HipChat is an instant messaging and video chatting platform for the desktop environment that provides the users with the system of private and group chat, file sharing, and data integrations. The app contains a chatting and messaging system that enables the users to send unlimited text messages, make audio, and video calls without any limitations.

It also carries a data-sharing system that lets the users send their large files with other HipChat users within a few minutes. The app supports a proper persistent screen sharing and video calling system in the HipChat that provides users with a secure and private environment for chatting and communication.

HipChat is a cross-platform, communication, and messaging system that is available for almost every device and operating system. You can also enjoy all the services of HipChat through the HipChat Web, right over your desktops as well.

The advantage of using the web app of HipChat is that it can be accessed from any part of the world and any device and operating system. You can intuitively download the HipChat app from the stores to enjoy the free features of messaging, communicating, calling, and file sharing.


HipChat Alternatives

#1 Skype


Skype is a communication and instant messaging platform that lets users make free calls and freely send text messages to each other. Skype also provides the international call system at mobile and landline numbers at a very cheap rate.

In addition to making calls and sending messages, the free service of Skype can be used to share files and data. Skype ensures the HD video calls in HQ voice subject to the mac and camera of the users.

Being multiplatform, Skype can be accessed from anywhere, either it is a desktop PC or any smartphone operating system. Skype allows its users to make group video calls from mobile phones and tablets.

It is a massively enjoyable, secure, and exquisite way to stay connected with your friends and family members. The most updated system of Skype is chatting in one language and getting translated into other languages.


#2 WhatsApp


WhatsApp is a multiplatform, instant messaging, and audio chatting app to have a quality time while watching content. It supports video chatting, as well. Most of the people like to use WhatsApp for creating and joining groups. The best about WhatsApp is that it can be used as an instant messenger and social networking platform at the same time.

WhatsApp allows its users to create and join groups of others as well to have endless conversations. They can then share videos, images, links, gifs, documents, text messages, audio messages, clips, and all other necessary information in groups.

In terms of instant messaging, WhatsApp is an elegantly designed social app for making free calls and sending messages for free. If you are a regular user of text messaging and most of the contacts in your phone directory are using WhatsApp, then instead of paying for the cellular packages, you can use WhatsApp to send free messages to any other WhatsApp user.

It also supports all the media files, doc files, and other types of file sharing. The best about WhatsApp is that it never disrupts the communication of its users by showing ads during the conversation.

#3 Telegram Messenger


Telegram Messenger is a highly encrypted messaging platform that allows users to send messages and make communications across the globe in a highly private and secret environment. Unlike most of the instant messenger, Telegram Messenger never locates the identity of its users and does not keep an eye on the behavior of its users.

Other features for communication in Telegram Messenger are almost the same, just like other messaging applications. Telegram Messenger users can enjoy sending messages, large files, and media with other Telegram Messenger users for free.

Telegram Messenger app brings the system of group creation where like-minded people can create the public or private group to share the informational and amazing stuff with their family members and friends.

At the same time, two hundred people can become part of these groups. Telegram Messenger app features the connection with other Telegram Messenger users, coordination in the shape of forming groups, synchronization with all devices, sending of documents of any type, sending encrypted messages, self-destruct messaging system, and a lot of others.


#4 Cotap


Cotap is a cross-platform and multifunctional text, voice and video calling program that lets the users make free audio and video calls with other Cotap users and send messages for free as well. The main area of service by the Cotap are sending messages, voice messages, and sending large media, and docs files.

Cotap is not about sending and receiving messages only, but it is more than just a messaging platform. It can be used for business purposes as well, where the team members can make collaboration with each other by sharing files and data of the company with each other.

It contains an all-in-one integration system that is used for synchronizing all-important platforms at one centralized platform of the Cotap and making collaboration in all segments. The consumer and customer focusing system of Cotap is entirely different from the other messaging and calling platforms. Here is no method of searching for other people via their phone number.

In last but not least, there is the security system of the Cotap that provides the users complete control over all of their communications and how they want to deal with their communication and data that they are sharing with other Cotap users.

#5 Digsby


Digsby is an instant messaging, email, and social networking application that is used for managing all type of private and open communications. The three main areas of services of Digsby is instant messaging systems, email notification system, and social networking systems.

The instant messaging system of Digsby allows the users to communicate and chat with the other Digsby users and even with the users of AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and other messaging programs as well.

There is a proper email notification system in the Digsby that is for basically getting the email alerts if new emails right in the inbox of Digsby and putting the action in shape of delete or report spam directly from the inbox of Digsby.

Digsby also works as a social networking platform as well, where the users can monitor their activities over social media platforms as well. They can quickly know about the events and get the live newsfeed from their friends as well.

