GoFileRoom Alternatives for iOS

#1 Neat Cloud Service


Neat.com is a simple and easy to use bookkeeping automation solution created for all size of businesses. It is a comprehensive solution that offers almost all the leading services and features, including Cloud Service that is quite impressive. With the help of its cloud service, you can easily access all your images, documents, and files in a highly secure cloud environment that provides direct access through the Neat mobile application or web browser.

It is used by businesses around the world and offers features like connect with accounts, view business insight, unlimited document storage, and much more to make it a one-stop cloud storage solution. Like other similar platforms, Neat Cloud Service also integrates with most of the leading business solutions that save a lot of time and effort.


#2 Microsoft Azure


Microsoft Azure is a cloud-computing platform and services provided by Microsoft. It is best known for being an open-source, flexible, and highly advanced cloud computing platform at the moment available over the internet. It lets its users move faster, save more using IaaS and PaaS technology. Before purchasing the full version, the willing users can use it for a trial period.

The single pack of Microsoft Azure contains the products and services like virtual machines, SQL database, app services, a storage section, multiple cloud services, Azure Cosmos Database, Azure Active Directory, and backup management system. That is probably the main reason behind using this platform that lets the IT developers and professionals easily start building, deploying, and managing applications via its global network of datacenters. With it, they get the freedom to build and deploy wherever they want, just using the tools, applications, and frameworks they like to use.