FTPDrive Alternatives for iOS

#1 CrushFTP


CrushFTP is a reputable proprietary multi-protocol and multi-platform file transfer server that is integrated for home users up to enterprise users. The software makes an easy setup with a secure connection with users and is offering Crush advanced built-in zip method in CrushFTP. The software is facilitating enterprises with the secure Grade file transfer for everyone and is a robust solution that runs on almost everything.

The built-in zip method allows downloading files to be in compressed formats, and zip files can be automatically expanded with zip streaming that enhances the transfer operation of various data. The secure web-based management permits you to manage and monitor the server from anywhere almost from any device. You do not worry about the hacking attempts because the system will automatically ban the IPs. There is a lot to offer with user management such as inheritance, file systems, and groups, and if you want simple user management, then you have to make a folder with the specific name.