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Footime Foot Mouse

Footime Foot Mouse is an amazing computer input device where your feet now gains the ability to click, double-click and move the cursor anywhere on the screen. The device is a special design for those users who want to increase their work speed… read more

10 Footime Foot Mouse Alternatives


1. Joysticks

Joysticks is an input device specially designed to control video games. It consists of a base and stick that can be moved in any direction. The stick can be moved in any directly slowly or quickly, but some Joysticks have sticks that can also be rotated to the left or right. This input device also contains multiple buttons, but the most Joysticks have at least one button on the top of the stick and another button in the front of the stick for the trigger. Typically, it can be connected to your computer used the basic USB or serial port connection and often come with software that allows you to assign the function of each button. Unlike computer mouse, it does not require a flat surface to perform tasks. Since Joysticks emulate the control of planes and other aircraft, they are best suited for flight simulators and flying action games. However, some gamers, like to use this device for another type of video games such as FBS and fighting games.


2. Trackballs

Trackballs is another alternative input device to a computer mouse that is mostly used in notebook and laptop computers. It is usually located in front of the keyboard toward the user. The device is used to enter motion data into the computer or another electronic device. Trackballs designed with the moveable ball on the top which can be rolled in any direction. Instead of moving the whole device, you just need to simply roll the moveable ball on the top of the trackball unit with your hand to generate motion. Unlike mice, Trackballs devices also include buttons that can serve as left-click and right-click buttons and may also be used to enter the other related commands. While it is most commonly used with computers, they may also be found in other electronic devices such as arcade games and mixing boards. These devices often have trackballs that greater than the ones used in computer input devices.


3. HippoRemote Pro

HippoRemote Pro is an application that turns your iPhone and iPod touch into the wireless keyboard, mouse, and gamepad for your Windows, Mac or Linux computer. It is a commercial tool that makes your experience more engaging. With the help of this multi-purpose app, you can control your whole pc, select and more files, type documents, control your TV device and enjoy the fast gaming experience. The best thing about this application is that it offers a DropBox sync system that allows you to access your files directly as well as share it with the others. HippoRemote Pro includes prominent features such as keyboard history, full international character support, wake on LAN, add own your applications, programmable remote control, thumb scrolling and multi-touch trackpad etc. Do try it out, it is one of the best tools that makes your smart device as a powerful trackpad.


4. 3M Wireless Ergonomic Mouse

3M Wireless Ergonomic Mouse is also known as Ergo Mouse is the latest in a long line of pointing devices specially designed to reduce the hand, wrist, elbow and arm pains associated with using the traditional mouse. Its objective is to introduce the best way to reduce the amount of twist in your wrist and by removing pressure from the heel of your hand. The Ergo Mouse’s joystick-like design enables you to hold your hand as close as possible to its neutral posture, wrist and thumb both straight and relaxed; fingers curled and at rest while having its heel float above the desk. This input device also has buttons so that you don’t have to flex your fingers from the neutral posture in order to reach them, though you obviously still have to flex to press them. 3M Wireless Ergonomic Mouse is best for both programmer and gamer; its stunning make your performance fast and easy. The device is available to use in different designed and colours, and you no need to require any additional installation to connect it with your system.


5. Logitech Cube

Logitech Cube is more than just a mouse that takes you in the modern world. It is small enough to fit in your pocket and can even clip onto your keychain. With its amazing design, it redefines a mouse with a shape that fits in your hand and will fascinate your friends and family. Its points, clicks and scrolls like a traditional mouse and no require any additional software to connect it with your system. Lift it slightly to the right or left to move forward and backwards on the web or rotate pics. You can tab on the top end to play and pause your entertainment. Logitech Cube makes easier to read your Facebook pages, shop Amazon or scroll through Google search. It is a wireless device, but you can also connect it with wire. Overall, Logitech Cube is one of the best and coolest alternatives to Computer Mouse.


