Grammarly is one of the best web-based and plugin based writing enhancement tools to increase the level of professionalism in writing. It provides grammar, spell, and vocabulary checking systems in two methods. First, one is the online system of Grammarly that requires users to paste or type their text in the dialog box and get their document checked for grammar mistakes, spelling errors, and vocabulary checking as well.

The other system of Grammarly is available in the format of ad-on for Microsoft Word that allows the users to get their documents check step by step as the users are typing their reports. They can get possible errors on the right side of the Word. The add-on of Grammarly for MS Word works like the own grammar and spell checker of the MS Word.

Moreover, Grammarly will not replace its grammar and spell checker of the MS Word. Most of the features of Grammarly are available for free. However, to enjoy the advanced level of grammar checking and even plagiarism, users are required to go for the premium version of Grammarly to enjoy the ultra-fast and modern features.


Grammarly Alternatives

#1 Slick Write


Slick Write is a highly professional level of web-based proofreading tool mainly designed for those users who want to get their documents checked before final submission. Slick Write is backed by the advanced technologies that make it possible for users to quickly get their documents scanned and checked against the potential errors in shape of grammar, potential style mistakes, spelling errors, and various other features of interest.

Just submit your work to the Slick Write and get analyzes of your document in real-time. The best about Slick Write is that even though it is an online platform for proofreading, still it offers customizable features and configurable settings to the users.

Users of Slick Write offers a default checking system that can design the checking module for their documents at their own by manipulating with the basic settings, language settings, paper type, language settings, sentence structure, style setting, and various others. This is the way of working of Slick Write to provide its users with the best possible options to get their paper rated with the maximum possibilities.


#2 1Checker


1Checker is a premium proofreader that provides the ideal solution for proofreading by offering the options in shape of grammar check, spell check, dictionary level, vocabulary level, style review, translation, and many more. In short, several possibilities for checking the paper are high in the 1Checker that make it sure for users they get the best-proofread in return.

It is advised to you never forward your document or paper to someone unless you have got it to proofread either by yourself or by using any proofreading platform. 1Checker is such a type of proofreading platform that mechanically utilizes the human checking system.

The main advantages of using 1Checker are the surety for a certain level of proofreading, it is entirely free and avoid embarrassing mistakes and errors. 1Checker is a multiplatform paper rating system that is available in both online and downloadable versions. The downloadable version of 1Checker is possible for the Mac and Windows operating systems. Moreover, its plugin for Outlook and MS Word is also available.

#3 Polish My Writing


Polish My Writing is a free online proofreading service offering a separate module in the Jetpack WordPress Plugin as soon as it is activated, and it is accessible for performing proofreading. It helps in checking grammatical mistakes, typos, and makes suggestions for your writing style. It points out the spelling errors by highlighting them in red color, suggestions for grammar in green color, and blue color is used for style suggestions. In this way, it allows you to differentiate the errors easily.

The main advantages of using Polish My Writing are its three essential tools and functions that are in the shape of contextual spell checking, advanced style checking, and intelligent grammar checking. Polish My Writing employs the advanced level of processing and uses natural language detection technology and provides the best proofreading system to the users. After proofreading the entire document, Polish My Writing offers the users smart suggestions as well.

For personal purposes, Polish My Writing is available for free; however, for commercial purposes, the users are required to pay for the service. The process of using Polish My Writing is straightforward; paste the data in the dialog box of Polish My Writing, and press Check Writing, and get the review against your data.


#4 GrammarCheck


GrammarCheck is an online grammar checker and editor that allow users to write text as a conventional word processor or paste their desired text that they want to get checked for the grammatical errors and mistakes. It is a way to improve the level of your writing before emailing or sharing with others.

The best about GrammarCheck is that to the auto-detection system, and it contains the system for manual detection as well by using which users on their own can catch though and stray words. Learning basic grammar rules in primary school is not enough unless you are capable of using these in a better way.

Sometimes, it becomes a little challenging and even hectic to manually search a lengthy document to find out the possible grammar mistakes and errors. Here comes the need of GrammarCheck that make it easy for users to get their documents automatically checked through the online grammar checking tool of the grammar check.

#5 VirtualWritingTutor


VirtualWritingTutor is a free spell and grammar checker for the students and professional researchers. It is a program mainly designed for the ELS and IELTS students to improve their level of writing by polishing it through the grammar and spell checking system of the VirtualWritingTutor.

It is an online program that detects standard ESL punctuation and spelling mistakes. In addition to providing the system for English spell and grammar checking system, VirtualWritingTutor provides the improvement suggestion as well to improve the level of writing.

