Google Trips

Google Trips is an excellent tool developed by Google for those people who want to explore the beauty of the world. Google Trips is an app that helps you explore the world or organize your essential information in one place. The app lets you grab activity suggestions, customizable day plans, and a simple travel reservation system.

It offered a unique automatic trip organization system from your Gmail account and organized into the individual trips. Each trip contains day plans, food, drinks, and all the other thing to do.

With the help of this app, you can also see your flight, hotel, car, and restaurant booking without having to search for them individually. It contains hundreds of thousands of world’s top destinations and allows its users to add new locations to fulfill your requirements.

The app brings nearby attractions, offline access, things to do, manage or organize plans, bundled reservations, and much more. Google Trips is an excellent platform that easily manages your travel plan.


Google Trips Alternatives

#1 Hopper


Hopper is an Award-Winning Mobile app that lets you book flights from your phones and manage your travel plan. It is an excellent app that acts as the future of airfare. You can book and watch your next flight and get a notification as soon as the price drops to its lowest point.

The best thing about this app is that it offers up to 40% off on all domestic and international flights. The user saves, on average, $50 per flight by using Hopper. No ads, No spam, No popups, and no time wasted, you can book the best flight and save money having it.

It also offers a comparing system that allows you to compare prices and amenities around 50+ airlines overs the world, including all the low-cost airlines.

Hoppe app also offers lots of great things such as find cheapest travel dates, get smart travel trips, use a filter to get custom predictions, receive personalized recommendations, manage your travel plans, and get an overview, etc. Hopper is an official travel app, which means there are real humans behind Hopper that help you with your booking.


#2 Tripcase


Tripcase is a fine app that organizes all your trips details and travel plans. It lets you manage hotel booking, flight itineraries, and rental car reservations in one app. With this app, you can also get airport terminal and gate information, receive notification, and track the status of your flights.

Before your trip, you can add reservation details to your account so you can easily access your itinerary form anytime, anywhere, and also can share your tripe with others. It has more than 30 million users around the world who are using the Tripcase service to explore their favorite destinations.

The app carries some exclusive features that include offline map, 24/7 customer service, search alternative flights, hot deals, customize your plan, add new locations, and free cancellation service. Tripcase is an amazing tool for you if you want to explore the best destinations in the world.

#3 Airbnb


Airbnb is an American app for people who want to list, discover, and book unique accommodations from around the world. It has more than 2 million places in up to 30 thousand different cities which help the people to stay at their favorite places in economical price.

With the help of this app, you can find travel adventure and discover new places to go far away and easily access vacation home rental, hotels, and places to visit all over the world. It one of the best apps for both travelers as well as hosts.

The best thing about Airbnb app is that it provides an advanced search option where you can find locations by price, neighborhood, amenities, and more. You can also discover the best places in your local cities without any prior efforts.

People can text each other, provide their itinerary, and confirm their travel plans through the Airbnb app, and enjoy different types of accommodations such as luxury villas, apartments, and flats. It offers a huge range of options in more than 190 different countries.

It also brings lots of unique tools that help users to set their journey and share it with others. Airbnb includes hundreds of prominent features that attract more audiences around the world. If you are looking for an amazing travel asistance, then Airbnb is a wonderful option for renters and travelers.


#4 Agoda


Agoda is a fine mobile app that is specially made for finding and booking the best deals on any accommodation anywhere around the world. It offers travelers a fast and easy way to book hundreds of thousands of properties in almost every country on earth.

It is available in 38 different languages and allows the users to discover more than 1400,000 hotels, villas, every kind of a vacation rental in your language. It offers useful search filters, maps view, hi-res images, local information, and more than 15 million verified travelers reviews.

This feature helps users to find the best accommodation regarding your adventure and budget. Agoda app saves your voucher, details, and maps right on your mobile for easy check-in.

