H1Z1: Just Survive

H1Z1: Just Survive Alternatives for PS3

#1 Dead Space


Dead Space is a Horror-Survival video game developed by EA Redwood Shores and published by Electronic Arts. The game offers a combination of Third-person Shooter, Space, Action, Futuristic, Role-playing, and Adventure elements.

Aliens and Zombies both are included in the game to make it more challenging and stressful. Take place in the futuristic year 2508, where the story starts when a starship sends out a signal to the CEC (Concordance Extraction Corporation) during the operation on the planet called Aegis VII.

#2 Saw


Saw is a Horror-Survival and Single-player video game developed by Zombie Studios and published by Konami. The game uses a third-person perspective to explore the environment and revolves around a thrilling story.

According to the story, the protagonist named David Tapp, a detective stuck in an Asylum of the Jigsaw Killer. The Asylum is full of traps, objectives, and missions. You can take on the role of the protagonist, and your ultimate goal is to traverse the Asylum and solve mind-bending puzzles to escape.

#3 Saw II: Flesh & Blood


Saw II: Flesh & Blood is an Action-Adventure, Third-person, Horror, Survival, and Single-player video gam developed by Zombie Studios and published by Konami. The game takes between the 1st game and 2nd movies in the series. It introduces new protagonist Michael who start his journey to find clues behind his father’s death. In this game, the player can freely roam in the game, interact with the environment, collect the object and try to solve the puzzle to progress. There are different kinds of puzzles such as environmental puzzles and circuit puzzles etc. each puzzle of the game offers a different strategy to solve. The game also provides combat element with two different types such as puzzle-based and melee. In a puzzle-based fight, the player can use traps or environment to execute the deadly enemies such as opening the elevator shaft as an enemy charges into it to eliminate them. In melee combat, the player can use a verity of melee weapons to kill the enemies. Saw II: Flesh & Blood offers lots of prominent features such as exploration, collect power-ups, unlockable achievements different endings and cut scenes, etc. With immersive and quite addictive gameplay, well-written storyline and beautiful details. Saw II: Flesh & Blood is an excellent game to play and enjoy.

#4 Alien: Isolation


Alien: Isolation is a Horror Survival video game developed by Creative Assembly and published by Sega. The game takes place after the fifteen years of the event of Ridley Scott’s Alien film and follows Amanda Ripley, daughter of the Alien protagonist Ellen Ripley and her efforts to investigate the disappearance of her beloved mother. In this game, the player can control Amanda Ripley from the first-person view to interact with the environment. During the gameplay, the player can explore the vast space station and complete various objectives while avoiding all the outsmarting and defeating enemies. The missions range from activating computers to gather certain items and reach the specific area of the game. The player has abilities to run, jump and climb the ladder. In some missions, the player can encounter lots of antagonist over the game including androids and humans. These enemies are being defeated with the gunplay and other offensive means. The alien creatures are not defeated the player requires using stealth tactics to survive. Each complete mission will provide massive reward which the player can use to upgrade his character skills. Alien: Isolation offer well-written storyline, stunning graphics and fantastic game mechanics.

#5 Dead Space 3


Dead Space 3 is an Action-Adventure, Third-person Shooter, Horror-Survival, Single and Multiplayer video game developed by Visceral Games and published by Electronic Arts. It is a third major title in the Dead Space series and the sequel to Dead Space 2.

In this game, Isaac Clarke teams up with EarthGov Sergeant John Carver as they travel to Tau Volantis, an ice-covered planet to end Marker and Necromorph threat for good. It returns the Resources Integration Suite and uses holographic display projected from the player suite and weapons to display ammo count and health.