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GreytHR comes with a collection of wholly built-in modules that permit HR and finance groups to work together seamlessly. Say goodbye to rework, confusion, knowledge duplication and inconsistencies! Put in force greytHR and watch systems automatically fall in place. Hectic, annoying issues simply vanish and the workplace is a fun zone again!… read more

18 greytHR Alternatives & Similar Software


1. Intuit Payroll

Intuit Payroll is the payroll service by the QuickBooks that is known as delivering the accounts and finance management solution for the small and medium size businesses. QuickBooks in its Intuit Payroll system is offering multiple payroll management services in which the most popular are basic payroll, enhanced payroll, full-service payroll, payroll for QuickBooks, payroll for the accountant, household payroll, and some others. All these are designed to enable the business to enjoy the features of easy paychecks, pay by check or direct deposit, free expert support, includes payroll tax forms and a lot of other services. The Intuit Payroll system of QuickBooks will make you able to manage the payroll of your employees in a more advanced way by managing their advanced amount, penalty or fine if any and the total amount payable to them. The best about Intuit Payroll is that it will automatically the payroll expenses in the other finance records of the company. It will ultimately save your time as you will not be required to separately and manually pass the transactions in multiple accounts. The Intuit Payroll NIL offering three payroll services that are Intuit Payroll Basic, Intuit Payroll Enhanced, and Intuit Payroll Full Service. These are available for the semi-annually price of $20, $21.20 and $79 respectively.


2. Sage Payroll

Sage Payroll is the payroll management system by the leading account and finance management system Sage. It is for the large enterprises to manage their payroll and salary systems fully in a more systemized way. The best about Sage Payroll is that it is approved by the HMRC and is fully in compliance with the modern day payroll legislation including automatic enrolment and RTI. If you don’t want to run a custom made payroll system then, Sage Payroll will be a great help for you that will manage the entire payroll system of your company on your behalf. Some of the features and functions of the Sage Payroll are flexible payroll management solution based on the modern day payroll management requirements, keep the data up to data according to the industry legislation requirement, submit the payroll data online to HMRC, keep updated record of the all employees, create payslips and P60 for the employees, affordable monthly payment system and much more. The Sage Payroll is suitable for every type of organization either having fifteen employees or thousands of employees. The payroll management system of Sage Payroll is the expert in dealing with all payroll management challenges and makes the companies able to easily manage employees’ taxable benefits like cars, medical insurance and much more in addition to per month salary. Sage Payroll support for the automatic calculation system so the payroll will be directly submitted to the HMRC.


3. Namely

Namely is basically multifunctional HR software that also provide the solution of payroll and employees’ benefits. By using this payroll management software, you can easily manage the record of your entire workforce. In addition to managing the per month salary, Namely, make the users able to manage the proper record of employees’ benefits as well. BY having this software, the employees can easily manage the record of health insurance, compliance with FSA & HAS system, on-demand car and prescriptions system by way of the mobile app, accident and unexpected lost charging, employees wellness system and much more. In short, the features and functions of Namely are many a time more than a traditional payroll management system. Some of the features and functions of Namely that are directly linked to the payroll management system are unified HR & payroll system at one place, automatic benefits deductions, simple tax filing system, year-end reporting, detailed reporting, seamless time tracking system to track the record any time, ACA reporting system, compliance with local & federal laws and customization system to adjust it according to the companies policies. For its high-end services, Namely is said to be a payroll system that works together with the companies’ benefits and HR data.


4. Payroll by Wave

Payroll by Wave is a payroll management system by the Wave that provides its management solutions to the small businesses only. Just like its other management systems, Payroll by Wave is also for the small businesses only. This accurate payroll system is the full feature set of direct deposit and online setup system. Now more paperwork and manually issuance of cheques are required as Payroll by Wave is capable of automating the entire payroll system of any organization. Some of the advantages of using the payroll management system of the Payroll by Wave are fast & simple setup, streamlines year-end filing system, payroll reminders in the inbox, direct deposit and check printing system, 256 bit SSL encryption for security, automatic backup system, streamless integration with the other functions of the Wave. In short, this payroll management system will make you able to get your payroll system reorganized in a more advanced way. The best about Payroll by Wave are its security and automatic data backup system. The security system is based on the 256-bit SSL encryption that means a strict security. And automatic data backup system means there will be no sudden loss of data at all. For $14 per month, you can get the advanced payroll management system of the Payroll by Wave. All prices of management, setup and online services are included in this fixed price.