With the help of this app, you can create and manage your booking anytime, anywhere in the world. Agoda has live agents who are active 24/7 in different languages to make sure adventure is as smooth and cost-efficient. Agoda is an excellent tool for you if you want to have the best travel service.

#5 Hipmunk Hotels & Flights


Hipmunk Hotels & Flight is another Travel Application that offers the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to plan travel. It provides the most comprehensive travel search from commercial flights, trains, and charter flights to hotels and local vacation rentals.

This application will help you to save time and money by comparing the top travel sites to show the best flight or hotel at the lowest price. It has more than two million hotels and rental properties on all the top destinations, including New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Boston, and Denver, etc.

With the help of this application, you can also save up to 60% off the hotel with new Tonight Deals. Unlike the other travel applications, it doesn’t just show you the cheapest flight first, Hipmunk Hotels & Flights app sorts by agony instead, which incorporates essential factors like flight duration, several layovers, and price.

The great thing about this application is that it allows its users to see images and read the description of your destination before book your travel. Fast and comfortable flight and hotel booking, hot deals, lowest price on airfare, the unique layout, and offline maps are the best services of Hipmunk Hotels & Flights.

#6 KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars


KAYAK is one of the most reasonable apps for you if you are having big travel dreams but can’t decide locations. Here is the best app for you that allows you to explore the world’s best destinations list where you can want to travel. KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars is a Fare Aggregator and Travel Metasearch Application that offers hundreds of travel sites at once.

This app is specially made for those people who want to explore the beauty of the world and discover new things. With the help of this platform, you can book all the perfect flights, hotels, rental cars, and all the private deals.

KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars lets you organize all your travel plans in one place, including offline maps, flight updates, and security wait times, etc. It also allows their users to create your plans with KAYAK and have an exciting experience at a low price.

The app also works as a personal travel assistant that organizes and manages your travel plans. KAYAK Flights, Hotels, and Cars app also offers key features such as stay up to date, find locations, share travel plans with others, countdown timers secure payment method, and much more. KAYAK Flights, Hotels, and Cars app also contains hundreds of deals, advanced tools, and helpful travel tips, etc.


1 is a megnificent tool for booking hotel rooms and managing your stuff regarding your journeys. It is available in more than 34 different languages and lists up to 325000 hotels in 19000 locations around the world, including London, New York, Singapore, and Cork, etc.

It brings one of the simple, fast, and secure ways to book your favorite destination. This app offers hundreds of advanced features that you can never see in other similar apps such as exclusive deals, discover all the options around you, save favorite hotels, discover new locations, promo codes, rewards, and much more.

It offers a simple and fast interface after installing the app you need to sign up with a verified email address and all the required information such as full name, address, photo, and credit card numbers, etc.

After sign in once, the app will keep you logged in every time so you can discover and view your bookings straight away. On this platform, you can also see past, current, and future hotel bookings anytime, anywhere.

#8 Hotels & Vacation Rentals

1 Hotels & Vacation Rentals is the highest-rated travel application where thousands of people find hotels, motel, and exciting travel deals. With the help of this application, you can find a stay for any trip, vacation, or weekend getaways anywhere across the world.

It has more than 1534024 properties in more than 226 countries and books up to 1200000 room nights per day. You can book last minute hotels, motel, vacation rental, and all the other things that complete your trip.

The ultimate mission of this platform is to empower people to experience the world. Hotels and Vacation Rental only connect visitors with the world’s best and largest selection of incredible places to stay, such as an apartment, vacation homes, and luxury houses.

It also offers lots of tools where you can create and manage your travel plans. It also provides essential features that make your trip more enjoyable. If you love to explore the beauty of the world, then helps you in plenty of aspects regarding your journey and the rest.

#9 TripIt


TripIt is an online platform that organizes all your travel plans in one place, specially made for those people who love traveling and want to explore the beauty of the world. You need to forward all your hotel, flights, and restaurant confirmation emails to TripIt mailbox, and the application automatically transforms your emails into the master itinerary for every trip, so all your plans are in one place.

