Hexic Link


Hexic Link Alternatives for PC

#1 Flow Free


Flow Free is an Amazing Puzzle video game that allows the player to join the dots of the same color with pipes to create a flow. Each color has a pair that covers the board to solve the puzzle. The player must match all the same colors without crossing or overlapping any pipe. The game offers more than two thousand exciting levels, and each level is more complicated than the previous level. The difficulty of each level will determine by the size of the grid, ranging from 5*5 squares to 14*14 squares.

Flow Free is a fantastic brain-testing video game that allows the player to test his puzzle-solving skills in a set of levels. The game includes core features such as Daily Updates, more than ten different boards, classic puzzles, bounce, Achievements, different modes, and additional levels, etc. With a brilliant game setting, awesome gameplay, crisp background music, and excellent visual details, Flow Free is one of the best video games to play.