6. RollerMouse

RollerMouse is another computer hardware device that allows you to perform a function on your graphical user interface. The device works like a computer mouse and features a larger rollerbar than its predecessors and the left click that has virtualized to minimize the impact on your fingertips while providing unriveted precision. It is best suited for users with small average size hands. RollerMouse has multiple buttons including right-click and left-click; each button has its own functionality to perform and complete his objective. As compared to the traditional computer mouse it is easy to use and fast your overall performance. It is also available to use in different colours and feature its own unique line of accessories that make your setup interesting.


7. Cosmos Wireless USB HandHeld Finger Trackball Mouse

Cosmos Wireless USB HandHeld Finger Trackball Mouse is a computing input device specially made for those people who have issues using the regular mouse or do not have the desk real estate for mouse and pad. It is a stunning handheld device that has amazing scrolling function on the top that you can control simply by your thumb. Just like mouse and Trackpad it also has two buttons known as right-clicking and left-clicks to select and move your files, folder and text. Cosmos Wireless USB HandHeld Finger Trackball Mouse is a plug and play device that means no software required to connect it with your computer. It is one of the best alternatives to Mouse and offers lots of unique features such as laser pointer for presentation, special designs, AAA battery and much more.


8. Apple Magic Trackpad

Apple Magic Trackpad is a multi-touch and force touch trackpad introduced by Apple Inc. on 13 October 2015. It is a rechargeable trackpad with a built-in battery. Four sensors underneath the trackpad surface enable you to touch anywhere ad detect subtle differences in the amount of pressure you apply, bring increased functionality to your finger and enabling deeper connection to your content. Apple Magic Trackpad also feature an edge-to-edge glass surface area that is nearly 30 per cent larger than the previous trackpad. Its design along with lower profile makes scrolling and swiping through your favourite stuff more productive and comfortable than ever. The device is available to use in two different colours such as White and Gray, and you can connect it only to Apple’s computers.


9. Touchpad

Touchpad (also known as TrackPad, Glide Point or Pressure Sensitive Table) is a computer input device on laptops and some keyboards that enable the user to move on the cursor with their finger. It is one of best alternatives to mouse and offers more advanced experience to interact with their computer. A Touchpad is used by using their finger and dragging it across the flat surface of the touchpad. As the user moves a finger on the surface, the mouse cursor moves in the same direction. Unlike most of the computer mouse, it also has two buttons blew the touch surface. Because they vary in size, it can also be found on personal digital assistants and portable media players. There are different wireless touchpads are also available to use as the detached accessories.


10. Mouse

Mouse is a handheld computer input device that controls the cursor in the graphical user interface and can move and select the files, text and folders. It was originally known as the X-Y Position Indicator for Display System and was introduce by Douglas Engelbart while working at Xerox PARC. Originally wired to the computer, many modern mouse devices are cordless, relying on the short-range radio communication with the connected system. The mouse used a rolling ball on the surface in order to detect motion, but all the modern mouse devices often have optical sensors that have no moving parts. The optical sensor mouse device makes it fast and easy to use. In addition to moving cursor, computer mouse has one or more button to enable operations such as selection of menu item on display. Today, there are different mouse devices are available to use, and each mouse has its own shape, colour and additional buttons.

More About Footime Foot Mouse

Footime Foot Mouse is an amazing computer input device where your feet now gains the ability to click, double-click and move the cursor anywhere on the screen. The device is a special design for those users who want to increase their work speed. It is also known as a two-part input device such as the slipper part and the pedal part. The slipper part with cursor controller is worn and controlled by one foot and can move around the big mouse mat. The pedal part consists of five buttons having all mouse clicks and defined shortcuts plus a scroll roller is controlled by other foot. A roller helps you to turn your screen up and down while your heel can rest on the floor comfortably. Its side switch allows you to choose between 2 states, one state has all the mouse click, and the other state has all five buttons for programming. With the help of a program, each definable button can be defined with a two different set of functions. The pedal can work independently with the slipper, and both parts of this device won’t affect other hand mouse or input devices connected at the same time.

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