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FreeNAS Alternatives

#1 Acronis Files Connect


Acronis Files Connect is a platform that enables the users to connect their Macs to Windows file servers and NAS through Apple Finding Protocol. It helps the users to reduce SMB protocol bugs, performance, and compatibility issues, which are related to file corruption and locked files. It addresses file naming issues, non-functional Windows shortcuts, and other related issues that come with Mac SMB file sharing service.

The Files connect platform via AFP offers a faster file share mounting, file opening, and browsing capabilities to users. It comes with a new modified Mac client application that enables the users to perform filename and content Spotlight searches via AFP instead of SMB.


#2 HPE 3PAR Flash Storage


HPE 3PAR Flash Storage is a platform that offers data storage systems to help the organizations to handle unpredictable workloads efficiently. The platform provides storage for applications such as databases and archiving solutions, whether they are running on virtual or physical servers. It enables the organizations to meet the extreme requirements of consolidated cloud service providers with bandwidth across a wide variety of business applications.

The platform comes with extreme scalabilities, such as it can start from a few terabytes and can scale up to 80PB. Moreover, it provides fast, scalable performance up to 3M IOPs, and users can scale-out storage for multi-tenant workloads.

#3 Ceph


Ceph is a platform that is a unified storage system for performance and reliability, and it helps the IT sectors to manage a vast amount of data easily. The platform is based on Reliable Autonomic Distributed Object Store that provides application developers all the features such as objects or file system storage in a single place.

The decoupling of Ceph from the hardware enables users to build much larger storage clusters, and its object storage is compatible with Amazon S3 RESTful API. The file system of Ceph helps users to configure their legacy applications to use it for storage purposes.


#4 SnapRAID


SnapRAID is a backup management program that stores the partial information of any data and, later on, makes them able to recover back the data from up to six data failures. SnapRAID is mainly designed for the home media centers to make these users able to manage their data effectively with the system that hardly change their internal structures.

Also, it provides the users with the system of recovering their data from the disk failures that make it better than others. Its other prominent feature includes data integrity & avoidance of silent corruption, recovering files from the accidentally deleted disk, ability to manage different sizes of disks, ability to add multiple drives at any time, and much more.

#5 Windows Server


Windows Server is a reputable cloud-ready operating system that comes with a series of enterprise-class servers. The Platform designed to provide extensive administrative control of data storage, corporate networks, applications, and share services with multiple users. Windows Server is connecting on-premises infrastructure with Azure services that enable hybrid scenarios. You can extend your datacenter to Azure to maximize your investment, gain new hybrid capabilities, and advanced multi-layer security to elevate your security posture.

The hyper-converged infrastructure lifts your datacenter processing to achieve more security and efficiency. Windows Server is benefiting you with the admin center for server management, migration-center to migrate windows, and azure free account. The Platform is the secure approach for faster application innovations that pave the way to create cloud-native applications, and you can modernize traditional apps micro-services and containers.



UnRAID is a NAS management system that contains most of the capabilities and functionalities in a single operating system. The software provides the users with the system of UnRAID partition system resources, storing and protecting of data, backup of data, and the ultimate command and control over their data and applications.

The main area of services of UnRAID is networking attached storage system, UnRAID application server, and UnRAID virtualization host. All these areas provide the users with several other features and functions in the shape of storing & protecting data. As well as it also offers share files, automates the backup system, expands on-demand, transcodes media, runs what you want, and performs various other functions.

#7 FlexRAID


FlexRAID is a solution for home and commercial networking system for unifying and organizing the data of the system. It is the way to protect and recover their data from any disk failures. The solution is also perfect for data protection and data recovery.

FlexRAID will make you able to merge all of your drives into a single place. All the products are part of the storage polling technology that makes it possible for the users to tune the independent hard drives of various sizes and performs several functions.

#8 NAS4Free


NAS4Free is the name of the free network-attached storage system and based on the system of FreeBSD. It is an open-source network-attached storage system that is capable of being virtually any hardware-based platform even to share computer data storage over a vast computer network as well.

NAS4Free is the best way to create a centralize system and quickly access all connected servers for all kinds of data with all types of network protocols from any network. The best about NAS4Free is its support system that is available for UNIX based systems, Apple, and all versions of Windows operating systems.

#9 BarracudaDrive


If you are looking for a way to create your own personal NAS cloud storage system to share large files with others, then BarracudaDrive will surely be great. BarracudaDrive is a personal cloud server development tool that makes it simple for its users to run their own personal and private cloud server.

By using BarracudaDrive, anyone can design and operate his cloud server in a safe and secure environment. For personal purposes, BarracudaDrive is available for free to use and includes support for almost all common operating systems and platforms.

#10 ZFSguru


ZFSguru is a perfect solution if you have to manage a large number of data. It is a server that will allow you to manage all of your data. ZFSguru is the name of a multifunctional server appliance whose main focus in on the storage management system.

The user-friendly interface of the ZFSguru allows users to navigate from one area to another without any restriction. Moreover, it is a web-based storage management system that requires no downloading and installation and provides the ultimate storage solution to the users in the cloud.

#11 Openfiler


Openfiler is the name of the open-source storage management system that is best known for its unified storage system. |t comes with lots of new NAS features in shape of CIFS/NFS/HTTP, SAN, iSCSI/FC, high availability, failover, block replication LAN & WAN, new web-based management system, cost-free storage capacity expansion and much more.

