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GraphLab Create

GraphLab Create is another machine learning platform developed by Turi for data scientists and developers. Its Apple subsidiary provides users with algorithms that allow them to create smart applications in Python. With the help of this powerful solution, users can also have access to advanced toolkits that are geared towards the simple and effective development of applications that allows them to incorporate critical features which are particular to their applications including automation, into their machine learning models… read more

11 GraphLab Create Alternatives & Similar Software


1. Infrrd OCR

Infrrd OCR is a comprehensive data capture tool that utilizes optical character recognition (ORC) technology with proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms in order to capture both simple and complex data from multiple types of documents. These data include the type of expense, merchant name, currency, amount, and date of the transaction. With this solution, users can extract information from complex documents including VAT, GST and Sales Tax. The solution can also perform line item extraction, business name extraction, and automatically classify documents, and receipts according to pre-set categories. Infrared OCR is simple yet powerful AI solution that takes out the pain of capturing data and extracting intelligence from a plethora of documents that delivering you the information you need without having to go over documents one by one manually. The solution basically saves your time and effort, and you never have to worry about accuracy as Infrared OCR uses the latest OCR technologies and their own AI algorithms in order to ensure the precision of every extracted data. Unlike all the other similar AI platforms it also has a list of core features that make it better than others. Try it out; you’ll be amazed at all the thing in this powerful solution.


2. Algorithmia Enterprise

Algorithmia Enterprise is a cloud-based algorithm development platform that helps developers to create, share and build on existing algorithms. The solution allows the use of AI in solutions through REST API such as natural language processing, face censoring in videos and calculating demand prediction in geography. Its artificial intelligence layer specially designed for big and commercial organizations that enable entities to utilize their AI and ML investments to their capability by removing barriers. This enables the platform to provide more security, scalability and discoverability so that users can focus on generating solutions to complicated problems. With this solution, administrative have control over user permissions. This way, only those who have the proper clearance levels can access certain features of the platform. In addition, deploying differing permission sets is a less arduous task since the authorized provider is helped by a custom authoring tool. Algorithmia Enterprise is an advanced solution and contains lots of key features such as versioning, search and categorization functions, customizable security, team monitoring, custom permissions and coding language compatibility etc. It is a commercial platform, and you can access it anywhere around the world.


3. Meya

Meya is a bot platform that is used to design interactive artificial intelligence to be deployed within messaging platforms to build professionalized and one of a kind customer experiences. It is one the best alternative to IBM Watson and offers all the similar services with lots of new features that make it better than others. With this platform, companies can leverage the power of AI and augment the ability of their customer service agents. This way, they do not need to add more agent to their team. Instead, they can deploy bots they assist the agent in providing customer support. Meya is a powerful solution that integrates with numbers of application that extend its usability this enables businesses to utilize the platform where they need it as well as employ it to collect pertinent customer data especially with regards to satisfaction levels. Its Bot Studio is a cloud-based where users can easily design, train and host their bots. Meya AI is a complete solution that also comes with rich advanced features such as cognitive framework, messaging integration, Bot hosting, API, source control and much more. Overall, Meya is an excellent Artificial Intelligence Software that is best for all kinds of businesses.


4. Atomic AI

Atomic AI is content optimization solution that helps marketers measure and create content consistently transform and drive more leads. It uses the combination of machine learning and data analytics that provides actionable insights in order to enhance their content marketing programs. Atomic AI is also known as an intelligent assistant that informs users of topics that are relevant to their audience. Moreover, the solution offer content creators and writers they publish articles and text that are professional and high quality that is because the solution also serves as the smart text editing engine. In order to deliver the complete and more realistic experience, it provides lots of advanced writer tools that help the writer to create content that is readable and of any kind of error. Even it provides feedback as the user types that let them know they can enhance their writing further as they go. It is a complete and reliable solution that contains almost all the major tools and services to deliver complete content optimization solution. Atomic AI core features include live editing feedback, emotion analysis, keyword analysis, automated content calendar, social sharing, readability engine and much more. There are four different price plans; each one has its own cost and key features.


5. BigML

BigML is a leading Machine Learning platform that helps thousands of businesses to make highly automated, data-driven decisions. The platform has the Machine Learning-as-a Service wave of innovation through its consumable, programmable and scalable software solution streamlining the creation and deployment of the smart application powered by state of the art predictive models. The platform feature a wide variety of basic Machine Learning resources that can be composed together in order to solve complex Machine Learning tasks. With the help of this platform, customers can access to those resources via the dashboard that has an intuitive interface or programmatically via its REST API r a multitude of libraries and tools. In addition to commercial activities, the platform is also playing on an active role in the promoting Machine Learning in education over the world through its education program making real BigML’s motto that make it beautifully simple for everyone. It also has lots of key features that make it stronger than others. Try it out.


6. Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein is an Artificial Intelligence designed into the core of the Salesforce platform, where it power the world’s smartest CRM. The solution delivers advanced AI capabilities to sale, service and marketing as well as allow anyone to use click or code to create AI-powered apps which get smarter with every interaction. With this powerful AI solution, admin and developers can easily create customized AI-powered applications with click or coding. Salesforce Einstein artificial solution contains almost all the major tools and services to deliver the complete and realistic experience. Its most prominent features include automatically capture data and add a new one, lead and opportunity, Salesforce inbox, sales analytics, recommendation, vision for social and feed search etc. Overall, Salesforce Einstein is one of the best AI solutions compared to the others.