5. QTAC Payroll

QTAC Payroll is auto-enrolment based payroll software that will make you able to pay your employees quickly in a simple and easiest way. The ready to use payroll management system of QTAC Payroll will make you able to pay all of your employees with on click. If you have employees that have set salaries and additional pay elements that require no change in any period, then organize the companies into sections and pay that section in one go. The main quality of QTAC Payroll is its user-friendly and straightforward dashboard that will make the process of processing large to small payroll easy for you. Via this, you can be sure your payroll management will be stress-free. The other best thing about QTAC Payroll is its web portal integration system that will make you able to give your employees online access to their payslips and other reports. QTAC Payroll will also make you able to manage auto-enrollment opt-outs/opt-ins and other employees’ data gathering needs. A new feature named email payslips has been now integrated into the QTAC Payroll making you able to email your employees their payslips directly from the software. No more third party applications are required to separately manage all these. The CIS management system of QTAC Payroll will make you able to calculate, verify, manage and submit your CIS employees without the need for additional plugins or software.


6. RTI Payroll software

RTI Payroll software is the name of a fully featured and HMRC PAYE Recognized and RTI compliant payroll software for the small and medium size business only. It is for those people who want to create a paperless environment in their workplace. The best about RTI Payroll software is that it allow the business to file their RTI directly from this software. That is the level of working of RTI Payroll software that is based on the system of providing each and every feature to the users. The simple and straightforward payroll management system of RTI Payroll software will make you able to deliver the best employees payroll solution easily across the entire organization. After using the RTI Payroll software, you will no more be required to manage multiple platforms for multiple purposes. The data input is intuitive and straightforward with mistakes easy to edit. The main Pay Details screen will allow you to see complete year’s pay history at a glance so that you can print payslips and reports for any period at any time. RTI Payroll software is always kept up to date with the latest legislation by quick, automatic updates from its official website. There is a comprehensive help system in it. Some powerful features and functions of RTI Payroll software are comprehensive reporting with email capability, automatic calculation of statutory sick, maternity leave, paternity leave system, shared parental pay, student loan, allowance and likewise many other adjustments, deductions and allowance.


7. Payroo

Payroo is a web-based payroll and auto-enrollment system making its users able to complete their weekly, monthly and other pay frequency pay runs and auto-enrolment from anywhere on the Mac, PC and smartphone devices. It is very easy and straightforward to learn the way of working of Payroo as not too many complexities and complications involved in its working system. The main advantage of using Payroo is that the HMRC fully recognizes it. By using this payroll management software, you can easily get on board and fulfill your payroll and AE needs without any further delay and will full HMRC and pension regulation compliance. Your RTI returns to HMRC are auto complied, and e-filling can be completed with the clock of the mouse. Here you can choose to have secure electronic self-service payslips or traditional printed out payslips or both. It is the provider of many other useful reports that will enhance the credibility of your business. The auto-enrolment system being offered by the Payroo is fully completed and requires no additional setting. You don’t need to do any additional processing for your auto-enrollment obligation. Some of the features and functions of the Payroo are HMRX standard quality approved calculations, compatibility with your current management system, period end report generating system, salary sacrifice module incorporated, Payroo’s Free CIS, Payroo’s free internet P11D specialists, Payroo’s free internet time & claim, employee payroll accounts, auto tax code and other notice updates, RTI electronic returns and much more.


8. EasyPAY

EasyPAY is the name of advanced and simple yet powerful payroll management software designed for businesses of all types. It is user-friendly payroll software that will make you able to customize it according to the need of your own business and organization requirements. It will manage all of your payroll system and those other requirements relating to accounting and management of employees. This versatile, user-friendly payroll management system provides the users with the user defined earning, deduction, load heads and calculation formulas and tables. It is also capable of generating the all the outputs and statutory reports required by payroll application. The main highlighted features and functions of the EasyPAY are user defined earning/deductions system, leave/attendance management, loan & advance management, payroll processing, salary reports, bank transfer system, reimbursement management, income tax management, user-defined report generating system, period end reporting system, and much more. In term of dashboard simplicity, EasyPAY is very flexible that is contains a flexible structure building capability of earning and deductions. It has the great flexibility for adding or modifying any number of salary components like earning and deduction. The user defined entry field will make you able to enjoy the unmatched flexibility of formula, the percentage for customized calculation. Payroll processing, salary reports, bank transfer, reimbursement management, arrears calculation, other payments, PF calculation & reports, ESIS calculation & reports, professional tax, and income tax management are some other features and functions of the EasyPAY.


