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Google Earth Alternatives

#1 Earth Pilot


Earth Pilot is a complete application that permits you to see excellent places wherever on Earth, by necessarily indicating an area on the guide. The app can recover noteworthy pictures assumed in the showed position, from committed sites, and empowered you to download them.

Earth Pilot permits you to see any area on the Planet Earth, from the space, down to lanes and structures. The program utilizes the Google Earth Plugin to render the 3D landscapes or to rapidly zoom and container to the coveted area.


#2 Earth 3D for Mac


Earth 3D is a lovely Mac OS X application that gives a 3D Earth intelligent live desktop backdrop and screensaver. The Earth 3D application shows Earth in all its wonder on your desktop. Besides, 3D gives you the feeling that you are a space explorer who looks through the window of an area carry window.

Earth 3D gives an exact proliferation of Earth’s geological components such as seas, mists, mountains, fields, urban areas, streams, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. With Earth 3D, you can investigate the planet from space.

#3 ArcGIS


ArcGIS is a leading mapping and analytics platform designed to help businesses explore information and share location-based insights. The software avails contextual tools for spatial reasoning and mapping industries, developers, and educators worldwide.

It comes with all the premium features that use the Geographical Information system to solve problems. The solution offers a set of capabilities such as 3D GIS, mapping and vitalization, remote sensing, analytics, and data collection and management.


#4 Marble


Regardless of what place on Earth you need to look at, Marble will bail you out with it. The vigorous Google Earth elective has different survey modes, which can be utilized to see the Earth as a 3D globe as well as highlight its geological components, road sees, and even temperature and precipitation information.

This is further improved by data like photographs, constant activity overhauls, and online/disconnected addresses look. Marble is a Flexible, yet simple-to-use app that includes directing and turn-by-turn route (both online and offline) highlights.

#5 MapInfo Pro


MapInfo Pro is a platform that enables businesses to visualize the relationship between their data and geography through the angle of location. The platform allows the users to identify people, places, and patterns of interests and make better decisions through it. The software helps the businesses to explore and act with confidence in asset management, and site selection.

The platform helps businesses to create a model according to their business need, which can guide them in taking the right actions. It aids the companies in preparing data for web mapping applications and helps in creating a map that contains data analysis and visual insights.



QGIS is a platform that is used for viewing, analyzing, and editing geospatial data. You can use this software for free. By working with this software, you can handle various functionalities and formats of the databases. By using QGIS, you can use raster data, overlay vector, and can also view the data in a variety of formats.

This platform also features the operations of editing, creating, managing and exporting vectors, raster layers, and data in many formats. It is very straightforward to use this platform because of the simple GUI. You can also explore data and compose maps through this platform. You can use the extensible plugin libraries and architectures to leverage the software according to your requirements.

#7 Waze


Waze Navigation and Live Traffic is a free mobile application that helps you know what’s happening on the road. Even if you know your way, it will tell you instantly about traffic, constriction, polices, crashes and all the other related things.

If the traffic is terrible, this powerful application will change your way of saving you time. Waze is an alternative app to Google Earth and offers all the vital services that make it better than others. With this app, you can also find your place, measure distance, and deliver the exact way that wants.

#8 FlashEarth


These days, various tools can give satellite symbolism free, permitting the clients to see any edge of the world straight from their web program. FlashEarth is an advanced level solution that allows you to explore the whole world right into your web browser.

It is an excellent solution and comes with all the leading tools and features. With the help of this, you can get complete access to the vast majority of the mapping devices made by the product organizations. As of now, we can discuss Google Maps, Virtual Earth, Yahoo Maps, and the mapping arrangement, the vast majority of them giving the same components.

#9 GeoServer


GeoServer is a java-based mapping software that enables users to edit geospatial data and view it. The platform is designed for interoperability and can publish data from any spatial data sources such as REST, WFS, WMS, etc. It also offers services to those users who want to create highly detailed maps, and users can create maps in various output formats.

The platform is based on the standards set by OGC, which encourages the development of open standards for GIS data processing and sharing. Users can also use various formats while using GeoServer, such as PostGIS, Spatial, MongoDB, etc. Moreover, it comes with a free mapping library, which makes map generation intuitive and fast.

