Guts and Wheels


Guts and Wheels Alternatives for PC

#1 Trials Fusion


Trials Fusion is a Single and Multiplayer Platform Racing video game developed by RedLynx and published by Ubisoft. It is the marvelous fifth entry in the series of Trials and revolves around the Physics-based element.

The game puts the player in the role of the rider of a motorcycle and lets him explore the level from start to end while overcoming various obstacles. The player can perform various stunts during the match to get amazing rewards.


#2 Turbo Dismount


Turbo Dismount is a Physics-based, Single-player, Sandbox, and Third-person Perspective Simulation created and published by Secret Exit Ltd. The game is about the protagonist named Mr. Dismount and the new cars who love him.

It takes place in the stunning environment filled with challenging traps and deadly obstacles. It combines the elements of Level Editor, Replay System, High-Speed Physics, and more.

#3 Snuggle Truck


Snuggle Truck is a Driving, Racing, and Single-player video game released by Owlchemy Labs for Multiple Platforms. The game has only a Single-player mode, and it takes place in the beautiful world where the game welcomes you to experience the physics-based driving game. In the game, your ultimate goal is to rescue the cargo full of crazy animals by delivering them to the zoo within a limited time.

While playing the game, using the tilt controls, you can move your Truck to catch the fuzzies, drive over armadillos, and can go through different locations, such as deserts, and other exciting sites. You can perform backflips and explore loops while avoiding challenging obstacles. There are different levels, and each one comes with a set of objectives to complete to advance. It comes with easy-to-learn gameplay that is tough to master. Snuggle Truck includes prominent features such as Unlockable Achievements, Global Leaderboards, Exciting Gameplay, and more.