9. Marg Payroll Software

Marg Payroll Software entirely skills in handling each and every system like Human Resource Management system, Employee Payroll Management System, Employee Compliances Management System and so on. Almost every Organization practice payroll for its workforce; as an organization develops manually operated handling gets complicated. In Payroll Software, we have a record of each and every info relevant to worker settlement or relevant to salary. You can enter payment details rapidly by Marg Salary Payroll Software in contrast to a manually operated system. In time attendance payroll software, you can manage attendance in four kinds that are Attendance Import from Biometric machine, Attendance Import from Excel, Muster Roll Attendance, and Manual Attendance. Leave Management encompasses the processes employees use to request time away from work and supervisors use to grant or deny leave based on organization policies. In Marg Salary Payroll software, On the basis of attendance, it can calculate salary of all employees in an organization, other option regarding salary. Marg Payroll Software has the solution for every business issue in the shape of SMS intimation of attendance & salary, leave management, salary calculation, statutory compliance, overtime calculation, send salary slip via, mail, E-TDS returns, bonus management, arrear calculation & arrear slip, tax projection, full settlement of employee, HRD modules, user level access rights, birthday employee notification and much more.


10. Saral PayPack

From the very beginning of getting the candidates interviewed, recruiting as staff, fixing the range of earnings, appointment, income processing, and appraisal, etc., HR personnel has to go through a pile or bundles of papers for doing all these matters manually. Amongst all the duties acknowledged the processing of cash requires more supervision because it must be performed in time coupled with accurateness. While processing the income of employees, many factors need consideration like employee’s reward days, leaves, standing guidelines (if any) and so forth. Moreover at present’s payroll processing has emerged as messy and chaotic, because of quite a lot of statutory and MIS requisites coupled with changing HR policies, slabs and formulas time to time. To ease the work of HR personnel from that pile of papers concerning cash processing, statutory returns filing, and many others, an organization must have an automatic payroll. An automated payroll system helps HR to conform to the cash processing in time as well as statutory tasks. Saral PayPack offers you a comprehensive answer for your whole payroll wants. It is a one-stop destination for your search because it possesses the most sought specifications in it essentially. It is a proper choice for automating your payroll. It is a simple yet a distinct package for maintaining and calculating salaries of workers at distinctive levels of exceptional organizations. Saral PayPack is constructed with the state-of-the-art technology to make it powerful, yet handy-to-use. It makes payroll processing a simple job any manufacturer can accomplish in-condo. It is more suitable, and extra elements make Saral PayPack the first-rate value in payroll software to system your own payroll in-apartment.


11. Nitso Payroll Software

Nitso Payroll Software is a very easy, flexible and user-pleasant payroll administration program that takes care of all your necessities regarding management of employee’s payroll. This payroll program offers person defined earning / deduction / mortgage heads & calculation tables. The software generates all of the outputs & statutory experiences required with the aid of a payroll utility. Payroll application covers all authorized requisites PF, TDS, ESIC, reliable tax. Most of the authorized calculations are parameterized. Additionally, commonplace upgrades are supplied for changes within the laws. Nitso Payroll Software helps in managing the all payroll division areas like attendance, earnings, absentees management, loan & develop scheduling / management, PF, ESI & different deductions, allowances, advertising & appraisal. Key features and services of Nitso Payroll program are flexibility to add or modify any number of cash components, enter information for all newly joined staff and resign left employees, revenue on hold & freezing of cash in case of termination of employees, pro-rata calculations for employees based on absenteeism, report creator to add/ adjust person outlined reports with to be had fields, help to unlimited quantity of workers in single corporation, and so on.


12. AccuPAY

With AccuPay’s fully built-in, cloud-based system offering payroll, HR, and time and labor administration, you can control your staff reliably and efficaciously by way of the entire employee “lifecycle.” Partnered with the employees of certified professionals in payroll, HR, healthcare sectors, QuickBooks, and accounting, the AccuPay body of workers’ administration solution is unmatched in the industry. Right away view the results of your information entry in “actual-time” as you enter payroll into our consumer-pleasant on-line payroll module. Worker pay statements are up to date in actual time with every keystroke. Swiftly double determine taxes, deductions, labor distributions, or gains on the fly. You can even verify the worker’s “actual-time” W-2 to be certain incomes or deduction codes appear within the field you intended – no more year-end surprises and changes! Whether you are completely accountable for payroll entry or work with staff, the giant quantity of detail involved can be overwhelming. With AccuPay’s payroll alert method, notes and reminders can be input to ensure that every one duty are reviewed and accomplished as meant. Alerts can be setup with or without a requirement to sign-off before payroll can also be processed. The sign-off involves a time and date stamp for a handy audit trail. Furthermore to the alert system, your payroll will likely be reviewed by one among AccuPay’s payroll professionals earlier than processing is finalized. Your AccuPay Payroll expert is your partner to make certain accuracy on every payroll.


