Graduation Alternatives for Nintendo Switch

#1 Hero Must Die. Again


Hero Must Die. Again is an Action, Side-scroll, and Single-player Side-scrolling video game developed by Pyramid for Multiple Platforms. The game introduces a turn-based system, pitting players against each other to be the last standing one to win. Vicious monsters await you to kill, and you have limited time to defeat all of them to proceed with the storyline.

The beautiful world contains a series of areas, where you control a character from a side-scroll perspective and attack enemies using your powers. Both male and female characters are there with varied attributes and abilities. The primary character is a hero who embarks on a journey to battle against a demon to rescue the world. As the game starts, the last memory you remember was an epic battle against enemies. However, you seem to have died and now can’t remember the female character, for whom you went to battle enemies alone.