clarity design system that offers a massive range of UX guidelines, HTML and CSS frameworks, icons, and Angular Components to craft exceptional experiences. The platform is designed for designers and developers. It has a massive variety of sketch templates with ready to use components.

It is best for beginners who want to become a professional designer or developer. It works closely with product teams to understand and solve the vast array of challenges they face. These solutions are built into the clarity contributed back to the community.

Clarity’s shared foundation of design and development makes communication and collaboration easier than ever between different areas of expertise. Like Flaticon, it also has a list of icons that consist of multiple categories such as commerce, media, travel, chart, text edit, technology, etc.

By using its customization feature, you can easily create your icons with different colors and shapes or share them with others. Project Clarity app includes core features such as easy to understand interface, regular update with new vector, community, and much more.

#13 Flaticon


Flaticon is one of the largest databases of free icons that is available to use in PNG, SVG, PSD, and BASE 64 formats. It has more than 1025000 vector icons grouped in up to 20314 packs. It contains a 16px to 512px vector and raster that is set on all the portals and apps. All the vector on this platform are consists of multiple categories, and each category has its own vectors that regularly updated with new stuff.

There is also a search bar that helps you to find your required vectors in a second. One of the most interesting facts about this platform is that it offers a customization feature that lets you customize icons with different colors and shapes.

Flaticon app includes prominent features such as continuous production, easily manage your collections, save and download unlimited stuff, contains multiple formats, the most significant set of icons, font-face, and more. The solution requires registration with an email address along with all the other information. After completing the registration, you can easily access its features without any limitations.

#14 Envato Elements


Envato Elements is an advanced level subscription-based service that provides you with access to more than nine million downloadable digital assets for your projects. The service offers two pricing plans, such as monthly and yearly, along with unlimited downloads.

Unlike most of the premium image and digital asset services, you won’t have to worry about credits and download limits, and the approach from Envato Elements is great. It provides you the ability to experiment with different files before making a final decision on which one to use for your project.

When it comes to content creation, the service assets are produced by the community of individual designers. All these designers are paid for their effort via the revenue-sharing model. It opens up a world of creative possibilities for all your commercial design projects. Envato Elements is one of the best element solutions as compared to others.

Envato Element’s most prominent features include unlimited downloads for a single fee, one simple commercial license for all content, a massive range of unique templates, free files, enjoy thousands of audios, and more. Each element on this platform is customizable, and you can easily add new items without any limitations.


0 is a free-to-use, web-based platform that allows you to get free PSD files. It creates a massive range of freemium PSD files, graphics, templates, backgrounds, business cards, and all other things. It also has a massive range of web templates, and you can easily download and customize each template without any limitations.

The platform is designed by an expert team and start with a fundamental level, and now it has thousands of users around the world who can use it to make their commercial project more interesting.

Unlike other free PSD solutions, it also allows you to upload your designs that make it better than others. app’s prominent feature includes a simple interface, free background sets, professionally designed character design, HTML email templates, online community, and much more.

#16 Best PSD Freebies


Best PSD Freebies is an all-in-one web-based platform where you get professionally design free web elements, web templates, mockups, flyers, business cards, and resume templates without cost. It is developed and published by an expert design team to help beginners.

The platform has thousands of designs, and you can easily choose each one without any limitations. All its templates are completely customizable with different elements, icons, and color schemes, etc.

Best PSD Freebies is free to use the site that does not require registration, but if you want to upload your design elements and templates, you just need to sign up with an email address.

Just like others, it also offers multiple categories to explore that helps you easily get your design, after getting your design, you can easily download and share it without any limitations. Best PSD Freebie’s core features include an online community, daily update, simple interface, thousands of web elements, free for everyone, etc.

#17 Premium Pixels


Premium Pixels is a complete collection of free design resources that are designed for both experts and beginners. All its resources are offered free of charge with simple little restriction and regular updates with new resources to deliver complete and latest stuff.

The site platform features thousands of icons, mockups, and design that make your designs more appealing. Premium Pixels is 100% free for everyone, and you can download its resources anywhere around the world.

It also offers hundreds of free WordPress themes that consist of a number of categories, and each category has its themes that you can easily download and apply without any limitations.

It is also available to use in multiple languages and lets you enjoy its service anywhere around the world. Premium Pixels app’s core feature includes upload your own design resources, online community, daily update, create a portfolio, search box, and much more.

#18 Brusheezy


Brusheezy: Free PSDs is the best place to share free Photoshop brushes and lots of other Photoshop related resources. In this platform, you can explore and discuss other artists’ creations from around the world or find that perfect little freebie for your next project.

The platform is specially designed to help beginners and deliver all the leading ideas that make it project more interesting. Brusheezy app also offers vectors, videos, and brushes. All the stuff on this platform consists of multiple categories, and each category has its options that you can easily choose and download without any limitations.

The best fact about this solution is that it allows you to upload your idea and get real-time feedback that makes it better than others. Brusheezy is available to use in two different versions, such as the free version and premium version.

In the premium version, you can enjoy some new tools and features. Its most prominent feature includes more than 30 different categories to explore, supporting multiple languages, search boxes, daily updates, online community, etc.

#19 Gfxtra


Gfxtra is a free web-based platform that is created for designers who want to get new ideas and designs. It offers a huge amount of vectors, stock images, 3D models, fonts, after effect, scripts, and wallpapers, etc. Each one has its particular design that you can easily download and share with others. It is the best for developers who want to design a stunning website, app, or software, and offers a massive amount of designs that make it better than others.

The site offers multiple options to find your designs such as explore its categories that consist of numbers of options, sort design by names or date, and use its search box where you need to enter the design name, tag, or other related stuff.