13. nQativ Activity Payroll

ActivPR is the approach to the essential venture in payroll: the must produce problematic paychecks in the shortest time viable with restricted resources. Complexity and consistent alternate create virtually unsolvable issues for the payroll division in any company. Executive legislation (state and federal), enterprise management, union contracts, and time constraints mix to create a problematic and ever-challenging dynamic to the payroll process. Payroll directors are required to provide extra assessments with fewer resources and are subject to extra regulations than before. Most payroll programs have been designed and redesigned over time to regulate to the dynamic payroll tactics. The influence has been many “facet programs” along with spreadsheets which might be required to preserve up with the insufficient application. ActivPR is designed as a framework. It combines the basic capabilities of payroll, database management, protection, and a calculation engine leading to a solution that’s definable through the company implementing the solution. ActivPR is designed to adapt to the difficult and dynamic methods associated with producing employee payroll tests and related reporting requisites. ActivPR allows for you to outline your possess date-pushed parameters and to assign values to those parameters. The date-driven nature of this system signifies that you don’t must wait except payday to alter fundamental calculation-associated values. Adaptability, efficiency, calculation engine, checks & direct deposit system, tax management, earning/deductions management, reporting, etc. are some other features and functions of the nQativ Activity Payroll.


14. eNETPayroll

ENETPayroll offers simple, powerful payroll administration via a relaxed, cloud-based utility. It is suitable for businesses of all sizes. With software services that can be customized to your certain hindrance, it is the ideal system of payroll for businesses that require flexibility for their payroll requirements. Suppose the convenience of calculating your payroll at a time that is convenient to you. When you’ve got an internet browser, you’re in a position to work on-line with the application – it’s that easy. And in case you’re currently outsourcing your payroll, eNETPayroll will perform all the equal functions at a best possible rate. And without more program backups and updates to participating in, you would be able to be certain that the program is at the ready if you end up. ENETPayroll supports all payroll scenarios with unlimited earnings, deductions, advantages and accumulators. Use the program to control all features of your manufacturer’s payroll method including salaries, wages, bonuses, and deductions. Whether or not simple or difficult, eNETPayroll will make the employee cost method rapid and more amazing. The application involves a developed-in reporting process that allows for you to manage how your information is offered. For example, designed cheques registers with the aid of stub number, and the number of cheques. Display choices incorporate EFT, void cheques, cheques issued and extra. Use the journal entry record to review all the normal ledger transactions for every payroll run. ENETPayroll’s general pricing involves all of the features you need to pay your workers, including EFT, intervening payroll time processing, extra or additional payroll runs, printed cheque or electronic mail pay statements, personalized reporting are incorporated. Executive and 1/3-social gathering remittances, ROE’s and T4’s are additionally on hand as add-ons, so that you simply pay just for the extent of service you require.



Most HR and payroll program piece together separate modules for advantages administration, recruiting, efficiency management, time & attendance, and more. DATIS is not like most HR based payroll programs. It offers to offer an entirely unified solution that acts as a single source of fact for your whole institution. DATIS HR and payroll software is a convenient-to-use approach that grants effective outcome. From complex labor distributions and secondary pay rates to drill-down reporting that helps you monitor every detail. This payroll engine handles it all conveniently and efficiency so that you may perform payroll in hours, not days. FLSA calculations for the division of Labor’s Wage and Hour extra time ideas are perpetually correct and compliant. Calculation of complex shift differential, multiple jobs, bonuses, overtime, or any variety of further pay can be accomplished quite simply and robotically. The procedure handles all tax calculations for workers and the group. Wage garnishments, liens, and different activities payroll deductions are all accomplished robotically. Additionally, the tax offerings include automatic filings and legislative updates. It will manage the taxes so that you would be able to focus on your core industry. Keep forward of the curve with real-time reporting and analysis from anyplace, at any time. Make sure accuracy earlier than processing with our distinctive preview mode function allowing a living evaluation of the current payroll period in comparison with the previous years records.