#10 EarthDesk for Mac


EarthDesk gives you various choices for designing the guide pictures put on your desktop. Outline options include: Natural starting point (0N, 0E). It utilizes the same Atlas database innovation as Time Palette, furnishing the application with a point by point land and time zone data for 10,000 urban communities all through the world. The Atlas keeps up far-reaching rules for Daylight Saving Time (Summer Time), giving EarthDesk a level of precision unmatched by different applications.

EarthDesk offers various choices for arranging the guide pictures put on your desktop. Maps can be fixated on a city so that the guide stays stationary while the sun and the moon move. Then again, the guide focus might be bolted to the position of the sun or satellite so that the shadow stays settled, while the guide moves.

#11 EarthBrowser


EarthBrowser is a three-dimensional model of the earth with always upgrading live data. Investigating the Earth is fun and simple to a point and snap interface that gives you a chance to turn and zoom to any covered area. Its dynamic nature makes it a data asset that is always valuable and intriguing.

For them, the solution is the ideal, as it will offer everyone to use the data of what happens to the world in angles like the climate, climate figures, quakes, volcanoes, webcams, and so on.

#12 MapSphere


The app brandishes a genuinely intuitive and straightforward to utilize graphical interface with numerous instruments and components within reach. You can make some broad settings to the application and pick from the metric or magnificent frameworks for separation. You can likewise pick estimation units for directions, and it gives you a chance to confirm some online security settings and is accessible in different dialects.

The program can demonstrate your present position and record your tracks, given that you utilize a GPS beneficiary. MapSphere app helps you to impart your outing to others fastly and in practically robotized mode. It doesn’t contain any maps. However, it associates with open wellsprings of mapping information, for example, OpenStreetMap and Microsoft Research Maps.

#13 Google Earth Pro


Google Earth Pro allows you to fly anywhere around the earth to view satellite imagery, maps, 3D building, and terrain, from galaxies in outer space to the canyons of the ocean. It is an enhanced and pro version of Google Earth that introduces lots of new features that make it more interesting.

With the help of this platform, you can explore rich geographical content, save places, and share it with others. Google Earth Pro enables you to see global changes with decades of historical imagery if you have ever wondered how your neighborhood has changed throughout time.

#14 NASA World Wind


NASA World Wind permits any user to enjoy the complete and in-depth detail of any part of the earth with precise results using Landsat symbolism and SRTM information to experience Earth in an outwardly beautiful 3D environment. Besides this, there is another extra added feature to rearrange the menu according to your ease. A simple mouse click ou will visualize a detailed image of any particular location without any limitation to zoom in.

The more you zoom down to a specific place, the more names of urban communities and noteworthy areas appear. The main drawback of this application is that it requires a ton of RAM to work efficiently, and if various projects are running on the PC, slacks and even crashes may occur. With everything taken into account, NASA World Wind is a fun application.

Google Earth Reviews

Will Ben
written on July 14, 2020

Google is the world’s biggest search engine, where it gives you the result in nanoseconds. It has also released an application where you can find your home and map your area. I used it for fun, and now I am using it for information. I cannot stop praising this platform because it is innovative, attractive, and intuitive. Google allows the user to make changes and contribute to the platform. You can add your data by using keyhole markup language and upload them to several sources.

written on June 28, 2020

So, when I first log in to Google Earth, the features were so amazing that I use it to find my home, just for the sake of fun. Besides giving a remarkable interface, the application also provides you with measuring distance and area right on the platform, and you can know the distance between Times Square and Central Park. Locating a place is now so much easy and fun that it does not take much time to find the location after you put in the coordinates. In my case, this is the topmost used platform in the category of maps.

Ivan T.
written on May 31, 2020

Irrespective of the interface, the application works so fine, and it is so amazing that you are hooked to it at first sight. The layout is smart, and you can easily navigate the whole website because this feature is only given for the web-based platform. It not only shows the map but also allows you to measure distance and area, which is the brand new features. Google updates all the features yearly with the new technology. I am amazed to see it, and I have been using it to measure land across Europe. I am a travel blogger, and that’s what I do.

Quinten T.
written on May 4, 2020

After a successful launch on the web platform, they also turn their functionalities and features to mobile devices where you can access Google Earth anywhere, anytime you want. I am really in love with the interface because it is intuitive, as well as it is guiding. There is a list of features that give you detail on every small aspect, and it made you feel like that the world is a global village, and everything is reachable. Zooming feature, 360 perspective, satellite view, co-ordinate matching, 3D Globe, whatever you can think of this site already has it. If you have used it before, I recommend you try now, and you will find it amazing and informative.