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Freedcamp is a world’s most leading web-based project management and collaboration service developed for single and multiple users in order to help them organize and collaborate effectively via the cloud. It is free to use solution for an unlimited number of users and projects… read more

13 Freedcamp Alternatives & Similar Software


1. Service Fusion

Service Fusion is an all-in-one field service management software that offers a range of useful features such as time tracking, reporting, inventory management and invoicing and payments etc. It is a complete solution that helps you to create estimate and jobs confirmations quickly utilizing pre-populated product and service line items. Plus you can also track referral sources and assign jobs to sales reps for commission calculation. The drag and drop dispatch grid allow you to send job information in order to filed staff on their mobile phone via text message or the mobile web app. On this solution, you can create invoice against job order, process payments and update the accounting solution with the single click. Service Fusion facilities automatic sync of invoices and the tool also facilities management revenue reporting and payroll reporting. It is a customizable platform and allows you to create custom settings to fulfil your needs. Service Fusion includes core features such as application integration, job management, custom filed, GPS fleet tracking, sales orders and secure data storage etc. Try it out; It is an excellent field service management solution for all kind of businesses.


2. Kanzen

Kanzen is a project management solution that simplifies and streamline processes with its highly customizable Kanban dashboard. The solution comes with an interesting interface that provides you with a detailed and clear overview of their projects such as list view an interactive calendar etc. It is an all-in-one powerful project management platform that delivers value that will improve the productivity and performance of your business significantly. With this solution, you are treated to a throng of rich collaboration features that are designed to enhance communication and teamwork. All the collective and individual effort are further bolstered by the software’s other capabilities and tools such as the assignee system, tasks, notifications and file sharing etc. The Kanban ready to use application lets you leverage your Kanban boards with unparalleled versatility. Providing you with flexibility, very rich WIP limits system and essential analytics to make it better than others. The most interesting fact about this platform is that it simplifies collaboration as you can communicate with your managers and team members in real-time. The manager can update task assignment instantly, update information and do some changes to project specifications with all members notified instantly. Kanzen also has a list of core features that make it stronger than others.


3. Taskfit PRO

Taskfit PRO is a time tracking software that is designed to empower employees to become more productive and make a significant impact on the overall business growth. The software helps you to automate time tracking processes and inspires you and your team to accomplish more work in as little time as possible. It also comes with a task management tool to help you and your team stay on the top of your priority, accomplish what needs to be done and seamlessly move on the next task. All task contains the necessary information you need to perform actions such as description, categories and more. When you work on your task, the solution automatically logs your time and generate timesheet reports based on the filter you specify including date range and lists etc. As compared to the other similar platforms, it offers a neat and simple desktop that contains all the information required so that you can work on your task without any hitch or friction. When you start working on your project, you can have access to all the data you need such as documents, sites and links. All the required information is up-to-date in order to ensure that you are work with the freshest data. You can also leave your desk and come back late and resume your work with just a single click. Taskfit PRO is a modern solution and contains all the major tools and service that help you to manage your overall work.


4. InLoox

InLoox is a feature-rich project management solution that helps you to get the separate advantage by facilitating interaction and maximizing the capabilities of Microsoft Outlook and Exchange server products. It is a simple and easy to use platform that quickly adjusts to the demands of your projects. The solution gives you a more visualized presentation of several aspects of their project management operations such as planning, time tracking, document management and budgeting. With the help of this platform, you can also manage and track your time to get more work. InLoox is available to use on two different versions; both has its own features and costs. The most prominent feature includes task management, time planning, mind mapping, permissions, advanced technology, contact management and report designer etc. Do try it out, you’ll be amazed at all the thing in this powerful project management software.


5. Loc8

Loc8 is a user-friendly field service management software that provides a level of expertise absolutely vital for small businesses. This read to use solution allow its users to create, send, manage their jobs and their teams and get through financial insights about their operations. With Xero and QuickBooks integration, all invoices can be created, managed and generated straight from mobile that makes it simpler. Unlike all the other similar platforms the solution also enables you to generate task-based work orders for assets based on location automatically and required maintenance frequency. The system allows you to react quickly when a customer calls enabling them to plan and ahead be proactive. With the help of this solution, you can also create condition and event-based rules to automate your all the important operations. It can automatically and easily notify when an asset fails or set an asset to inactive when a parameter is updated. One of the best parts is that it comes with a powerful feature that lets you generate anytime and in real time. You can even publish reports to your customer and managers in an instant. Loc8 allow you to fully manage mobile features, inventory as well as spare parts used during the maintenance service and repairs. This field service management also offers a job with subtasks, knowledgebase and live chat, timesheet, report a problem and more.