After the confirmation, you can also make changes or edit your plans with ease. It does not just organize your travel plans, but also helps you during the travel such as recommended the nearby place, find the location, and the like.

Trip It app also offers lots of prominent features such as sync your travel plans with your calendar, receive real-time flight alerts, get fare refund notifications, share your plans with others, and enjoy exciting deals, etc.

The pro version of this app lets you find more options, such as hotel accommodations of your choice, ads-free atmosphere, and more. It has millions of users around the world who can use TripIt to enjoy the best traveling experience.

#10 WorldMate


WorldMate is an amazing online platform that helps you organize and manage your travel plan. It is available to use on all iOS, Android, and Window Phone platforms. To make the service reliable, it offers brand new and intuitive travel tools that provide you with all the answers regarding traveling that you need the most.

This app stores all the vital information that you need to manage, plan and organize your trips. The app helps users in grabbing real-time flight details, sharing trip details, mobile notifications, maps, and navigation, etc. With this tool, you can also create and manage your travel plan across the world and discover new locations with your friends or family members.

World Mate is similar to other travel apps and offers lots of common services, including offline maps, create and share plans, discover new locations, find nearby places, and much more. WorldMate is also best for business travel and helps you manage things in the best possible way.

#11 Tripwolf


Tripwolf is one of the most popular travel guides that offer more than 600 travel guides with premium content from Fodor’s Travel and MARCO POLO, including a trip planner and offline maps. After downloading the Tripwolf app, you can use texts, images, and maps feature offline.

One of the best things about this app is that it contains multiple images and descriptions of each destination that allows the users to preview all the destinations before finalizing their trip.

Just like the other similar apps, it also offers an advanced journey planner that discovers new locations and helps users to create and manage their trip plans. To make the service better, the team of Tripwolf is always busy to deliver something new that makes your trip more effortless and interesting.

This app is available in multiple languages such as English, Chinese, Spanish, French, and Italian, etc. Trip Wolf app also offers multiple deals on your favorite destination, cheapest city tours, budget hotels, and free tour tickets, and much more.

#12 Kayak


Kayak is a web-based platform that helps people experience the world by creating their favorite travel tools. It is one of the best alternatives to and offers all similar services with some new features that make it better than others. With every query, the platform searches other portals to show travelers the information they need to find the right flights, rentals cars, hotels, and all other similar things.

The site has a large team of professionals who always busy delivering you the best traveling experience without any additional fee. Just like the other similar sites, it also has lots of tools and services that help you to explore new areas, compare prices, locations, and much more.

To enjoy its service, you need to sign up via verified email address, full name, contact number, and all the other required things. After complete the registration, you can easily access all features without any limitations. The most prominent features of the platform are that multiple packages, a massive range of hotels, cars, offers almost all the tops destinations, and much more.

#13 Skiplagged


Find flights and hotels at an affordable price. Skiplagged – Exclusive Flights and Hotels is a free to use travel and local app that saves hundreds of dollars. With the help of this app, you can find extraordinary travel deals, set alerts, and uncover great hotel rates. It lets you explore the lowest-priced travel dates and see fare change for flights.

The application is specially designed for those who want to list, discover, and book accommodations around the world. It has more than a million places in up to 20 different cities that help people to stay at their favorite place in economical price.

Skiplagged comes as an alternative to Airbnb and offers all the similar services with some new features and tools. With this travel app, you can easily find travel adventure and find new places to go far away and access vacation hotels and places visit all over the world.

Unlike most of the similar platforms, the Skip Lagged app also has an advanced search box where you can find locations by amenities, prices, and more. Through this, you can also discover the place in your local city. Skiplagged – Exclusive Flights and Hotels also has a list of core features that make it more interesting for adventurers.

