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Games Like Hill Climb Racing for Linux

Hill Climb Racing is an Adventure-based, Racing, Physics-based, Side-Scrolling, Stunt and Single-player video game created and published by Fingersoft. It is one of the most popular driving game that is available on mobile platforms only such as Android, Windows Phone, and iOS, etc. The primary object of the game is collect all the coins while driving. The game offers different tracks, and each track of the game offers endless gameplay. The player just rides a car as far as possible and collect all the coins that will help the player to unlock more tracks, vehicles, and tracks, etc. During the gameplay, the player must collect all the fuel tanks if the fuel of his car goes zero the player will lose his life and the game restart the level. It also allows the player to perform some unique stunt in during the gameplay and earn more bounce points. Hill Climb Racing offers a huge range of different vehicles such as Tanks, Cars, Ambulance, Truck, Motorcycle, and Bicycles, etc. It includes key features such as Snapshot option, shares his progress with his friends, regular updates, different environment, and much more. With engaging gameplay, objective storyline, enjoyable background music, excellent game controls and setting. Hill Climb Racing is one of the lets game as compared to the lots of other same genres.

1. Who’s Your Daddy

Steam Win Mac Linux
Who’s Your Daddy is a First-person, Puzzle and Multiplayer Simulation developed and published by Evil Tortilla Games. It is an exciting game that offers one-on-one features an impractical father attempting his infant son from the certain death. The game offers two different characters to play as a daddy and the baby. The baby goal is take own decisions in the house and play with different dangerous objects. The daddy task…