6. TimeHero

TimeHero is a task management platform that automatically schedules your responsibilities around your calendar events. The solution also simplifies your team planning by automating task scudding. It is a simple yet powerful solution that helps you and your team to focus on complete your projects rather than spending more time on administration. It also has an intuitive task scheduler; whenever there are changes, it automatically shuffles the time to reflect the new events or tasks. This way team is still capable of beating deadline without overtime and rushed working pace burning them out. In addition, the management software also helps you make sure that tasks are on track and provide unparalleled visibility into the projects and their progress, so you can immediately spot those that are off-kilter and align them once again. Instead of creating scheduling from scratch every time, you can use this solution’s templates in order to produce them in seconds. With these functions, you can reduce your time, spent on administration and increase the productivity of your project completion. Just like other project management platforms it also has a list of prominent features that make it stronger. If you are looking for an all-in-one task management software for your business, then try it out.


7. ConnectWise Manage

ConnectWise Manage is a project management solution that connects all crucial business processes in a single application. It increases accountability among your members across multiple teams and departments and provides one source of truth for your business. The solution can also help you streamline operations and process that allow you to efficiently maximize your resources with its error-proof tracking, clear lines of communication and robust documentation. ConnectWise Manage reporting and dashboard allows you to understand your business better, empowering you with accurate strategic business decisions. When its time to bill your client, all notes, expenses and products from your department make their way to your Finance team, enable them to generate detailed invoices easily and disseminate them quickly with litter information lost. ConnectWise Manage also includes lots of prominent feature such as SLA management, help desk, agreement, account management, sales and marketing, time tracking and billing, integration, expert directory and ticketing response etc. Overall, it is one of the best project management solution as compared to the others.


8. CaseCamp

CaseCamp is another project management software that has all the feature and capabilities you need to keep your project and team member in the unified and single location. It boasts of a neat and clutter-less user interface that enables for smooth navigation and access to information as well as fast and seamless communication with your teams. It is a complete solution and used by international brands and organizations including NDTV, and CaseCamp etc. The best thing about this platform is that it comes with all the traditional project management tools like the very functional to-do list that keeps everyone updated on tasks, which need to be carried out and completed and degree of priority and urgency accosted with each task. Expenses and budget should go together when it comes to managing and accomplishing projects, with the help of this platform project manager can create a workable budget and add them effortlessly. All the expenses are managed closely to ensure that expenditure made can be easily audited and that all expenses as within the set budget. Todo list, time management, ticketing system, mobile application and employee tracking these are also a feature of this solution. Try it out; you’ll be amazed at all the thing in this stunning platform.


9. ATS TimeWorkOnDemand

ATS TimeWorkOnDemand is an all-in-one cloud-based time and attendance management system specially designed to help businesses and organizations to maximize the working hours of their employees, archive accurate billing or their working hours as well as scheduling and attendance. The solution automates time and attendance process and unifies several aspects of workforce management into the single platform such as labour allocation, workflow analytics and data collection etc. This timesheet management software aim is to help the user bring their cost, reduce compliance risks and significantly enhance worker productivity. With this cloud-based software from ATS, managers can administrators have performed and the services they need to streamline and simplify their functions anytime from anywhere. The platform comes as the alternative to BeeBole and offers all the major tools and service with some new features that make it more usable. The most prominent features include tracking and calculating hours, scheduling, multi-level approvals, automate overtime, built-in history module and attendance tracking etc. If you are looking for a cloud-based timesheet management platform then try it out, it is best for you.


10. WorkPuls

WorkPuls is a simple time tracking and employee monitoring solution that provides with intelligent insights on how employees spend their working hours. It is an alternative to BeeBole and offers lots of new features that make it better than others. The solution gives employers the big image of the workplace in terms of time usage and determining the root cause of time waste. With its workflow, businesses have an overview of what people are doing real-time and an essential component in micromanagement. The software is intuitive and easy to use and does not need complex pre-installation. Once set up, it works automatically in the background of employees computers, measuring how employees spend time on the computer and also calculate report on productivity. Just like all the other similar solution also offers automation capabilities to enhance and accelerate a number of important processes. WorkPuls follow an organizational structure that is designed to work for organizations with different structures, whether management wants to have reported on the productivity of individual employees or teams. Automatic time capture, employee login, online time tracking, overtime calculation, payroll calculator and offline time tracking these are key features of this time tracking solution. WorkPuls is a powerful solution for all size of businesses.