7. Blue Prism

Blue Prism is a leading Artificial Intelligence software that allows businesses to manage and deploy their digital workforce composed of software robots. These bots are quite flexible, adaptable and dependable on their assigned tasks. With this, redundant tasks are automated and are continuously done by a workforce that does not take a day off. It allows the human labour force to channel their energies toward more complex operational challengers instead. Blue Prism is a user-friendly platform and offer easy to set-up and promises band grade security to enterprises utilizing it. On the top, the solution is a scalable one that matches the place of business as they transform and grow to face their challenges. As compared to all the other similar AI solutions, it is quite advanced and connects enterprise technologies like AI, machines learning and sentiment analysis in order to enable companies to create officious digital business strategies. The solution allow them to deploy their approaches from the secure platform at the fast pace that make their operations agile. Blue Prism also has lots of key features that make it better than others. Try it out; it is best for all size of businesses.


8. Informatica Big Data

Informatica Big Data is an all-in-one AI (artificial intelligence) software that assists the organization in capturing and processing big data in real-time. It is also Kwon as a cloud-ready solution that allows users to manage data assets anywhere and anytime around the world on any device without the restrictions that come with on-premise Hadoop distributions. The solution provides businesses with the means to increase the profitability ty, discover new business opportunities, boost innovation and also deliver the top-notch customer experience. By systematizing their big data management, businesses can quickly gain more value from big data exposing themselves to additional risks. Unlike all the other AI as solutions it also offers real-time processing, organization have access to prebuilt connectors and stream processing capabilities which enable to connection data in any place. On the top of that, the platform can easily maximize the use of IoT streams by combining and analyzing them at once and at scale. Intelligent Data Lake, smart data catalogue, bid da motto a management and data relationship identification these are a key feature of the solution. If you want to boost your business or find more opportunity than to try it out, it is best for everyone.


9. Rainbird

Rainbird is one of the best Artificial Intelligence software that lets organization apply only the best decision-making practices scale. With the help of this software, companies have a smart machine that allows them to produce innovative solutions which have a transformative power for them. By integrating Rainbird into their system, businesses not only have access to topnotch cognitive reasoning they also have the means to satisfy their customer to the utmost their abilities as well as obey with rules enacted by governing bodies and regulators. It is known as a two-part solution that lets users build knowledge maps and run the reasoning engine such as the Rainbird Authoring Platform and the Rainbird Cognitive Reasoning Engine. The former allows developers to easily design the rules that define their models and which machine judgment should be based on. The best thing about this platform is that it equipped with RBLang an intuitive language which users find a gentle learning curve. With this, developers can easily create their models, transfer to the in-line RBLang editor or switch between the two interfaces. Rainbird also includes core features such as visual user interface, one-click publishing, API integration, flexible rule engine and much more. It is a commercial solution and has different price plans; each plan has its own cost and features.


10. LivePerson

LivePerson is known as one of the marketer leaders when it comes to real-time intelligent customer engagement. It starts with the first chat patent, and then the company provides a comprehensive, robust solution to aggregate, control, manage and optimize chat across multiple digital channels. It has more than 18000 users around the world who can use it as a main chat support software. The ultimate objective of this software is to help business create meaningful and relevant connections with their customers. Their investment in real-time metrics, analytics and topnotch platform make this vision possible at scale. From the largest enterprises around the world to small one-person businesses, their program has resulted in better order values reduces support cost as well as increased sales conversation of up to three times than a typical website. LivePerson is also known in the industry as the developer of Live Engage, a most popular messaging platform that enables businesses to talk with their website visitor on website, mobile and social networks real-time. As compared to all the other similar platforms, it offers rich security function that makes it better than others. LivePerson also includes key features such as personalized invitation, geolocation, chat, asynchronous loading and super-fast interaction etc. Overall, it is an excellent Live Chat Software for all kind of businesses.


11. IBM Watson

IBM Watson is an enterprise Artificial Intelligence software that provides organizations with the power they need to accelerate research and discovery, predict disruptions and enrich interactions. It provides enterprises with complete control over what matters to the business and enables them to maintain ownership of their data, intellectual property and insights. This IBM Cloud-based platform also helps organizations make more informed decisions and designed for enterprises from various sectors such as finance, energy, IoT, healthcare, consumer engagement and transportation. IBM Watson is able to consume and comprehend a variety of different type of data that allows businesses to extract insights that are meaningful and actionable. It also offers industry-leading AI workload optimization and is able to comprehend different types of data. The ultimate objective of this platform is to help enterprises better understand their customers and interact with them in a better way. Personalized experience and communication enable businesses to communicate with their employees and customers at a more personal level. It is a world most powerful AI solution that comes with all the major tools and features. It’s most prominent features such as domain-specific research, chatbots, discovery acceleration, interaction enrichment, risk mitigation and discovery news etc. IBM Watson has two different price plans such as Plus and Professional; each one has its own cost and core benefits.

More About GraphLab Create

GraphLab Create is another machine learning platform developed by Turi for data scientists and developers. Its Apple subsidiary provides users with algorithms that allow them to create smart applications in Python. With the help of this powerful solution, users can also have access to advanced toolkits that are geared towards the simple and effective development of applications that allows them to incorporate critical features which are particular to their applications including automation, into their machine learning models. GraphLab Create offers modern machine learning application elements these include deep learning, text analytics, anomaly detection, classification, model optimization, and lots of others that empower developers to create state-of-the-art machine learning programs easily. It feature provides documentation for the use of its API which enables developers to see API usage, gain a deeper understanding of codes that let them focus on the machine learning tasks. GraphLab Create also features simplified development, advanced element, data visualization and more. It has different price plans; each plan has its own price and core benefits.