Ghosthunter Alternatives for PS4

#1 Ghostbusters: The Video Game


Ghostbuster The video game is a Role-playing, Horror-themed Action, Single-player, and Multiplayer game developed by Terminal Reality. The game features original characters from the Rookie series. There are four characters to be played. Enjoy fighting with a ghost as you will be directed into a battle taking place, and you need to get over them. Stop the ghosts and giants from destroying the community and finish them to be at peace. Use the powers and abilities of four characters and be done with the ghosts that are against you.

This third-person shooting version is about to outclass you in the world of elves. This Real-time strategy edition also features a high-quality graphical representation and sounds effects with the inclusion of many challenges. Deal with all the levels to finish them, Remove ghosts, and get rewards after each ghost killing. The use of rare weapons and each character is possible in this platform field. All you have to do is control the character you are playing and make strategies while exploring different locations and places.