#14 Alpaca My Bags


Alpaca My Bags is an online website that helps people to find the weekend getaway and plan their weekend for vacations. The platform offers links to users related to booking flights, rental details of hotels, and exclusive travel details. It allows users to view all the deals and destinations provided by the software.

The platform uploads brand new getaways every Sunday, and users can book flights and those destinations eight weeks in advance. However, the deals displayed by the platform only shows the current week’s opening. Moreover, it adds new places throughout the week, and users can follow the platform on social media for more updates.

Alpaca My Bags search the web for cheap flights and awesome places to stay for the users. The platform allows search for the things they can do for fun in those places. Lastly, it compiles everything into an affordable weekend getaway for the users.

#15 TravelNET


TravelNET is travel services providing the platform that comes with the network of travel experts that focus on custom travel plaining and niche travel experience. The software provides easy access to the travel teams that make knowledge-based decisions and streamlines your vacation planning process. TravelNet has all the necessary tools that assure you of the best services for your valuable money.

The platform brings you an opportunity to travel to your wish-list destinations and takes off all the headaches for the perfect travel plan. The web-based software takes all the information from you and sends it to the experts that have all the knowledge of traveling no matter how complicated your journey is. TraveNET provides you an option to make your custom travel franchise with all the tools that you need for perfect brand making. The software is also offering you the host agency service from the bottom of Format that can lift your travel business.

#16 Maptive


Maptive is mapping software that allows users to create a web-based map and also to view spreadsheet data on a map. The software allows the user to sign up, load the location-based data, and customize the map the way they like. It also enables users to create heat maps for determining changing trends in a specific location.

The skill level is not a problem while using this software as it has an easy-to-learn map creator and simple to use. The software provides its users with all kinds of customization tools to create the required maps and also enables them to edit other maps. Sharing the map privately or publishing it on a public platform and even get the map printed are some of the amazing features offered by Maptive.

The software allows the sales department to set their territories according to their team members and helps in optimizing the travel routes. Maptive, however, has a free trial, but the software works better in a paid version.

#17 Ameego


Ameego is a scheduling services provider that combines advanced tools with the data pulled right from the point-of-sale. The platform provides robust ways to plan tasks to bring more productivity to restaurants or offices while saving your time in the same line. Ameego is facilitating you to integrate the software with the POS system in a matter of no time, and you will make more informed decisions with the historical data.

The platform provides features for everyone: presidents, owners, managers, and staff. There are multiple features provided by Ameego that include automated POS, ease of anywhere use, online manager log notes, detailed and mechanized reporting, online shift shop, labor forecasting, and more to add. Ameego has the perfect approach to providing rich customer experience and has advanced support for the nifty task completion. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that Ameego is a money-saving option for you and helps you to enhance your revenue courtesy of a sustainable point-of-sale system.

#18 Goibibo


Goibibo is the Largest Online Hotels Booking app by ibiboGroup Inc. that offers the most trusted and reliable user experience. With the help of this app, you can easily book hotels, flight tickets, bus booking, and outstation cab that makes your trip more interesting and enjoyable.

You can easily search and book all the domestic as well as international flights and enjoy hundreds of exclusive deals. It lets you discover new locations, explore all the popular destinations, and track your flight status within the app.

To use the Goibibo service, you need to download the app, sign up with a verified email address, and place all required information. After sign in, send all the confirmation emails to enjoy the complete service.

One of the most exciting things about this application is that it allows the users to reserve their hotel at $0 and pay for the rent once they checked in there. Goibibo app also allows you to get free cancellation and exclusive last minute deals for same day booking. Goibibo is one of the best and most trustable applications as compared to others.

#19 MakeMyTrip


MakeMyTrip is a leading Online Travel Application that provides multiple services such as flight tickets, domestic and international holiday packages, reservations, bus and train tickets, etc. It has more than 10 million users around the world who enjoy exclusive discounts on hotel bookings and all the other services.