In short, Digsby is a platform that, in addition to instant messaging, provides the users with the system of social networking and email management as well. While on the other hand, the feature of audio and video call is missing in the Digsby.

#6 Nimbuzz


Nimbuzz is an instant messenger and calls service provider from where you can enjoy making free calls and sending free messages without any limits. Nimbuzz brings the finest way to stay connected with your friends and family members. Only a few video calling and chatting programs are offering the feature of calling to the international mobile and landline numbers, and it is among a few of them.

Nimbuzz app allows its global users to make free calls or send text messages for free without even caring for the number of messages sent or the time duration of the calls, as in the case of Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz all is every free.

However, you can make calls to the international landline and mobile numbers by purchasing the credit of the Nimbuzz first that is available at very cheap rates. After that, you can make calls to any mobile number as well.

The main features of Nimbuzz are video calling, HD voice calling, group chat systems, stickers to decorate the chatting, chat rooms for social communication, video chat system, and much more. The features of Nimbuzz are beyond just messaging and chatting.

#7 Facebook Messenger


Facebook Messenger that is commonly known as the Messenger is a desktop commination and messaging program being offered by the Facebook Messenger for messaging, voice chatting and calling. Fb Messenger is integrated with the chatting feature of Facebook and also work as independently as well.

The users of Facebook Messenger can chat with their friends and those added in the contact list. They can even make voice and video calls as well in the same way as they do on the apps of Facebook Messenger or the website of Facebook. Messenger also introduce Rooms feature that allows users to make video calls with more than 50 users around the world.

The ultra-fast and straightforward messaging and chatting platform of Facebook Messenger allows the users to chat and make calls to any operating system without any distraction. The Facebook Messenger is backing it, but in terms of features and functions, Facebook Messenger has no affiliation with Facebook.

The main highlighted features of Facebook Messenger are made HD calls to anyone, snap photos and shoot videos, use stickers to make the conversation colourful, record voice messages and send to the others, group chatting system, and a lot of others. Facebook Messenger is entirely different from Facebook, which is only a social networking platform. Facebook Messenger has its unique features of communication and conversation.



LINE is a free messaging and calling app for exchanging instant messages with friends and enjoy making group chats as well. LINE is available for almost all operating systems and devices. The best thing about the LINE app is that it operates normally over all operating systems. The app supports high synchronization so that you can access it from anywhere and at any time.

LINE Messanger provides the users with free messaging, and voice/video calling system . The users can make real-time audio and video calls to their friends without paying anything. In terms of messaging and text chatting, LINE is also fully-featured, and contains thousands of stickers and smileys to make the chatting colorful and full of fun.

These stickers and emoticons liven up the chats and brings the best way to express one’s feelings with other LINE users. While on the other hand, chatting and calling from LINE to LINE Mmessenger is entirely free.

The app also offers the calling system at landline and mobile numbers as well, and the calls on these numbers can be made at very cheap rates. LINE is a magnificently used communication and social platform for making a secure connection with the ones you love.

#9 AIM


AIM (Stands for AOL Instant Messenger) is a superb messaging platform for the desktop users that provides the system of the instant messaging protocol. AIM brings a significant way to make communication with other people in real-time. AIM provides loads of exciting features, and it is not about messaging and communication.

Its services are beyond the messaging that it lets you enjoy group conversations, media sharing, and instant notifications. When it comes to text messaging, then AIM provides the users with a free text messaging system where there is no limitation and charges over sending messages to others.

It supports the group chat feature that connects you with more people at the same time. This system of AIM lets the users make talks with friends in the form of groups to enjoy more or for making collaboration with team members.

There is also a proper system of media sharing that enables the users to share their files and media in the shape of photos, videos, tweets, memes, and a lot of other stuff.

#10 WeChat


WeChat is a free instant messaging and video communication platform that provides the users with a free platform for sending unlimited messages and calls. We Chat is a secure and private means of communication and discussion where the users can enjoy endless conversations in a secure and private environment.

The app features HD voice calls, HD video calls, instant messaging systems, chat with the nearby persons, and a lot of others. WeChat provides the users with the system of sharing large files and media data.

You can share your desired photos and videos within minutes.WeChat app carries one of the most instant, secure and elegant group chatting feature where the users of WeChat can enjoy instant messaging with their desired group of people.

There are dozens of smileys and emoticons in the app to make discussions more lively, expressive, and colorful. WeChat app also provides users with the system of importing contacts instantly. WeChat app also gives the touch of social media networks where you can like, share, and comment on the photos and videos shared by your friends.

#11 GroupMe


GroupMe is a communication and group messaging platform empowered by Microsoft. Group Me app provides the users with a messaging platform from where they can send instant messages to other GroupMe users without any limitations.