One of the most interesting facts about this online platform is that it allows you to upload your designs and share them with others to get real-time feedback. Gfxtra’s core features include millions of free designs for everyone, add to your favorite folders, get free art images, and much more.

#20 Junior Icon Editor 4.1


Junior Icon Editor is a functional software that provides a personalized experience to you with the editing tool. The software allows you to create a custom icon in no time, and regardless of the type of icon you are creating, it always supports you with pro-efficient results. The software is the way to go with its icon quality and resolution ranging from small to big, and you can also go for the custom size. There are multiple benefits of Junior Icon Editor: nicely designed interface, support for transparency effects, efficient selection tool, and more to add.

There are all the features and tools for you to get done with your job more professionally. There are multiple things to look forward to as far as the editing is concerned: brush, pen, predefined shapes, palette, airbrush, and more to add. The software can make it more likely to work with multiple documents at a time, and you can undo things for an unlimited time.

#21 Shimeji-ee2.1


Shimeji-ee is an easy and free to use personalization program that keeps you entertained with the animated characters. This excellent software lets you download unique and eye-catching characters onto your computer screen, and there is no need for your input; the name will be playground automatically. Multiple symbols will play around your desktop screen, and there is also an option to edit characters for better-animated results.

If you want Shimeji-ee2 on your computer, there is a need to install a version of Java. All you need to do is to download the zip file and run the required setup. There is no restriction on its usage and use, and you can run this software directly from the tray icon. Multiple features are various settings, customization, XML format support, straightforward configurations, different image set, and more to add.

#22 Bitmoji Chrome Extension


Bitmoji Chrome Extension software is made for your Gmail account by which you can directly insert your bit-emoji to your Gmail account. There is no complexity of installation; all you need to do is to add an extension to your chrome browser. There is no need to worry if you do not have a Bit emoji account; you can download the application and copy and paste your favorite Bit emoji wherever you want.

This extension provides a versatile and eye-catching bit emoji so you can show your friend your profile with the unique bit-emoji whenever you update it. There are various types of Bit emoji present here depending on the type, like for games, profile, or Snapchat, and you can create your own the way you like.

#23 WhatTheFont


WhatTheFont is one of the most leading webs, and a mobile-based application helps you identify any font in a snap. Simply you can take a photo of a design you love and drag them into its search box. Within a second, it will show you a result. The application supports more than 130000, and you can access its service anywhere around the world.

It is a comprehensive application that is used by designers, crafters, and anyone who loves typography. You can also be able to explore its library and share fonts with others without any limit. The site’s interface is quite simple and easy to understand where you can access it all tools and feature. WhatTheFont offers both options to try fonts, such as type out words in the fonts you find and enter your own text to apply them out on the spot.

#24 What Font Is


What Font Is allows users to find the font by bringing the file or image in the search box. The platform enables users to use its drag-and-drop tool to place the file, or users can place the URL in the search box and click the red button, which says find the font.

Users can use the platform for different purposes either to find the font which they do not get from the file that their client send or the font which they liked somewhere and do not know about it. The platform works as a font detector, and users can simply drop the picture of the font which they want to know about.

It uses artificial intelligence technology to find the font, which is, in most cases, ninety-nine percent correct. What Font Is provides users the places from where they can download the font which they are searching.

#25 Audioblocks


Audioblocks is a platform that allows the users to download all the royalty-free music and SFX easily with a low subscription rate. The platform has an unlimited stock of videos, audios, and images which users can use after downloading them. It helps the users to find the exact song for their projects and download it in an instant.

The platform contains a wide variety of moods of music, such as users can select happy, playful, sad, angry, or love music. It provides a list of music genres such as ambient, blues, country, electronic, horror, jazz, and many more.

The platform ensures the safety of use of their music in all other platforms such as ass YouTube videos. Moreover, users can create their account where they can save their favorite songs and sound effects. Lastly, it has a collection of images and illustrations, and users can download various royalty-free sound effects.

#26 Calligraphr


Calligraphr is a platform that allows users to draw their own fonts. It helps users in transforming their handwriting and allows the users to convert their calligraphy into fully functional vector fonts with web applications. Users just have to fill out a template to create their own handwriting into a real font and can be downloaded easily.

The platform comes with standard font files such as TTF or OTF, and users can save these files or can download it anytime. Moreover, it allows the users to have character randomization, which helps the users to give their whole handwriting a natural look by matching each letter with each other in different words.

Calligraphr allows the users to use their ligatures, which specifies the handwriting of a particular person and helps in the identification of it. Lastly, users can modify their characters after scanning them and can correct them.

#27 Get the Font


Get the Font is a website that helps users to search the Font and download it simply. The platform enables users to download the type of Font they want quickly. The site has a simple user interface and allows the user to search the Font with different font formats like OpenType, TrueType, Web Open Font Format, etc. Users can download the selected Font and can save it in the computer, and can run it when they want.

Users can easily search and download the required fonts, and there is no limit for it on the website. Moreover, Get the Font does not need any kind of sign up; it is a simple search and download platform. Lastly, the site is free of cost.

#28 PNG Tree


PNG Tree is an online tool that allows you to download multiple icons for multiple platforms. The icons are of high quality and resolution, and you find the icon with the required quality and size. There is a wide range of icons available, and you will choose whether you want to go for Glyph, flat, filled outline, or else based on the free and premium category.

All the icons are available in a resizable vector format, and use them in the website footer, email newsletter, presentation, or on your business cards as well. There are variously available, and you can also search for the required standards you use in your design. There are multiple formats to download your icon like SVG, PNG, webp, and more, but using the icon for your presentation and web design, PNG is the best format to download with.