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HitLeap Alternatives

#1 Website-Traffic-Hog


Getting real traffic on the website is a hectic task. You are required to go for the promotional services or web content marketing system. But these result in expense in and consumption of time. Now there are many websites known for delivering the web traffic exchange system. In this lot of manual traffic exchange platform, there is a platform named Website-Traffic-Hog based on the principle of giving and take. Way of working is simple.

If you are ready to visit the websites provides by this traffic exchange centre then you are going to get the real visitors on your except adult content-based platforms. The exchange ratio of Website-Traffic-Hog is very strict and maybe not suited to you. It is 2.5:1. That means for every five visits on five different websites; you will get two unique visitors on your website or web page.


#2 EasyHits4U


This domain is specified for the online traffic exchange system. The best about EasyHits4U is that it offers the 1:1 exchange ratio to each of its members. Means there is a chance to get one unique visitor on your website in case of one visit of any website provided by the EasyHits4U.

The other exceptional about EasyHits4U is that there is no limitation over earning and getting the unique hits on your website. Except for adult site and those that don’t allow the minors to check-in, you can enjoy the site promotion for all rest of the websites. The way of working of EasyHits4U is very simple that is based on 1:1 ratio.

#3 TrafficG


TrafficG is listed among the leading traffic exchange platforms available over the internet that deliver the best traffic exchange ratio to their members. This tool will ensure the growth of your website by raising the number of visitors and Alexa rank. You can choose any website, either local or international, except for adult ones, for the traffic exchange system. To start with it, first, you are required to create an account. After registration, you will get ten visitor credits and thousands of banner impressions in your new account.

It is based on the 1:1 ratio system. This system is not that hard to understand; like for one visit, you will get paid by another website and then payback for unique visitors on your website. The best about this tool is that it provides various free website promotion services and traffic exchange. These free website promotion services include geo-targeting visitors, promoting unlimited sites, supporting three dozen international languages, promoting unlimited banners, a free listing in the TrafficG directory, and much more. If you want to enjoy more features of TrafficG, then the upgrade option is also available, starting from $4.66. If you don’t have time to visit the websites to earn credits, you can buy traffic starting at the price of $7.


#4 StartXchange


StartXchange is a web-based traffic exchange platform that works on the principle of giving and take. This platform allows its members to promote social networking platforms by using the traffic exchange platform. This simple and easy-to-use tool will empower you to gain new heights in your business. There is one simple rule to get traffic. The number of visitors to your website or webpage will depend on how many websites or pages are viewed by you.

This platform aims to expand your reach in the online world by bringing traffic to your site. The best part about it is that all the traffic to your site will be real people, which helps your website ranking. For the readers’ information, the terms and conditions of this tool are strict. Moreover, to become eligible for the traffic exchange system, your website must be in English.

#5 Hit2Hit


Hit2Hit is a manual traffic exchange platform for those who consider the unique traffic really valuable for them. It is an online manual traffic exchange platform to save your time and generate better results in less time. The website timer is fixed at six seconds that will is a minimum time for you to visit another website. However, the surf or traffic exchange ratio is a little strict. The ratio is 2:1. which means you will get one visitor after you have paid two visits to different sites. If you are looking for an inexpensive online ad campaign, this might be what you have been looking for.

There are four surf ratio plans for this tool: Green Rose, White Rose, Coral Rose, and Red Rose. The ratio of all these plans is 2:1, 4:3, 1:1, and 1:1.25, respectively. First, create an account over here, and after activating it, you will get the list of links in the email. Then you are required to visit twenty of those links, and in return, you will get credit for 10 website visits

#6 Trafficbunnies


Trafficbunnies is an online domain that is dedicated to the traffic exchange system. Those who want to enjoy the unlimited traffic on their websites will surely like the traffic exchange feature. Four simple steps are required to start with this tool. First, create a free account and confirm the email sent to you. After that, log in to your account and view the websites of other members. In response, you will earn credits. The number of credits that you will earn depends on how many websites you have visited.

Now you are required to exchange those credits for website views of your website. You will get as many views as your credit points can support. You can advertise with this platform as well to increase your website hits. A higher number of people opting into your offers resulting in higher sales and an increase in earnings. Those who want to get real visitors on their websites will surely like the services of this platform. For the information of the readers, Trafficbunnies don’t allow for adult content. Some rules apply to the traffic exchange system. You are required to read the terms and conditionsbefore starting with it.

