Godville Alternatives for Mac OS

#1 Digital: A Love Story


Digital: A Love Story is a Text-based, Visual-Novel and Single-player video game by Christine Love. The game tells the story of the protagonist’s online relationship with the females and his attempts to solve the puzzle surrounding the death of the various AI. The game presented as if on a computer from the late 1980’s running the Amie OS (operating system). In this competition, the player can read and reply the different messages from the other people. Text received from the other characters in the game are shown through the different program on the screen. Various types of the message sent by the player and replies cannot effect on the match. These messages that the player sends are never openly revealed through his content can be inferred the player receive answers from the other characters in the match. If the player sends the wrong reply, the game cannot be changed. It is an excellent interactive fiction video game that offers enjoyable gameplay to engage himself deep into the fantastic game world. Digital: A Love Story offers great mechanics, wonderful storyline, and dynamic background music.


#2 Idling to Rule the Gods


Idling to Rule the Gods is a Free to Play, Idle Clicker, and Single-player video game by Shugasu UG. In the year of 9001, humans destroyed all the habitable planets in the known universe. In the last world, they build a space dimension device; with the help of this device, they were able to travel in a different dimension.

In the first habitable planet, they noticed that this world works differently than the known universe ruled by the king. The human tried to fight against the king to rule the universe, but all have died, and only the player could survive. In this game, the ultimate task of the player is to create his clones, train them, learn new skills, and fight against monsters.

#3 Emily Is Away


Emily Is Away is a Text-based, Visual-Novel, Romance, and Single-player video game developed and published by Kyle Seeley. It sets in the early-to-mid 2000s and tells the story of the protagonist’s relationship with a girl named Emily. The story focuses on five years from the senior year of high school to the senior year of college.

It offers utterly text-based gameplay that allows the player to chat with Emily, build strong relations, and complete a series of tasks such as create a user profile and interface, etc. The game offers an utterly real-time conversation experience and allows the player to choose different questions. Emily Is Away includes core features such as a real-time chat option, unlockable new levels, simple controls, and great mechanics.