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HandPass VR Alternatives for Nintendo Wii U

#1 Mario and Sonic: Rio 2016 olympic game


Mario and Sonic: Rio 2016 Olympic game is an Action, Sports, Party, Single and Multiplayer video game developed by Sega and published by Nintendo 3DS. The game starts in a Copacabana Beach you can explore and contain various characters that you can talk to the either players from the team of Mario and team Sonic or Mii of the other characters. In this game, you can prove yourself as a best from the games in seventeen different events such as volleyball, football, Racing, bike stunts and other Olympic Games, etc. During the gameplay, you can test your skills to get tournaments for the Mii characters to earn boosting elements in elimination mode. Mario and Sonic: Rio 2016 Olympic Games include key features such as various characters, power-ups, fantastic environment, and much more. With excellent background music, objective gameplay enhanced mechanics, immersive and quite addictive gameplay. It is one of the excellent game as compared to the other same genres. Do try it out, you’ll enjoy it.