#7 HitSafari


HitSafari is a traffic exchange platform for those webmasters and SEOs looking to generate a lot of traffic from real and genuine visitors. This platform is best known for delivering the best manual traffic exchange solution to its users. Here you will explore the real wonders of the best traffic and permanent engagement with your new visitors. The main advantage of using this tool is that it will always provide real visitors to your website that will ensure your website’s growth. First of all, you are required to create an account. For the readers’ information, it doesn’t support adult websites at all, so make sure you are not going to use any website related to it.

Features and services of HitSafari are undoubtedly awesome, but starting with this tool is difficult for many reasons, like the strict exchange ratio. Here you need to visit two different websites to earn one visitor for your own site. As for the pro members, this ratio will go to 1:1. HitSafari has a banner ad system as well, and by displaying that banner on your website, you can earn some credits.

#8 TezakTrafficPower


TezakTrafficPower is a manual-based traffic exchange platform. The exceptional feature about this traffic exchange platform is that it offers eleven different ways to earn traffic for your website of any type. It is a membership-based platform, so the chances are high that you will only get real and genuine visitors. The membership of this website is totally free. Within fifteen minutes, you can get 150 hits for free.

You can even purchase traffic using this platform, which is available at the cost of few cents against a single visitor. Then there is the banner ads system that you are required to place on your website. Mini text ads are also available as well. It is a perfect match for you and your advertising needs with its great list of eleven different options.

#9 247AutoHits


247AutoHits is an unlimited free website traffic exchange system for those SEOs and web admins who want to enjoy the unlimited traffic on their websites and blogs. If you are ready to accept the military level of terms and conditions, then move to the account creation. Restrictions are very high about adult, racist, hate, and offensive material containing websites. Moreover, if your website’s content is not in English, it will not qualify for the manual traffic exchange system.

Like other traffic exchange platforms, this one is also based on giving and taking. You can get as many visitors as you will view the websites and webpages of the other members. In addition to the traffic exchange system, various website promotional and referral cash commission earning schemes are also part of 247AutoHits.

#10 10KHits


10khits is a traffic exchange platform that asks users to sign up to see what the service offers for users and their websites. You can get instant results and boost your website worth within moments. The company gets sites managed at a professional level by experts that know the tactics of e-marketing.

10KHits is the online name of an effortless and straightforward source for getting the free visitors for all types of websites, either it is a video website, the website of any specific product, portfolio website, e-commerce website, or any other internet site. 10KHits are also like the leading traffic exchange platforms where you visit the websites of the others and, in return, get a visitor on your website. So, here is the chance of getting so much traffic as you want.

#11 AutoWebSurf


AutoWebSurf is a unique type of traffic exchange program whose way of working is different from most of the traffic exchange programs. The automatic traffic exchange system of AutoWebSurf will deliver unique visitors to your website. Three simple steps are required to follow to get the start.

First, submit your page or link, start a traffic exchange system, and start getting the traffic on your website. Some of the features are regarding traffic exchange and web promotional services and these are hourly traffic control system, anonymous hide referrer system, and availability of LightViewer. It also offers multiple sessions on multiple IPs, custom timer from ten seconds to three hundred seconds, referral credits earning up to 0.2, banner & text adoption, and referral cash earning up to 40%.

HitLeap Reviews

written on June 13, 2020

When I first look at the website of this platform, I was amazed because it has to-the-point information, and it is displayed very intuitively. It provides a lot of tools for boosting up my audience give me a deliverable progress report, which I used to analyze and customize my website according to it, and so much more. When I first use it, I only use the keyword facilities to boost up my post and blog, and now my site is different, and on top of Google search.

written on June 9, 2020

The best online service which you can get for your website. When I mean online service, I mean you can have so much traffic to your website using this platform because it will provide all the SEO tools for you to integrate and customize your website according to the Google requirement. Besides giving information, the main purpose of a website is to rank the top in its category. I will recommend that you use software to boost up the rating of your site.

written on January 9, 2020

In my opinion, you will never get any more sophisticated platform than this web-based service. If you are looking for keyword research and SEO tool, then this is a platform you search for first because it consists of many interesting features and the ability to boost up your website to the new rankings of Google. You can get limitless traffic, bounce rate reduction, various traffic source, backlinking, external SEO, on-page SEO reports, and so much more. Trust me, I have used this platform many times, and I’m ranking on top.

written on November 27, 2019

This tool will provide ranking and put traffic to your website. With that, you can boost up the working, and you will score on top of the search engine. Nowadays, it is all about who you see first. It will provide you with the basic Webmaster and SEO tools, which give you are free to source for getting limitless visitors, that will boost up your engagement. I’ve been using this platform for a long time, and it has given me so many interactive tools that are easily used and integrates with your website.