The process of using the VirtualWritingTutor is straightforward that requires users to type their text or paste in the box of VirtualWritingTutor and press the Check Grammar. In the same way, users of VirtualWritingTutor can check for spell mistakes as well.

In last, it provides the statistics by giving the number of mistakes and along with reasons and suggestions. So, to get the reviews, correction, suggestion, and feedback at the same time, VirtualWritingTutor is one of the best online paper rater systems.

#6 Gramlee


Gramlee is an online service that offers Copy, Editing, Grammar Check, and Proofreading services. Customers write their content capped at 3000 or less than 3000 words and upload it to the website upon completion. In a few hours, they can check back and receive their edited word for a fair price. The application offers several price plans that depend on your needs.

The process of using its service is quite simple that requires users to copy and paste their desired text in the box of Gramlee. Submit button is required to provide their email address where they want to get their file back after proofreading. It starts with a very basic level, and it is one of the best service providers as compared to the others.

#7 NounPlus


NounPlus is a freemium document checker to get the mistakes corrected in your submitted documents in real-time. It only deals in grammar and spells checking and provides the best proofreading experience to users. The main advantages and benefits of using NounPlus are the level of services that it offers to its users in the shape of grammar check with a full level of confidence, check sentence, grammar corrector, and grammar rule.

The sentence checking system of NounPlus is that makes it sure that different ways are exploring the documents submitted by the users to phrase and the text of the documents.

Just like most of the online grammar checking services, NounPlus also requires users to type their documents or paste the data and get their document checked in real-time. Once you press on the search, you will get two screens that will be divided into two sections first section containing your document and the second one providing the suggestion by NounPlus. The suggestions will be in different colors that show for the error, misspelling, uncertainty, suggestion, conjunction, and undefined.

#8 Scribens


Scribens is a free online grammar checker that corrects almost all kinds of grammar errors, including spelling mistakes, and detect stylistic elements. It is free to use service, and you can enjoy its service on Android and Web Browsers anywhere around the world. The service comes as an alternative to and offers almost all the core services with an interesting interface.

You need to copy and paste the content into its text area. It also supports Word and PDF files, and you can easily import your content files with just a single click. Once your content is uploaded, you need to hit the check button. Within a minute, it will show you all your grammar mistakes that you can correct quickly. Scribens is totally free to use service and support multiple formats.

#9 Pre Post SEO


Pre Post SEO is an online platform that is providing SEO tools for better content writing experience. The software is offering a wide range of tools that, in turn, helping teachers, Webmasters, students, SEO experts, and teachers every month. The multiple tools include grammar checker, image compressor, website SEO checker, article rewriter, backlink checker, paraphrasing tool, word counter, and much more.

The online platform is dispensing rich writing experience for you with mistakes free articles and content. Pre Post SEO is offering website management tools that are image cropper, IP location, HTML and XML beautifier, DNS report, Google index tool, and more to add. The elegant domain tools include Google Ip checker, blog search tool, link extractor, page authority checker, malware checker, Backlinks maker, compare Alexa rank, and many more to add.


0 is an online proofreading service that helps you get your English text checked instantly by a real person before uploading it online. This means that no more of this is waiting for weeks on end while your document is reviewed or hiring a pricey proofreader. has got it all covered. The service works in a way that you have to upload your English text, and will provide you with feedback on your document within two hours. Usually, the submission is being checked after five minutes.

It will then correct the text, taking into account your requirements and, of course, their years of experience in reviewing documents. As a result, you will get either the corrected version or the highlighted text that needs to be corrected as per your choice. The tool is great for article writers, bloggers, teachers, and students. All in all, is a great tool that you can consider among its alternatives.

#11 SpellCheckPlus


SpellCheckPlus is a web-based grammar and spell checker system used to get the rating and grading against any paper and assignment. It is a platform that is used to deal with the lengthy and complicated level of papers and tasks that need careful proofreading before submitting to the desired persons or institutes.

SpellCheckPlus is like a system for getting feedback against your paper in advance and correcting errors before submitting it to the real person or institute. It is a platform providing a spelling and grammar checking system that will assist you in polishing your writing skills and becoming an effective writer. Using SpellCheckPlus is very simple and easy.

Just copy the text that you want to check and type or paste the same in the spell and grammar checker dialog box of the SpellCheckPlus and press the Check This button. After this, it will bring the result of proofreading and will provide the grammar score as well. Summary of possible errors will be displayed and subdivided into mistakes in punctuations, word form, and spelling.

