Highrise Alternatives

#1 Aivatar


Aivatar app lets you personalize your stickers by giving them a look that you want in a way like never before. Aivatar – Stickers for WhatsApp – WAStickerApps is a fabulously designed tool developed in the market by Sticker.Place Inc. through which you can not only personalize but enjoy awesome stickers to use in chats on any of your desired social platforms especially WhatsApp.

Aivatar – Stickers for WhatsApp lets you share stickers across all the social platforms, whether it is Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, or any else. It is a smooth and elegantly designed emoji creator that enables you to enjoy creating as well as using your own stickers in your social chats.




ZEPETO is a significant app that enables its global users to build their own character with some simple clicks and enjoy tons of other exciting things right away. ZEPETO – Make 3D Character of Yourself is a widely loved tool developed in the market by SNOW Corporation Inc. that enables its global users to enjoy making their own cute and hilarious characters by choosing their pics.

You can elegantly take a selfie or grab the image from the gallery of your cell phone to start making 3D Avatars. The app lets you enjoy decorating with the fashion and interior of your choice by providing hundreds of customization options. The app keeps on bringing new and trending styles every week to lets you fill up your closet with classy dresses.

#3 Animal Boyfriend


Animal Boyfriend is a classy tool that enables sits global users to raise their animal student into a handsome human being right over their cell phones and tablets. Animal Boyfriend is a highly engaging app developed in the market by Ambition Co., Ltd. that helps a cute animal become a real human.

You can precisely create the boyfriend of your dreams by changing his looks and make him act what you like to want. The app carries a variety of accessories and clothes that can be picked according to your choices. It lets you choose a species and get working, learning, playing, and spending time together to help him become a real human being.




DRAWU is a stylish and beautiful app designed for creating unique and classy portraits in an ultimate graphic style. DRAWU – Draw and Paint your Portrait is a fine tool developed in the market by Anton I. Krygin Inc. that enables you to create both Black & White as well as colorful portraits for yourself, family members, friends, and others.

You can choose suitable facial features such as eyes, ears, hairs, lips, eyebrows, eyelashes, jewelry, outfits, and plenty of other things. DRAWU – Draw and Paint your Portrait app brings one of the most extensive free libraries of dozens of elements. You can also take daily coins, acquire unique items, reach new levels, and more.

#5 Live Portrait


Live Portrait app lets you take live portraits at the same time when you take photos using the current operating workflows as well as existing equipment. Live Portrait is a unique and elegantly designed tool developed in the market by Live Portrait Inc. that lets you enjoy taking photos and videos in the most exceptional way.

This live portrait app is something in between the photos and videos. They are the normal photos that users take and print but gone alive with an embedded video clip that lets you relive the moments. The app enables you to enjoy embedded video clips that will always be there for global users whenever they want to relive moments.


#6 Doodle Face


Doodle Face is a fine tool that elegantly turns you into an awesome yet imaginary comic character for the real-time by providing extreme level customization options. Doodle Face is a classy tool presented by Doodle Mobile Ltd. that allows its global users to customize their expressive comic characters by adding dozens of options for making it up to the mark.

The app lets you customize the eyes, noses, mouth, hairstyles, lips, eyes, facial expressions, clothes, glasses, mustaches, and plenty of other objects of your cute little character to make it look classier. You can precisely create your own characters or avatars and share them over Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and plenty of other social platforms.

#7 PitzMaker


PitzMaker is a fabulous tool to create your own characters using thousands of combinations. PitzMaker is a fine tool developed in the market by EightStudio Inc. that makes it effortless to create the loveliest original characters (OC) and save them in your mobile phones. You can create your desired number of OCs using a diversity of colorful stuff.

The app also keeps on updating its stuff constantly and never lets you get bored of using the same stuff again and again. You can also provide feedback to the app to see certain designs that you want to add. Pitz Maker app contains dozens of filters that let you enjoy everything in the way you want.

#8 Gacha Life


Gacha Life is a fabulous tool to make your personal anime styled characters and customize them in the way you want to see, developed in the market by Lunime Inc. Gacha Life lets you dress up and polish your characters by choosing from hundreds of dresses, weapons, shirts, hairstyles, and much more.

You can precisely grab thousands of combinations to choose your own-styled avatars on your cell phones and tablets. After designing your desired characters, you can elegantly create any scene that you want to create just by entering the studio. The app allows you to choose from dozens of backgrounds to create the perfect story.

#9 Cute Girl Avatar Maker


Cute Girl Avatar Maker is a classy tool developed in the market by Joy Journey Girls Inc. that allows its global users to enjoy making awesome portraits in a way like never before. Cute Girl Avatar Maker – Cute Avatar Creator Game lets you create your own portraits pf cute girls and boys.

The app allows you to decorate and extemporize cute selfies and enjoy entirely free-to-use content right under one place. It enables you to collect and get more than 100 gifts to add to your collection and dress up your anime characters with the latest fashion of anime. You can elegantly mix and match hundreds of clothes, accessories, dresses, hairs, and more.

#10 iArt Camera


iArt Camera is a fine tool that provides lots of awesome filters, art effects, double exposure, and the AI-powered background change. iArt Camera – Magic Effect, Face Aging Booth is a fine app developed in the market by Voyage Photo Lab Inc. that lets you make exceptional photographs and get amazing AI comic images.

The app carries popular image processing tools that help you make attractive stuff with simple swipes. There are more than 50 stylish and beautiful comic as well as art filters. iArt Camera – Magic Effect, Face Aging Booth is a face aging app that lets you see the older version of yourself and your family members.