16. PayDay! SaaS

PayDay! Software as a Service (SaaS) is a cloud-formed payroll solution exceptionally designed for SMEs. PayDay! is a handy-to-use, 100% compliant and 24/7 on-line payroll solution. It helps to run payroll in three effortless steps and not requires any technical knowledge or changing guide payroll processing. It’s hosted on Microsoft Azure’s comfortable servers located so that you don’t need to set up any software to make use of PayDay!. Industry owners can manage their payroll whenever, anywhere securely, and staff can view their digital payslips on-line and via iOS and Android smartphones as well. It instituted more than a few security measures with the intention to process your payroll with a peace-of-mind and expertise that the knowledge might be there every time you want it. PayDay! Allows for you to control payroll with none payroll capabilities required. PayDay! Automates these strategies for its users. Quite simply key in your expertise one time, and run your payroll every month at a click of a button. PayDay! Takes care of the leisure! PayDay! Cuts payroll all the way down to 3 easy steps: 1. Enter your payroll 2. Authorize payment 3. Generate your report. You can now view immediate data of your manpower cost at a glance while you log into the dashboard. PayDay! is a hosted cloud software, so now you can, in the end, say goodbye to program setup and updates. As a subscription-founded solution, PayDay! Is ready to make use of payslip software. There is not any upfront capital funding and annual upkeep prices involved. PayDay! SaaS can be easily accessed from the all leading web browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.


17. IOIPay

IOIPay (Interlogic Outsourcing, Inc. Pay) is a firm that provides payroll and employer outsourcing services such as payroll processing, human-resource administration and tax filing to help your company maximize efficiency while reducing bottom line costs. It offers scalable solutions to enable businesses of all sizes to achieve greater efficiencies and reduce costs by deploying the art technology. Its technology and high level of personalized customer service are demonstrated by its high client retention rate. Just like the other similar solutions it also offers lots of new tools that manage your professional tasks and increase productivity. The most prominent features of the platform are web-based payroll, automatic payroll tax filing and depositing, labour distribution, general ledger integration, employee self-service and much more. The solution has different SMB and enterprise plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits. Try it out; you’ll be amazed at all the thing in this powerful platform.


18. Wave Payroll

Wave Payroll is an all-in-one leading payroll management solution that is designed to help small businesses to simplify their payroll processes as well as stay compliant with taxes and deductions. With this user can easily track and manage vacations, features, and overtime accurately and efficiently and allow offer users with quick access to accurate pay stubs and reports. Unlike most of the payroll management solution, it is also cloud-based and gives users with the flexibility in order to access and manage payroll information anywhere anytime via the internet connection. This payroll solution comes with all the major features in order to run payroll including Wave Accounting, Invoicing, receipt scanning, tax forms, payroll reminder and much more. An employee self-service solution, it allows users to access pay stubs and w2s conveniently online, while secure collaboration tools enable users to share information safety with assistants and partners. The best part about Wave Payroll is that it supports automatic filling and payments for users in New York, Washington and lots of other areas. Since it connects seamlessly to all other accounts, users can record payroll entries automatically. Activity dashboard, API, compliance management, reporting and statistics, real-time reporting, time off request and customization these are also features of this payroll system. Try it out, if you want to manage your payroll system.

More About greytHR

GreytHR comes with a collection of wholly built-in modules that permit HR and finance groups to work together seamlessly. Say goodbye to rework, confusion, knowledge duplication and inconsistencies! Put in force greytHR and watch systems automatically fall in place. Hectic, annoying issues simply vanish and the workplace is a fun zone again! GreytHR payroll software covers all features of payroll management leading to much less work and peace of intellect. By using this, you can now ensure one full level of accuracy, big time financial savings, and extremely convinced employees. Excel import facility and mass information replace keep handbook data entry to a minimal and accelerate work. greytHR’s payroll module supplies options for comprehensive coverage of every single aspect of payroll administration including statutory compliance, correct and super rapid payroll processing, strong reconciliation instruments & studies to audit and evaluation before payroll unlock and equipped to print payslips, reviews, statements, etc. The press of the single button will control each and every aspect of your business. With that single click, greytHR correctly computes salary for all employees including Statutory Deductions (PF/PT/ESI/TDS), loan deductions, fringe benefits payments, revisions, lack of pay, pro-rata earnings, earnings tax computation—and so on. And all this in only a minute! The largest force of this payroll software is its flexibility and vigor to handle any variety of earnings structure.