The app also supports the functionality of group chatting and messaging to enjoy everything in the way you want. The two primary messaging services of GroupMe are chatting either privately with the other GroupMe users or even by joining chatrooms.

GroupMe has combined the elements of one-on-one chat and social networking where the users can enjoy both features collectively. It is not for the individual purpose only as it even allows the organizations to use it for group communication and collaboration among coworkers to organize the project.

The best thing about GroupMe is that it works with almost any device and operating system. GroupMe is that if the users want to send messages to anyone from the mobile, than instead of opening the GroupMe, the users can use the SMS box, and the message will be sent through it. Some of its other features includes instant sharing of photos, videos, gallery views, like messages, share location, custom emojis, direct messages, and notification alert system, etc.

#12 KakaoTalk Messenger


KakaoTalk Messenger is a multifunctional chatting, voice talk, face talk, and multimedia messaging platform. The free chatting system of KakaoTalk Messenger provides the users with the two options that includes either messaging to a single friend or doing group discussions with two or more friends simultaineously.

The users of KakaoTalk Messenger are even allowed to enjoy video chatting as well by making HD video calls around the clock to anyone across the globe. Kakao Talk Messenger supports a voice filter integrated into it that ensures a clear voice chatting with friends.

KakaoTalk Messenger brings the system for sending multimedia messages through photos, contact info, voice messages, voice notes, and sharing of locations with others. That means this messenger can also be used for the sharing of data and files.

KakaoTalk Messenger app also contains the features of scheduling and voting system that is hard to find in other messengers. This system is basically to keep your friends involved in upcoming events by organizing a poll and getting votes on that event.

#13 ICQ


ICQ is an exclusive messaging and calling platform for the PC environment. ICQ brings an elegant way to make free chatting as well as video calling with friends and staying in touch with them all the time if they are also using the same app.

The app also provides the system of making low-cost phone calls on landline and mobile numbers, either at the local level or international level. If you are using it and your friend is also using it, then both of you can enjoy the free and unlimited feature of sending messages and making voice and video calls.

ICQ also provides users with the system of file sharing so that you can enjoy sharing photos, videos, and other files effortlessly. Other than these, ICQ users can quickly share photos, video messages, audio files, documents, contacts, and a lot of other information within go.

ICQ app also works as a social media network where the two or more friends can create groups to enjoy the group chatting and calling collectively. The availability of colorful themes, stickers, and emojis allows the users to customize the ICQ in their own way and to enjoy the chatting and conversation in a dynamic and high-profile environment.

#14 Jitsi


Jitsi is an open-source and multiplatform video calling and chatting app that is basically used for video calls, video conferencing, and desktop sharing. Jitsi is one of the best platforms to enjoy sending messaging, making audio and video calls, and even for the video conferencing.

Jitsi app allows the users to conduct the interviews of the candidates or hold video conferences from other parts of the world. Being a multiplatform program, it is available for all operating systems and devices. The app provides secure and private means for video and audio calls to the ones you want.

In addition to chatting and video conferencing, Jitsi provides the system of desktop sharing and file transferring. Its users can easily share all types of files with others even without even caring about the size and format.

In terms of messaging and chatting, Jitsi is one of the best sources that provides the users with an encrypted chatting environment where they can communicate and make conversation with other people.

Jitsi app is free to use app that does not requires any account creation procedure. The app also features desktop sharing, integrated chat system in HD environment, file sharing, and much more.

#15 Miranda IM


Miranda IM is a multi-protocol instant messaging setup for the Windows operating systems that provide the users with the system for basic and important client framework. In addition to providing users with their own integrated features and functions, Miranda IM app also provides the users with the extra plugin architecture system.

In addition to work as an independent instant messenger, Miranda IM even lets the users receive the messages from the other messengers and share the same to them also.

Miranda IM is one of the best messaging clients whose highlighted features includes highly customized environment, extreme level of adjustability, contacts management approach, full messages archive database, and more.

It is a highly secure and private environment for chatting so that you can share data as well as files in the most secure and elegant way. Despite the fact it is providing all these features, there is still no system of advertising in the Miranda IM.

#16 ooVoo


ooVoo is an instant messaging and video chatting platform that is available for almost all operating systems and devices. For enjoying the free features of the ooVoo, the willing users are first required to get themselves registered.

After the registeration, they can enjoy the free features of instant messaging, voice calling, video calling, and chatting and even the video conferencing as well.

OOVOO app provides its registered users with the system of making high-quality audio and video calls to up to twelve users at once. There is also a system of desktop and screen sharing to put and expand your work scenarios.