#12 WhiteSmoke


WhiteSmoke is an online grammar and vocabulary checker platform to get the rating and grading against your paper and assignment in advance before submitting it to the other person. When it comes to the lengthy paper or assignment containing dozens of pages and thousands of words, it becomes difficult to read every line.

Here comes the need of the WhiteSmoke that will do the same for you in a highly professional environment by going through the entire document and check for the possible errors and mistakes. From grammar to vocabulary and spell mistakes, WhiteSmoke best in finding the errors and errors in all cases. It even works as a style checker as well.

In short, WhiteSmoke is one of the best platforms to get the grade and rate your paper in advance. The main highlighted features are a system for checking spells/grammar/style & punctuation, availability of a wide range of writing tutorials, and availability of hundreds of letters. It also offers document templates, checking plagiarism to check the authenticity and originality of the content and can be accessed from any web browser without any requirement of add-on or plugin. The premium version of WhiteSmoke offers even more writing solutions to the users.

#13 Proofread Bot


Proofread Bot is a unique level of paper rater based on the system of providing users with the method of online grammar, plagiarisms, spell, and style checking. It is a way to improve your level of written communication by first getting the grade against your document from a professional level of a proofreader.

In addition to available in an online format, Proofread Bot is available in the shape of extensions, plugins for WordPress and Drupal, and add-on for Google Docs and MS Office. The main advantages of using Proofread Bot are that in addition to providing the system for checking the documents against grammatical mistakes, Proofread Bot gives the system for style checking, vocabulary checking, spell checking.

Proofread Bot is among those grammar checkers that provide the system for plagiarism checking as well to ensure that you are sending the paper with original and genuine material to the other one. Once you paste your content in the checker of Proofread Bot, you will get your text for the errors highlighted in red and colors subject to the level of mistakes.

Against each mistake, Proofread Bot provides the reason for the mistake as well. Moreover, Proofread Bot delivers the report in summary format as well in which it tells about the central issue found and then discusses these issues step by step in the shape of providing a table of contents.

#14 Grammarbase


Grammarbase is an online platform for getting more proficient in writing by polishing the writing skills and methodologies. It is a free grammar checker where you can check for grammar errors in your content.

The main advantages of using are that it offers to its users in shape of showing all types of mistakes, fix the errors and formats automatically or at the desired of the users and make the sophisticated level of grammar check to reproduce the error-free and robust content.

The main highlighted features are free for personal use, provide a hundred percent scan against any text without any limit. There is no need to download and install any software and provide in-depth and thorough checks by utilizing its state of the art grammar and paper rating technologies.

The best about Grammarbase is that essential services against grammar checker here is free to be used. Moreover, the spell checker and grammar checker of Grammarbase is a fast and reliable one. In addition to all these features and functions, this platform contains the system of plagiarism checking as well.

#15 Ginger


Ginger is a free grammar and spell checker platform used to describe your writing in the best way by getting it to proofread first and then delivering it to the desired person or institute. By using Ginger, you can check grammar and spell mistakes that you were unable to find after the proofreading again and again.

Ginger is based on the system of the context of complete sentences and employs the latest technology of patent-pending to correct all types of grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes, misused words, unnecessary words, style and format of documents, and much more. Ginger is one of the best available sources on the internet for getting the unmatched accuracy for your paper.

Ginger is an excellent source for improving the quality of the text. The main advantage of using Ginger is that it provides its users with the single click proofreading features so that its users should quickly check for the quality of their paper. In addition to the online version, the downloadable version of Ginger for desktop PC is also available. Most of the features of Ginger are free; however, to access more, you have to go for the premium version of Ginger.

#16 PaperRater


PaperRater is an online proofreading application used to polish your writing skills. It lets beginners and professionals use PaperRater to check grammar and vocabulary mistakes.

The list of available tools is an online proofreading system, vocabulary builder, plagiarism checker, confused word quiz system, and various others. It will make you able to produce high-quality content and come to know about the mistakes you have made in your paper and get the reasons against the correction made by the PaperRater as well.

Using PaperRater is like getting feedback in advance before submitting it to the recipient. The automated proofreading tools of very help full to create a high level of professional content and detect quickly those grammatical and spelling errors that sometimes take too much time when it comes to reading the whole lengthy document.

PaperRater also features the system of a plagiarism checker to make sure you have used the original content in your document. Use the PaperRater and grade your paper in advance and become a better writer. PaperRater also offers users writing suggestions as well.