It offers a more than 45% discount on each online booking. MakeMyTrip also offers prominent features such as cheapest flight tickets, hundreds of hot deals, featured international airlines, accessible to the user interface, fast browsing, Tripadvisor rating, and reviews, last-minute booking, and much more.

Just like the other similar apps, it also offers an offline map system that will help the users to discover their favorite place in all over the world. Compared to others, it provides Fast, Safe, and Secure payment service with the help of PCI DSS. MakeMyTrip is a beautiful application that manages your holiday without any hassles.

#20 Pegipegi Hotel Train Flight


Pegipegi Hotel Train Flight is an amazing app that offers a massive range of booking options for both flights and accommodations. It is owned by and specially made for those who want to explore the world. You can enjoy easy access to Hotel Booking, Flight Tickets, and the reservation of Train Tickets right through the palm of your hand.

It does not only allow you to plan your travel fasters easier, but it can also help you reduce your expenses with unique programs. The best thing about this application is that it directly connects the users with more than 7000 hotels in Indonesia.

It also offers last minute booking feature that allows the users to book their flights or hotels on the same day. Pegipegi Hotel Train Flight has more than 20000 flight routes every day for both domestic and international flights.

There are multiple other features within the app that can be helpful such as rating and reviews, a map view, compare online prices, best price guarantee, regular deals, 24/7 customer services, and much more. Pegipegi Hotel Train Flight also offers simple and easiest transaction experience with several payment options such as ATM, Credit Card, and Internet Banking, etc.

#21 Traveloka


Traveloka is an amazing mobile app that helps people to get the best bookings on flights and hotels. This app is available for both iOS and Android devices and offers many attractive deals that make your travel more economical and more enjoyable.

With the help of this platform, you can easily create your travel plan book flights, hotels, and vacation rental around the world. Some most popular destinations include Singapore, Thailand, New York, and various others. It has more than 12 million users around the world who are enjoying a valuable experience with the free Traveloka app.

It offers the cheapest flights and the lowest hotel rooms without any booking fees and hidden charges. Just like it served, it also offers a simple and user-friendly interface. You need to place your information just one time.

It also offers lots of prominent features such as hot deals, simple and fast booking service, saves up to 40% on every international travel, offline maps, travel magazine, and much more. Traveloka is one of the best apps that manage your complete trip right over your cell phones and tablets.

#22 Holidayguru


Holidayguru is a classy travel app that helps you save your time and money when it comes to booking your holidays. It has millions of users around the world who are using the app and having the best travel experience with beat holiday deals.

Holidayguru app also helps those people who have a travel dream but cannot decide locations that lie in their budget. It allows its users to explore a list of destinations to create their travel plans.

One of the best things about this application is that it has a large travel magazine where thousands of tops destination are listed with real images and a brief description that helps the users to the best destination to make their plans more memorable.

It also offers prominent features such as display all travel deals and with the option to book directly, a large community with loads of tips and tricks, share your plans via email, Twitter and Facebook, research deals, discover a new destination, and available in multiple languages, etc.

To use the service, you need to register yourself with a verified email address and other important information. Holidayguru saves all your activities and allows the users to see your past, present, and future bookings.

#23 Trivago


Trivago is one of the best apps that searches the perfect hotel for your vacation deals at the low prices available on both iOS and Android platforms. This app helps you to save money with thousands of cheap hotels, compare prices, and store your upcoming trips with ease. It offers a simple and beautiful user interface that makes this app perfect for every user.

In addition to the hotel search feature, the Trivago app provides interactive maps and display accommodations in proximity to the user’s current location. It has millions of hotels in more than 190 popular countries such as Dubai, Las Vegas, San Francisco, London, Paris and Chicago, New York, and more.

First, you need to sign up using a valid email address, place all the required information, search, and book your favorite hotel on your favorite destination. Trivago app also offers lots of hot travel deals that attract an audience around the world. It is one of the best application for all the people who love traveling.