If you talk about making calls to mobile and landline numbers, then all of its users can make free and low-cost calls over this significent platform. The app supports both features of one to one chat as well as group chatting.

ooVoo is available for almost every device and operating system, and all these are highly synchronizable as well, which means the users can access their account from any device and platform. If your friend is not currently online, then the users can share the offline message through this platform.

#17 X-Lite


X-Lite is a desktop platform that features instant messaging, voice and video calls in a simple and easy to use interface. X-Lite app provides the users with those communication and chatting features that make it easy for the users to enjoy instant messaging and HD voice and video calling. The best about X-Lite is that it can be used for individual and organizational communication purpose.

X-Lite is a way to get rid of the traditional phone system and enjoy the free SMS and voice and video calling system. Either you want to use it for one to one communication or want to use it for group discussion, both features are being offered by the X-Lite.

The main advantages of using X-Lite are that it can be used for business purposes as well to remain in contact with coworkers, video conferencing, see who is online for conversation, manage the contact list, create group according to nature, friends and family members. The main highlighted features of X-Lite are standard voice/video calling, instant messaging system, open standard calling system, voicemail support, and lot of others.

#18 CometChat


CometChat is a desktop messenger that allows the users to enjoy the features of the text, audio and video chat from the desktop of Windows or Mac OS X operating systems. CometChat is the platform of dozens of features and functions that are available in shape of option for one-on-one chats and even group discussion, broadcast messaging system, announcements, single-player games, desktop notifications system, and more.

You can launch Facebook fan page directly from the CometChat, get the notification of tweets directly in the CometChat, translate the conversation into various others international languages, audio call system, video conferencing, screen sharing, send files and data and a lot of other feature and functions that are simply beyond the messaging and calling.

The best about CometChat is that in addition to providing the users with the system of text, audio, and video calling, CometChat offers the users to get their social media accounts organized at a central platform as well. The users on their own can opt for either one-on-one discussion or group discussion and can go for video conferencing as well. Users are even allowed to send files to the other CometChat users within few minutes without even caring about the size of the file.

#19 iMessage


iMessage is an unlimited text messaging system for the Mac OS X operating systems that provide the iOS users to send unlimited messages to other iMessage users on Mac or other iDevices for free. There is no limitation over sending text messages. For sending the messages, the users are required to only have the Wi-Fi or data plan for the device in order to enjoy free messaging and unlimited texting.

In addition to simply sending the text messages, the users of iMessage can enjoy the sharing of photos, videos, contact information, and even location as well. The can enjoy the conversation across all devices of Apple.

But there is one limitation in the case of iMessage and that is non-availability of video and voice calling by the iMessage. However, the users of iMessage can still enjoy the videos and voice messages via MMS to other mobile phones as well. iMessage even supports the voice to text chatting feature as well just like the feature of Siri.

iMessage supports both sending messages to a single person or to the group of persons as well along with photos, videos, and links that they want to share with their friends. Everything is free that requires only an internet connection or Wi-Fi availability.

#20 Google Allo


Google Allo is an Instant Messaging Mobile Application created by Google for Android and iOS platforms. This application requires phone numbers as identifiers and allows their users to exchange messages, voice notes, images, and video notes. It also has a virtual assistant option that automatic generate reply suggestions, find locations and set alarms, etc.

Google Allo is an enjoyable messaging application that helps you to say more and more. Express yourself with smart replay, new stickers, and huge emoji. One of the most interesting things about this app is that it offers an Incognito mode that allows its users to send messages with end-to-end encryption and use the private chat room to keep your chats more discreet etc.

Google Allo introduces a new Whisper Shout feature that allows you to increase or decrease the size of a text with the help of representing volume and the ability to draw photos before sending them. It is one of the best Messaging Applications as compared to others.

#21 Kik


Kik (also known as Kik Messenger) is a Free Messaging Mobile Application available to use on Android and iOS platforms. The application uses a smartphone’s data plan or Wi-Fi to send or receive messages, images, videos, mobile web pages, sketches, and other content after users register a username.

It is popular for its features preserving users anonymously such as allows the users to register without providing the phone numbers. Kik mobile application is more than just a messaging that allows you to send images, videos, games, and gifs whatever you want. It is the easiest way to connect with your friends, stay in the loop and explore all through conversation.

Kik allows you to stay in touch with all of your friends, no matter who you are, or what device you are using. Chat one-on-one, with your whole group or with a bot. Kik also includes lots of key features such as multiple ways to say whatever, simple and easy to understand interface, support world’s largest community, use code to connect you with people and place, status option and editing tools. Kik is one of the best ways to discover and meet new friends from all over the world.