#11 Dollify


Dollify is an exceptional tool developed in the market by David Alvarez Inc. that enables its global users to enjoy making ultimate or cutest avatars using plenty of amazing things from its awesome collecting. This app lets you use the highly crafted stuff to make the most elegant and cutest looking avatar available on the internet.

There are plenty of accessories like glasses, jewelry, styles, necklaces, stickers, stones, and various others to choose and pick. This app helps you adjust the skin tone, skin features, hairstyles, eyes, lips, nose, eyebrows, and a while cupboard of dresses to choose from.

#12 ChibiStudio


ChibiStudio is a classy avatar maker that enables its global users to enjoy creating cute chibi characters using this tool on their cell phones and tablets. ChibiStudio – Anime Avatar Maker is a fine app developed in the market by Guilherme Rambo Inc. that brings an exclusive chibi maker for people across the globe to enjoy making awesome characters along with the ability to collaborate with buddies in the making process.

You can elegantly design your own Kawaii chibi me avatar with the help of your family members, buddies, colleagues, or only by yourself. The app carries more than 500 customization options for eyes, face, nose, mouth, hairs shoes, clothing, and more. ChibiStudio – Anime Avatar Maker app lets you enjoy endless possibilities regarding the modification of your characters.

#13 Unnie Doll


Unnie Doll lets you make your dream girl doll character using plenty of exclusive options that the app brings right on your smartphones and tablets. Unnie Doll is a fine tool developed by 0.1% Inc. that enables its global users to enjoy creating their desired stickers by choosing from more than 1000 highly customizable options and items.

The app lets you make your adorable avatars by customizing them in the way you want to see. Unnie Doll app makes it hell easy to make your own characters using the most adorable characters in the world. The app brings more than 1K decoration items such as wings, bottom, top, stickers, hair, nose, outfits, clothes, skin colors, eyes, styles, and dozens of other objects.

#14 Bemoji


Bemoji app lets you make your personal 3D avatars using classy features and functionalities right over your cell phones and tablets. 3D Avatar Creator | Bemoji is a fabulous tool developed by Nixi Corp Inc. that enables its global users to create their own 3D characters, emojis, avatars, and memoji. The app makes it easy to create gifs and emojis with tons of customization options.

You can precisely shape, customize, and share your emojis on Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, and plenty of other social media platforms. The app helps you grab a diversity of face characters and outfit options to make your stuff looks more realistic.

#15 Live Portrait Maker: Girls


Live Portrait Maker: Girls app lets you create your own fashionable, animated 2.5D girl in the most effortless and smart way, developed in the market by Angela He Inc. Live Portrait Maker: Girls is a fabulous app to create your own portraits using more than 55 features and 26 outfits that include eyes, lips, bangles, skins, hairs, goggles, eyebrows, hairs, nose, eyelashes, and plenty of others.

The app supports high customization to manage everything that you add or edit over your portraits. You can choose styling from a combination of over 73 facial features and dozens of classy outfits, and it keeps on adding its stuff to never let you get bored.

#16 Moji Edit


Moji Edit is a fine tool that brings more than 1500 attributes to edit and design your own emojis in the best possible way. Moji Edit – Emoji Yourself is a massively used product introduced in the market by Double Trouble Creatives Inc. that enables its global users to enjoy making their avatars using tons of customizable combinations.

Moji Edit – Your Personal Avatar lets you make your emoji avatar by using lots of options that you ever imagined of. The app lets you take your texting game to entirely a new level with your personal emojis avatars to use within Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, iMessage, and plenty of other social platforms.

#17 Boo


Boo app allows you to enjoy creating your own 3D avatars by adding your choice of stuff from tons of options, features, and functions. Boo – 3D Avatar & AR Chat is a fine app presented by Famous Voice Changer Inc. that lets you create and customize your own avatar with tons of outfits, face features, and hairstyles right over your cell phones and tablets.

You can precisely decorate your Boo home with a diversity of awesome items. Boo – More Friends, More Fun App lets you have fun with your family members, colleagues, and friends by visiting each other’s home, collaborating in-camera, receiving greetings, generating dual stickers, and making superb videos.

#18 Avatar Face Emoji


Avatar Face Emoji is your personal 3D avatar Maker and memoji creator camera app that allows you to create your own face emoji and memoji with tons of customizable options. Face Cam – Avatar Face Emoji is a fine tool developed in the market by Nixi Crop Inc. that allows you to share your memoji on Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and plenty of other social platforms to get more likes and fan following.

It lets you create your own 3D avatar by choosing from tons of customizable options for making your avatars. It lets you add dozens of amazing expressions to express your memoji or face emojis in the best possible way.

#19 Live Portrait Maker: Guys


Live Portrait Maker: Guys is an amazing product introduced in the market by Angela He Inc. that enables its global users to create their own animated, awesome 2.5D guy right over their cellular devices. Live Portrait Maker: Guys makes it effortless to enjoy creating tremendous portraits through dozens of customizable features.

It brings plenty of features and outfits to choose from along with the extreme level of customization for everything it delivers. Live Portrait Maker: Guys app lets you enjoy styling from more than 70 facial features and over 47 outfits elegantly. The app also brings a collection of over 10 dynamic, cool effects to add in your content.

#20 AI Portraits


AI Portraits is an application that allows the users to create their portrait with various art styles exclusively based on genuine masterpieces of all time produced by great artists. The platform provides users with a great chance to make their photos look like the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci or Johannes Vermeer.

Users just have to choose a photo and can try on various art styles before selecting one. Some of the art styles offered are Surrealism, Contemporary Art, Modernism, Pop Art, and many more. Moreover, users can turn their selfies into watercolor, pastel drawings, oil, texture, and many more. Lastly, it is a paid application that comes with a monthly subscription and offers a limited-time free trial.