Game of War: Fire Age


Game of War: Fire Age Alternatives for Nintendo Switch

#1 Mushroom Wars 2


Mushroom Wars 2 is a Fantasy-based, Adventure, Real-time Strategy, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Zillion Whales. The game takes place in the fictional world of Woodland, where a massive force of Mushroom is facing off a lot of dynamic real-time battles. In the beginning, the player can choose one of many characters with unique powers and abilities to lead the force of mushrooms and command them into the battlefield to defeat opposing forces.

It offers four episodes of story-driven campaigns, and each one contains fifty missions. According to the gameplay, the player can create three different kinds of buildings, villages, and units. The ultimate objective is to establish an army, train, and equip them with weapons to use against other forces and must defeat them to take over the land.


#2 Anthill


Anthill is a Fantasy-based, Strategy, and Single-player video game developed and published by Thumbstar Games LTD. The game is based on the real-time Ants behavior. In this game, the player aims to protect the hill from the different kinds of powerful enemy creatures. There are four different kinds of troops in this game: soldiers, drones, workers, and spatters. Each one has its own abilities. The game offers Tower-Defense gameplay that allows the player to place his troops in the different areas around the hill and attack the enemy creatures. The game offers various missions, and in each one, the player must fight against multiple enemies.

After completing the missions, the game allows the player to unlock more stuff and upgrade his hill. This game also features lots of upgrades, create his own colony, collect bounces, draw pheromone, simple slide interface, enemy bosses, unlock new units, quite impressive gameplay, a well-written storyline, enjoyable background music, and brilliant visual details.