#22 Yahoo Messenger


Yahoo Messenger (Y!M) is a communication software that is specially made for those users who want the fastest and easiest way to chat and share lots of photos, animated GIFs, and videos instantly. The software release in 1998 and owned by Yahoo. It provides free of charge and can download and use with the generic Yahoo ID that allows access to other yahoo servers including yahoo mail etc.

Yahoo Messenger offers pc-to-pc, pc-to-phone, phone-to-pc, webcam hosting, file transfer, and text messages service, etc. It is one of the best chat software that offers lots of key features such as like button, send, group conversation, send voice and video messages, and URI scheme.

It is available to use on multiple platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Mac, and Android, etc. and you can access it anytime anywhere around the world. It has multiple games and apps available that can be accessed via the conversation window by just click on the game or application icon.

#23 Twilio


Twilio is a cloud communications building solution that allows companies to add multiple communication means to their web and mobile channels. It is a simple but powerful platform, enable developers to create built-in messaging, voice and video calls as well as offers lots of authentication tool into their custom applications.

The platform also allows businesses to focus on communication with their clients and employees instead of spending extra amounts and time with telecom carriers to assemble interconnections in every region they operate. As compared to all the similar applications, it is more flexible, pay as you go pricing plans for its multiple communications APIs.

This means companies are not looked into monthly or annual contracts and pay only for what they use. It also lets them vigorously control their programming and communication budgets, so they cloud channel them towards other expenses.

Twilio solution starts with very basic levels, but now it has thousands of users who can use it to manage their digital system. The solution includes core features such as authorization API, communication API, natural language processing, and more. Do try it out, it is best for all size of businesses.

#24 Game Pigeon


Game Pigeon allows you to have fun with friends by playing a collection of exciting multiplayer video games via iMessage. It is an instant messaging solution that allows you to send and receive messages, photos, videos, personalized effects, and more.

Game Pigeon features a series of the world’s best multiple games, including 8-Ball, Tanks, Basketball, Cup Pong, Mini Golf, Chess, Knockout, Poker, Revers, 20 Questions, Dot and Boxes, Filler, and various others.

Each game has its own competitions as well as its own set of objectives to complete. It enables you to communicate with your friends during the gameplay. With Game Pigeon, you can also be able to send new emojis and stickers and all the other exciting that make your experience more stunning.

The app also has a list of core features that make it better than others. Game Pigeon is a superb tool for you if you want to enjoy your favorite games with your friends around the world.

#25 WhatsApp Web


WhatsApp Web is a simple, secure and reliable messaging application that allows you to send and receive text messages, images, videos and voice messages on your browser. WhatsApp application is available to use on both mobile devices such as Android and iOS device and now you can use it on your web browser without any limitation.

To open it into your browser, first, you need to visit Web. WhatsApp and then open your WhatsApp on your phone, tab set, select WhatsApp Web and point your phone to the screen in order to capture the code. When your screen captures the code, you can easily access all features on your web browser.

With the help of this application, you can be also able to make audio and video call that makes it more interesting. WhatsApp Web includes core features such as group chat and call, share location, exchange contacts, offline messages and always logged in, etc. WhatsApp Web is one of the best messaging application on the web.

#26 Messenger Lite


Messenger Lite – Free Calls and Messages is a free communication application developed and published by Facebook. It is a lite version that is fast, lightweight and data-efficient messaging that reaches the people in your life. This lite version comes with lots of new features and tools such as quickly install, save the date, works everywhere and highly compatible.

Just like the Office Messenger app, it also allows you to content anyone on Messenger, Facebook or Facebook lite, send and receive unlimited text messages, send stickers and much more. Make one-on-one video and voice calls for free and talk long as you want.

With this app, you can also be able to share links and locations without any limitations. Messenger Lite app is completely free to use, and you can download it on Android and iOS platforms. Try it out; you’ll be amazed at all the things in this stunning messaging app.

#27 WhatsApp Desktop


WhatsApp is a free messaging application that uses an internet connection to send and receive messages. Although you can use on the web and smartphone, WhatsApp has now launched a desktop application for both Windows and Mac operating system in order to deliver a complete experience.

This new desktop version of the application will be great for some users, as it now needs to take up any space in your web browser. Basically, the app works as an extension of your phone and offers mirror messaging and conversation to your device. It comes with many new features including native desktop notifications and better keyboard shortcuts.

To enjoy its service, you simply need to install the app into your desktop, sign in with your numbers and enjoy it all features without any limitation. You can send and receive photos, video, location, make video and audio call as well as create group chat just like the mobile version. It is worth noting that since the desktop solution uses your mobile device to sync messages, it would probably be best to ensure that it is connected to Wi-Fi to avoid excessive data usage.

