Gnome Encfs Manager


Gnome Encfs Manager Alternatives for iOS

#1 Zed!


Zed! is an all in one encryption software that allows you to encrypt your sensitive files before sending them to others. The software functioned on the advanced technology, and once you encrypt your files, only authorized recipients will be able to decrypt them via either passwords or certificates. The software elegantly encrypts your e-mail, so they remained secured before sending them to customers or others.

Zed! Handsomely protects your USB devices just by adding a zed file on it that makes your data always remain protected in case of loss or theft of USB devices. You have one or more Zed! Containers to store your encrypted files, and later you can access them via using the password. The software provides you with multi-lingual support and is implementing an AES encryption algorithm that makes sure a high level of security. Furthermore, Zed! Brings the possibility of transporting a whole tree structure, and you have no limitation over the volume.