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Grum is another platform that allows you to schedule post your Instagram from the web, automate your task, and engage more audiences. It is a pretty sophisticated solution to manage Instagram posting, especially across accounts. The application starts at a very basic level, and now it has thousands of users around the world… read more
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11 Grum Alternatives & Similar Software


1. Twitter Fountain

There are quite a few great things about Twitter Fountain. Firstly it is a free solution that gives you loads of features and levels of customization. You can set up lots of different advanced search options such as words, people (including filtering out specific words), and even by location (for example, only include Tweets within a certain radius of a location).

For your meeting site, apparatuses like Twitter Fountain will give you a chance to make and modify a Twitter pursuit that you can install. You can set propelled seek choices to channel in or out particular quest terms and clients.


2. Flightly

Run Ads on Twitter. Flightly is a powerful web-based and mobile application that allows you to place ads on Twitter, engage more audience, and increase your productivity.

It makes it easy to keep your campaign running smoothly and on the fast-paced Twitter network and reach customers at the right moment, no matter where you are. It is a complete solution that allows you to launch campaigns, make updates, view full stats, and receive all the related notifications.


3. Storyheap

Manage your SnapChat and Instagram stories. Storyheap is another platform that allows you to automate your social media accounts, upload content, and analyze your stories in just a few clicks.

The platform starts with very basic levels, and now it has thousands of users around the world, including HubSpot, Mashable and Universal, etc. It introduces an advanced story analytics system to gain insight into how your story is performing and track unique metrics such as open rates, views, engagement, and more.


4. ScheduGram

ScheduGram is an ultimate Instagram Management platform that delivers everything you need to visually plan, create, schedule, and analyze your Instagram posts. It is an alternative site like and offers all the primary services with some advanced features that make it better than others.

Its robust planning and editing tools make creating an eye-catching Instagram post easy for agencies brands and social media managers. ScheduGram is also known as a social media editor that allows you to directly design, preview, schedule, and post stunning gird layouts with its compelling visual planner that will grow your audience and increase influence.


5. Forestgram

Grow Instagram on autopilot. Forestgram is one of the leading autopilot platforms that offer auto-linking based on your location, hashtags, schedule post, comment, and send a welcome message to your followers.

It is an innovative online marketing solution for growing followers and likes on your Instagram profiles. The application has a powerful dashboard where you can access it all tool and service without any limitation.


6. SocialRank

SocialRank is the easiest way to identify, organize, and manage your followers on Twitter and Instagram. It is specially made for those users who want to engage more audiences around the world and increase their productivity.

The web-based application completely works as your social media platform where you can easily find new peoples, draft and schedule posts, etc. Once you find people, you can create custom lists, export the data to CVS, PDF, and run campaigns.


7. Instazood

Instazood is a commercial web-based portal that helps you to get more followers on Instagram. It is an effective platform that can get real results. Its Instagram bot guarantee that the followers or likes you get through its service are genuine and no just forged by bots.

The likes you get and the followers you get are a real audience who are genuinely interested in your gallery. The significant part of this application is that it offers full controls and provides lots of filters and customization systems to help you increase your Instagram followers, comments, and likes for the target audience that makes sense for you.


8. CrawMonkey

CrawMonkey is a powerful web-based application that automates your activity to get more followers, likes, and comments on Instagram. It is one of the best alternatives to and offers all the similar services with some new and advanced tools.

The great part is that it has a modern engagement system to grow organic followers. CrawMonkey has a simple yet powerful dashboard where you can access it all features, discover your followers and fans location and language, create and draft post, schedule, and all the other key functions.


9. Iconosquare: Grow your Followers

Unlock the full potential of social media. Iconosquare is a leading analytics and tool that help you to grow your business on social media platforms. It is a commercial platform that has more than 34 thousand users around the world who can use it to manage their online business, increase followers, and improve overall performance.

This web-based application contains a massive range of unique tools and services that help you to manage your followers and fans. With the help of this analytic platform, you can discover followers and fans, location, and demographics.


10. is a web-based application that provides a solution to engage with your Instagram and Twitter followers with automated messages. The service contains a unique tool that will allow you to send automatic welcome messages to your followers.

According to the information provided, this tool will enable you to greet your followers with a customized message every time. It is simple and easy to use the tool you no need to learn any professional skills. Its guide teaches you every single part of your tool.


11. Boostgram

Boostgram is the most leading social media automation tool that allows you to get real-time followers, likes, and comments as well as automatically interact with other followers. It is specially designed for those who want to increase their friend circle or want to improve their brand or business page.

With this, you can get 100% organic engagement on your targeted areas in just three simple clicks. To get the start, you need to connect your Instagram account, and once you joined, you will be allowed to access its dashboard.

More About Grum

Grum is another platform that allows you to schedule post your Instagram from the web, automate your task, and engage more audiences. It is a pretty sophisticated solution to manage Instagram posting, especially across accounts.

The application starts at a very basic level, and now it has thousands of users around the world. Grum is most known for its single-click scheduling and first comment feature that saves your lot of time and deliver real-time feedback.

Just like and all the other similar platforms, it no offers any fancy analytics, or any other decorative features, simple means simple and no require any installation. To enjoy it service first, you need to visit Grum official site, create an account, link an Instagram account, and access it all feature on a unique dashboard.

It has a powerful dashboard with a customization system that allows you to create your custom widgets and add more functionality. It also has a list of key features that make it better than others.

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