11. Clarizen

Clarizen is an enterprise-grade platform that ties powerful project management to social engagement. The platform combines all the essential features that boot performance that explains why multiple Fortune 500 companies choose it to be their main cloud-powered asset. It is an excellent combination of mighty project management and high-quality social collaboration system that aligns your team and directs your ideas towards execution. This cloud-powered too is known for being remarkably easy to use and incredibly fast to deploy. Clarizen features customizable and friendly interface; team enjoy interacting with Clarizen’s engaging social interface, one that is easy to configure and personalize that means workdays become more efficient and effective. Its collaborative work management brings all of your work together in one convenient place, you planned and unplanned activities, your collaborations with partners, your document and reports and from start to finish. It is a simple and easy to use platform that has thousands of users around the world. Clarizen includes key features such as easy administration, easily accessible information, mobile optimization, end-to-end project dashboard, flexible business operations and much more.


12. Quire

Quire is a Task Management platform that is specially designed for creative teams. It lets you map out your big ideas, break them down into the small step and tackle them one by one with your team. The ultimate objective of this task management is to reduce the burden of managing complex and time-consuming projects by simply breaking those smaller and more manageable units and letting teams priority between them in a preferred manner. Rather than being exclusively focused on function, the solution pays attention to form that is why it offers one of the best organized and easiest to navigate interfaces in the industry. The distinctive core advantages of the application are its unique tree structure. This system won’t require the user to abide by traditional tasks segmentation methods, but rather invite them to jot down their idea and transform them into the actionable items on the way. This system makes Quire a unique performer when it comes to relating tasks and subtasks, as the system does this independently and all you have to do is to let good plans flow in. As compared to all the task management software it offers some modern tools and services in order to deliver more exciting stuff. Quire is completely free to use application ad no enterprise pricing plans for the moment. Unlike other, it also has a list of core features that make it stronger. Try it out, if you are looking for a powerful Task Management tool.


13. BeeBole

BeeBole or BeeBole Timesheet is a Business Intelligence tool that helps you to efficiently measure the time spent on projects, tasks and clients. It allows businesses and teams to known where their time and budget are going and it also offers the option of creating configurable reports and dashboard in order to make informed decisions. With the solution, your employees can log attendance, vacations and leaves of Abbesses. BeeBole is also available to use on mobile platforms that offer seamless desktop and mobile time integration. Its mobile app works offline and online, sync in real-time and lets you pick and choose tasks, projects, departments and customers for optimal time tracking. It is a complete solution and offers lots of stunning tools that helps you to manage your entire time and manage all your important things. Aside from the core time tracking tools and its real-time timer, the solution feature graphical reporting for cost, margin and budget, approval workflow and email reminder. It also integrates with QuickBooks and APIs key. Other feature includes daily time tracking, secure server, online click timer, timesheet audit trail, holiday calendar upload, create a manual sheet, DCAA compliant and multi-language support etc. BeeBole is a commercial solution and has different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits.

More About Freedcamp

Freedcamp is a world’s most leading web-based project management and collaboration service developed for single and multiple users in order to help them organize and collaborate effectively via the cloud. It is free to use solution for an unlimited number of users and projects. The solution provides users with an extensive set of tools and capabilities, including core applications such as assigning tasks to team members and scheduling events etc. Freedcamp is an ideal software for people businesses who want to stay in control of their projects, resources, budget and time. One of the most useful benefits of this solution is to the table that is free to use, and there is a 200MB storage limitation, but heavy commercial users, it can be addressed with affordable upgrades. Its step is fast and easy, and you can hit the ground running within minutes. This project management makes organizing details and tasks quick and super easy, whether you are working as a team or operating an individual professional, you can opt to arrange project details in the task list manner or use sticky notes also known as Kanban board to make sure that you for everything covered. It specially designed apps to help you with your work and capabilities like project templates, wikis and invoice management etc. for small charges. Freedcamp also has lots of exciting things that make it better than others.

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