#28 Telegram X


Telegram X is free to use messaging application that focuses on Security. This social app is developed by Telegram LLC, and you can download it on Android and iOS devices. With this application, you can easily send and receive unlimited text messages, images, videos, audios, voice messages and even play a variety of games together with friends.

As compared to all the other messaging applications it has a massive range of unique emoji and stickers and allows you to create your own sticker that makes it better than others. Telegram X introduces a new theme change feature and allow you to change multiple themes that depend on your model.

You can be also able to customize each theme with own color and images. The application also includes lots of prominent features such as to send and receive document files, send location, a huge range of stickers, play videos before download and play games, etc. Overall, Telegram X is an excellent messaging app for all ages.

#29 Frim


Frim is a free to use social communication application that helps you to connect with new people around the world on local chat rooms. With this application’s help, you can make new friends, meet new locals for a coffee while you travel, or just chat with the same interested people online to express your feelings.

It has more than 5 million users and allows you to meet new people and make new friends fast easily. Like Facebook and lots of the leading social media applications, it also enables you to send friend requests, and once accepted, you can easily send and receive unlimited messages without any limitation. Frim offers an enhanced communication system and allows you to send and receive text messages, images, videos, location, voice messages, etc.

To make it a comprehensive social app, it introduces an anonymous chat feature that allows you to interact with strangers anonymously; you just need to pick any nickname and start chatting. Frim also includes core features such as sending and receiving funny stickers and cool gifts, flick through and pick profiles you like, use filters to find someone, express yourself with different badges and post a day to day thoughts, etc.

#30 Meebo


Meebo is an instant messaging and social media application that allows you to connect and chat with friends worldwide. It is one of the best alternatives to Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger and offers all the core features with some exciting tools and content.

The main difference is that the application does not require download, and you can chat with friends across multiple IM and social networks from the same interface. It supports almost all the major IM clients and top social networks, including Facebook, Yahoo and Windows Live, etc.

This messaging solution also integrates with lesser-known services that make it better than others. With this messaging platform’s help, you can easily send and receive unlimited text messages, emojis, stickers, images, and even short clips to deliver a complete experience on one platform. There are also audio, and video calls feature that allows you to communicate with friends even in a low internet connection.

Using Meebo’s account, you can easily add all your network accounts quite easily that allow or disable them individually. The application also includes core features such as a simple interface, save contacts, play a variety of games, send and receive unlimited messages and voice and video chat, etc.

#31 Rambox


Rambox is a great productivity platform that provides a very different type of approach to get your workspace organized beautifully. It is a one-stop software that allows the user to integrate all different software.

It consists of tons of features that allow you to integrate your business efficiently, and it can get you lead generation software to boost up your business performance. It provides organizational services and gives separate modules for business and private accounts.

The core features of the platform offer display notifications natively; if the messaging services are supported, ask for the password every time it disables sound and notification record services. It also divides tools into two groups, always access the system tray, configure automatically, provide custom US proxy if your network blocks some services, and much more.

Rambox provides every type of information on the platform, and it is an open-source messaging and emailing app combined with a web application to give you a separate module of everything you see on the API module.

The graphical layout of every aspect of the Rambox is excellent, and it can sync your configuration between multiple computers, offer a password protection module. It also minimizes it in the notification bar, offers do not disturb mode, custom code injection, keyboard shortcut, and much more.

#32 Localphone


Localphone is an online tool that allows cheap international calls through your computer, landline, and mobile devices. The tool claims that it provides affordable call rates than its competitors up to 88%. It is a free tool and available on desktop platforms such as Mac, Windows, and mobile platforms easily.

Localphone allows you to set DIDs or phone numbers as an outgoing caller ID and provides the services of outgoing SMS. The tool offers a five-minute free call for trial purposes and no monthly contracts or connection charges. It has global SMS services that help you to send text messages internationally with simple signup and enter a number then type your message and receive instant replay with ease.

The top features of Localphone include call form your phone or computer, incoming numbers, voice over internet protocol, view your conversation online, rent an incoming number, and many more.

An additional feature of Localphone is VoIP that can work with any compatible VoIP device, free calls, full range of voicemail and advanced setting etc. It offers monthly subscriptions including 167 countries with currency options.

#33 Spoonr


Spoonr was a sumptuous location base social meeting application that allows you to find people at your nearby location. The application came with blistering features, aiding in chatting with your new friends and strangers that were just a walking distance. Within the application, there were real-time walking directions provided within the application to cuddle partners, so they were able to meet either depending on the location they had selected.

