Groovebox: Beat & Synth Studio


Groovebox: Beat & Synth Studio Alternatives for Android

#1 MintStudio


MintStudio is a pocket-size application for music producers to help them in having their music ready in no time for any event. Users only have to select the soundtrack, or they can record the soundtrack in the app directly for their use. They can select the filter which they want to apply for the creation of sound. The app adjusts the filters according to the given element with the help of artificial intelligence technology.

The software is a music producer’s audio engineer and a studio and helps them in recording and uploading tracks for their use in different events. It does not matter if the user is playing alone or with a brand; they can all work easily and create the required music which they want. MintStudio comes with processors and enhancers for post-production.


#2 Moises


Moises is a website that enables users to listen to music as they have never done before. It allows them to separate the vocals from the instrumentals with ease by using the artificial intelligence system. Users only need to upload the song on the website, and it will separate the vocals and instrumentals from each other. The solution enables users to use the already extracted tracks of different songs and music files, and users can extract broadcast-ready master tracks.

Users can create their accounts on the website and can access all the features without any cost. The service allows users to keep their data safe for some amount of time, and after that, everything is deleted from the user’s account. It does not keep the email safe or access it for any purpose, and users can feel secure while accessing the solution through their email address.