It is such a kind of operating system that delivers the users with the system of a file-based network system for attached storage and blocked based storage area network as well. These systems of Openfiler make it one of the best online storage based management system.

#12 TrueNAS


TrueNAS is the provider of open source and flexible CIFS, NFS for file storage, SMB, and iSCSI for block storage. It is the networking management solution for almost all types of common operating systems. TrueNAS is based on the system of FreeNAS and is said to be the commercial version of FreeNAS.

Being the most popular storage on the world of the internet, TrueNAS is the solution for the performance of flash at the cost of disk, file & block support, high availability, simple management system and user-friendly, and much more.

#13 Windows Home Server


Windows Home Server is a home server operating system based on Windows Server 2003 R2. Its primary purpose is to provide the solutions of connected PCs in the home system environment for an automated backup system, file sharing system, remote access, and print server.

Windows Home Server is the best way to interconnect the PCs in the home system environment. The solution’s code-named Quattro is a home server operating system from Microsoft that comes to be a solution for homes with multiple connected PCs to allow file sharing, automated backups, remote access, and print server.

#14 Amahi


Amahi is the solution for making home networking simple and easy to use. It is the pack of various services and functions in the shape of media, home, and app server software. The user-friendly interface system of Amahi provides the users with the operation of the best media storage systems, backup system, web applications for the small and medium-sized networks.

Amahi is the leading replacement of most of the NASs and provides a peculiar group, and if the home server is all that you need, this might be the perfect option for you. The significant advantage is that all your data will be restored to a core computer, and from there, it can easily be shared with other systems.

#15 Rockstor


Rockstor is the name of a personal and open-source NAS cloud storage system that delivers the willing users with the system of open source and intelligent NAS solution. It is a private cloud server system that is based CentOS and provides the best features at an affordable price.

Rockstor makes it easy for its users to easily store their files in their own created NAS cloud storage system and access these from any part of the world anytime. It is a way to protect your data in a safe and secure environment. Rockstor makes it possible for its users by using its best services to build and manage their BTRFS and Linux powered advanced NAS and cloud storage quickly and.

#16 OpenMediaVault


OpenMediaVault is a free next-generation network attached storage solution based on Debian Linux. It is a comprehensive solution and contains services like SSH, FTP, SMB, CIFS, DAAP media server, BitTorrent client, and many more. It is specially designed to be used in small offices but is not limited to those scenarios.

The platform is quite simple and easy to use, which allows everyone to install and administrate a NAS (network-attached storage) without deeper knowledge. The software is available to use on multiple versions, and each new version of the software offers lots of new features and tools.

FreeNAS Reviews

Charlie Amy
written on July 9, 2020

I don’t own a business server or a home server because my data files are not so large and I only run a small business. I still required an open-source software that fulfills my needs and FreeNAS did it. It has simplified administrative tasks that allow me to share files on cross-platforms. Its features are endless, and the function is so much easy to use. If you want help, the support team will provide you with online assist that guides you in every step or just to set up the software.

Terry Fields
written on June 25, 2020

Since my friend was a victim of a scam that hacked all his business files and some personal documents too, I suddenly switched to FreeNAS, and it has been working so well for me. From file sharing to downloading encrypted files the software has given so much. I faced a problem when I lost my login and access to the web server too, I contacted the team, and I was surprised that they work so hard and in such a sophisticated way, they gave me a new login, updated my software and satisfy me every way I recommend this platform for all your needs.

written on March 5, 2020

FreeNAS, being considered as the most famous storage on the globe of internet, assists me in accessing some desired databases and some other content. Such an excellent place serves as the best solution for the performance of flash at the cost of file and block support. FreeNAS incorporates a large number of systems such as advanced and superior levels of data protection systems, user-friendly management systems and intelligent duplication and compression systems, etc.

written on February 5, 2020

FreeNAS is a more unusual option for large number of enterprises which require to create essential centralized database for accessing and sharing the data with others. Such system incorporates OpenZFS and FreeBSD file system to provide several excellent solutions to different issues. FreeNAS is capable of delivering different networking management solutions for large number of standard operating systems.

written on January 30, 2020

It is a free and open-source application network-attached storage system, which is a top choice of its users. I can post multiple content across numerous platforms, including Apple, and Linux. FreeNAS is a feasible option for me if I decide to choose the OS to get my network-attached storage up and even run smoothly. FreeNAS provides a large variety of protocols and services to all users by incorporating best file-sharing system.

Aron Roy
written on January 24, 2020

Using the home-based server for a long time, and it has not disturbed me since, and I can easily share my data on the server, and it has saved, secured, assessable web-based platform. The company is like a home to me, and they do not treat me as a customer but as a part of their team. I was afraid to share files from my Windows platform to a MAC system, and I was worried about the connectivity, but I did it anyway, and surprisingly it went so smoothly like I was sharing the data among the same platform. I honestly recommend FreeNAS if you want your data to be secured and accessible.

written on September 25, 2019

An excellent and free program that is useful for various purposes to assist me in different ways, such as share a necessary file, make some critical replications, snapshots, plugins, etc. FreeNAS is a system just like a virtual system that gets installed easily on any hardware system. Such an arrangement enables all its users to enjoy lots of essential features of posting massive data over a different network.

written on September 24, 2019

FreeNAS is the best-unified storage system which comprises of an excellent combination of flexibility and power to provide its exceptional services for all its users. One of the advanced modular system which offers some best solutions to different serious problems I faced earlier. If someone desires to have an excellent source of delivering high availability of content and high performance, then FreeNAS is the best option for him.