#34 Linkello


Linkello app comes up with features to allow users to share the screen of their mobile phone or laptop with their colleagues and friends to accomplish all their office tasks from their home. You can turn off your mic to listen to other participants and can mute the voice by tapping on the volume icon.

Linkello app helps users in joining a video chat room with their friends by entering the email of the chat room at the home screen. You can also send text messages to share private information with the desired colleague.

Users can create a new video chat by adding as many participants as they want and can edit the label of the video chat room according to their needs. The interface contains buttons to stop the video streaming by tapping on the video icon. You can create a new video chat room without having to register an account.

#35 Google Hangouts


Google Hangouts is a social communication application that helps users stay connected with their friends and family, and they can send them both texts and calls. The platform also comes with the ability to do video calling to see their loved ones’ faces. Moreover, it also allows users to send all kinds of text along with images, emojis, and GIFs.

Users can also sync their chats, and they can access the software both from their desktop and mobile devices and can stay connected from anywhere. Furthermore, it also allows users to video call their friends either separately or in a group form. Users can also get the lowest calling rates when they call people, and the calling rates apply everywhere.

Google Hangouts also enables users to stay connected with their friends and family, and they can send them a message even when they are offline. Moreover, users need to connect the app with their phone number, and users will also have to verify their phone number for this purpose.

#36 Google Hangouts Meet


Google Hangouts Meet is a platform that allows users to get their hands on premium video meetings. The platform helps users to get their business meetings done easily by bringing every employee. Moreover, users can communicate with each other through messaging, voice, and video calls.

The platform allows users to start a conversation with a friend through photos, maps, emojis, stickers, etc. Moreover, users can also contact their people through video and voice calls, and they can invite up to ten people into a group. It allows users to keep everything sync with all of their devices.

Google Hangouts Meet comes with a simple interface that allows users to select the type of communication through which they want to start the conversation. Moreover, users can add as many contacts into the software as they want, and they can remove any person from the group with a single click.

#37 All-in-One Messenger


All-in-One Messenger is a comprehensive platform that supports more than 40 communication channels, including Gmail, Facebook Messenger, Google Wave and lots of others. With the help of this, businesses and individuals can enhance their communication with clients and others. The solution comes customization system that allows you to change the appearance, use several attendances, and manage push notifications.

There is a dark mode that makes it more interesting and eye appealing. With the help of the desktop notification system, you can see all unread messages count right in their appearance. All-in-One Messenger is free to use the software, and you can access its service anywhere around the world. Its core feature includes a simple and easy to understand interface, and no programming skill require, free for everyone and support all the leading messengers etc.

#38 Oocam


Oocam is an online website that brings people together through the use of the webcam. On this website and through the webcams, people can chat and talk with each other. They can see each other, and it is one to one webcam chat and talk platform. Users have to write the code of the webcam of their partner with whom they want to talk, and it will connect them to that person.

The website does not require an account, and users only have to write the number of their friends in the call option, and they will be connected to them depending on their internet. It has no charges and uses the internet just like a website uses it.



SKILY is an application that enables users to stay connected with their favorite influencers all the time. The app not only allows the users to follow their influencers, but they can also chat with them if the influencer wants to. It comes with two distinctive features, i.e., users can view all the latest photos and videos of their favorite influencers on their feed.

Moreover, the other distinctive feature is that it allows users to interact with their influencers through a wall feature where users and influencers interact on the basis of questions and answers. With this wall feature, influencers can interact with their followers daily. SKILY allows users to post ideas and suggestions on their influencer’s wall, and users can also view the on-going conversation topic in the influencer’s story. Lastly, users can invite those influencers on this app that are not present.

#40 IGdm


IGdm is a software designed for Instagram users for sending direct messages from their desktop to their followers and other users. The software is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux systems. It is a powerful solution for users who want to use Instagram on their desktop when their smartphones’ battery runs low. The software allows users to continue their conversation from where they left off on their mobile app, as it is synced with it.

Moreover, it comes with a two-factor authentication system that helps users keep their accounts safe and secure. Users can disable read receipts just like they do on the Instagram mobile app. IGdm enables users to save videos and images to their posts section, which users have shared in the chat. Lastly, users can quote a message in the chat to allow the person on the other end to understand it better.

#41 Snap Camera


Snap Camera is a software that offers users Snapchat’s filters and lenses to their live streams to make it interactive. It provides thousands of face lenses from simple iconic classics to lens studio creations, which users can use to have fun during live streaming. The platform allows the users to unlock all those lenses with the other person is wearing in their live stream.

Users can use different filters and lenses while reviewing games or even while playing single-player games. It provides a subscription feature with the Twitch extension, through which users can add lenses to their channels.

The platform is available for both Windows and Mac, and users can download it from their website. The good thing about this platform is that users do not require a Snapchat account to use this software. Lastly, users can use this camera in place of their webcam device and requires an operating system with Windows 10.

#42 ooVoo Video Chat


ooVoo Video Chat is a communication platform that offers users instant messaging and video call services to stay connected with each other. The platform provides filtering effects during video calling to make it more interesting. It allows users to send messages, images, or videos worldwide to anyone with simple clicks.

The software enables users to have a video chat with up to six people, and users can easily add each other to their contacts through the ooVoo links. Users just have to register themselves on the platform, and all the messaging and video calling is free of cost. It comes with ooVoo Chains features, which allows users to create a collection of their short videos, images of text, and share them with other people.

The platform offers high-quality video calling, even with as low as a 2-megapixel camera, the picture quality will be good. Apart from its communication services, the platform also allows users to create content with the help of their videos and share it on the ooVoo community. Moreover, it also enables users to view top trending video collaborations going on worldwide. The best thing about ooVoo Video Chat is that it works on all networks, and offers both 1-on-1 and group calling facility. It is free of cost software, and customer support is available through email.

#43 Sightcall


Sightcall is a web-based platform that provides customer service through visual support with the help of its augmented reality and Artificial Intelligence Insights. The platform helps the companies to reduce their field footprint and enables them to blend the digital and physical worlds into a collaborative environment to guide customers remotely. It allows the customers to show their problems in real-time to the support official who can solve them remotely without going into the field.

The platform also allows the companies to help their on-field technicians to improve their efficiency and solves the problem faster. The best thing about this platform is that it enables the organizations to cover both a town and the whole globe, and companies can provide assistance through it even under poor network conditions. Moreover, there is no hindrance in the connection as the platform is powered by a global data center network that provides the best quality of experience.

Sightcall’s augmented reality feature enables remote experts to show technicians how to perform tasks with the help of digital AR tools. It can guide them through complex repairs with on-screen annotations. The platform has a wide range of customers ranging from Insurance companies to the Telecommunication sector and from Transportation to Life and Medical Sciences departments. Moreover, it offers secure processing of customer and user data through its GDPR Compliance and SOC2 Type II Certification. It comes with paid services only, and customer support is available through email and phone.

#44 Imo Free Video Calls And Chat


Imo is all in one application for video calling and instant messaging that allows you to keep in touch with your friends and family in no time from everywhere on the Globe. This mobile application will enable you to send files without any limitations and share everything you are doing. Its advance notification system keeps you alert whenever someone sends you a message.

The software comes with a stylish dashboard that keeps you motivated in terms of its usage and stability. Now you can use it for business services to increase branding and marketing, and it is also making its mark through providing group service that permits you to create groups of your friends and siblings. Imo lifts your profile via music widget, motto, bio, and different characteristics that make your profile picture perfect.

Imo Zone is facilitating you with an everlasting experience that imparts experience with different topics, interaction with people, high-quality content that you have searched from the application. Its video calling feature is making a stunner that provides you with the live chat option, and different chat rooms are available where you can chat with a person who interested in chat. You can also see who is online, and you can start chatting by sending a wave.

#45 Twilio API for WhatsApp


Twilio API for WhatsApp is a cloud communication platform that offers users to communicate and prototype with WhatsApp. The platform allows users to send a text to other WhatsApp users, send notifications, enable two-way conversations, and build chatbots.

Twilio API for WhatsApp comes with a Twilio Sandbox that allows the Twilio users to send messages to a WhatsApp number. It provides real-time delivery of texts, and the reader can read receipts offer of the delivered message. All of the messages are encrypted, enabling private conversations for the users. Twilio API for WhatsApp enables the users to see contact profiles of other users to enhance their trust levels.

The platform provides two kinds of messages, i.e., WhatsApp Template and Session Messages. Twilio API for WhatsApp allows business holders to communicate with their customers with the same ease as they do with their friends and family. The service is paid, and the user has to pay per message.

#46 Plus Messenger


Plus Messenger is a messaging app that is based on Telegram API and is a direct alternative to Whatsapp, Wechat, etc. It includes full-fledged text messages, voice, and video calls. Other features include stickers, voice messages, Giphy, sending attachments like songs, documents, images, videos, etc., filters, and paying friends back with gifts that you can buy through the app. You get separated tabs for group chats and individual contact chats and a third tab for statuses.

Moreover, you can create categories like family, friends, work, etc. The most interesting feature is that you can create up to 10 accounts which not every app features. Other notable features include changing chat colors, font size, creating custom themes, setting phone numbers hidden from random people, profile preference settings, and changing the whole color scheme of UI. All in all, Plus Messenger is a great tool that you can consider among its alternatives.