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Hosted Graphite is one of the best Cloud Monitoring platform used by thousands of engineers around the world. The popular metric platform enables the user to measure the health and performance of his websites, servers, applications and containers. With the help of this platform, the user can view his data on the stunning interactive graphs in real-time and understand what’s really happening with his technology at a glance… read more
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10 Hosted Graphite Alternatives & Similar Software


1. ClouderPC

ClouderPC is a cloud desktop solution that provides full Windows desktop capabilities with safe cloud storage. It includes high-speed internet access and apps like Microsoft Office. The user can easily browse and download files at 100 Mbps on any device and access his files and applications anywhere on any device. ClouderPC is also known as one of the best solutions that help the user to create his own virtual IT and give full mobility to his employees, exchange local computers for virtual remote desktops and hosted in the cloud of Amazon Web Server and access them with Citrix technology. The solution comes with all the major functionalities and services such as auto-provisioning and automation, full mobility, fast-delivery and ultra-fast-internet speed etc. that make the user’s experience more enhanced. The solution also includes prominent features such as VPN access, daily backup, money back guarantee, install own software and more. Do try it out, you’ll be amazed at all the thing in this powerful platform.


2. NetDocuments

NetDocuments is a leading Security-as-a-Service platform specially designed for cloud-based documentation and email management. The platform comes with world-class security, encryption and compliance solutions built-into the service and allows to create, manage, access and collaborate on document and email from any location or device. It is one of the best and perfect choice from a security point of view as it has private and redundant ISO 27001 datacenters that are expert and complies with SEC, and HIPPA. Not only is powerful and secure, but it also makes it simply easy to use the complete suite of documents and email management tools such as Security and Compliance, Document Management, Email Management and more. As compared to all the other similar platforms it is a modern platform that is able to scale according to requirements of both small and large firms. The suit can seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Office and Adobe application for better document creation, editing and collaboration. NetDocuments also includes core features such as automatic alert and notification, enterprise search, document and email management, disaster recovery and more.


3. Betty Blocks

Betty Blocks is an IT Development software that allows users to create applications easily and quickly without having extensive programming and coding expertise and experience. The solution is available to use in multiple versions, and each new version of the solution offers new features and service in order to deliver more enhance the experience. Betty Blocks speeds up and simplifies the whole process and more than eight times faster compared to the conventional application building process. With this approach, users can create business applications that are based on his business processes, data model and logic. All their applications are fully optimized for any computer, smartphone and tablet. It provides users of all types with simple and intuitive application builder that does not demand extensive coding and programming experience and knowledge. Betty Blocks is an online platform that means the user never need to be concerned about acquiring and setting up additional software and hardware. All the applications created with this solution are developed and hosted on its platform. The solution also has lots of interesting things that make it better than others. Try it out.


4. Mule ESB

Mule ESB is a lightweight IT Management solution, enable developers to bridge applications together fast and hassle-free, and also allows them to exchange data easily. It is known as a complete solution that offers all the major functionalities and services in order to manage their complete system. With the help of this platform, users can easily create integrations for use cases that range from the simple extension for legacy services with lightweight APIs to advanced SOA re-platforming for connectivity across the whole enterprise. It also enhances speed and improves productivity with the help of its pre-built connectors and templates. Mule ESB allows users to quickly service enable assets or design enterprise-grade integration and execute them anywhere on-premises, in the cloud or in hybrid environments at the push of the button. Simple drag and drop graphical design, SLA monitoring, secure data gateway, visual data mapping, API management, application deployment and role-based access these are core features of the solution. Mule ESB has different price plans, and each plan has its own cost.


5. Sift Science

Sift Science is a world-class IT Security software powered by a cloud-based machine learning platform specially designed to prevent fraud and abuse and help his customers to enjoy their shopping experience without worrying about their accounts breached and their information stolen. It provides an enterprise-grade security platform capable of handling the demands of any organization or business. One of the most exciting thing about this application is that it offers a plethora of features such as device ID fingerprinting, IP address analysis and social data analysis to enable businesses to detect and remove fraud as well as protect their beloved customers. Another great fact about this platform is that is offer conversation system that drives his sales. It can be automated to prevent spammers and scammers post abusive content that can significantly harm the reputation of his brand and business. It is one of the best alternatives to SaaS Vulnerability Scanner and offers all the similar services with some new features such as payment fraud, device fingerprinting and promo abuse etc. Do try it out, Sift Science is an excellent security solution as compared to the others.


6. Sunbird DCIM

Sunbird DCIM is another data centre infrastructure management solution specially designed for IT managers, facility managers and operators of data centres. It describes as easy to use software that helps users optimize their data centre, increase efficiency and save lots of money. The solution also enables the users to track their data centre infrastructure assets without the need of visiting the data centre floor. In addition, it also provides them with a detailed and accurate view of available spaces in their racks such as physical connection, circular panels and network ports. One of the most exciting features of this platform is that it uses an interactive data centre health map, which allows users to receive alerts when there are trouble areas in their data centre. With this platform, the user will able to monitor servers, network equipment, storage and application in his data centre. Interestingly, it can also track the physical connections among these plans down to the individual port level. Sunbird DCIM uses 3D data centre visualization that actually provides users with information that is complex to get when they are physically inside their data centre. The solution offers three different SMB and enterprise pricing plans for users to choose from; each one has its own features and price.


7. Symphony Summit

Symphony Summit is an IT Service Management solution that utilizes latest innovations IT technology including mobility, analytics and automation in order to enable IT service firms and CIOs enhance the productivity of their IT service operations while bringing down their operational costs and removing usual complexities involved. With the help of this platform, users are able to create operational intelligence via contextual data correlation from multiple systems. The operational intelligence it gathers afford IT analysts with more improve situational awareness of their IT infrastructure and provide them with the recommended corrective action to issues and all kinds of problems in real-time. Symphony Summit makes it possible for IT organizations to provide premium IT services and applications that meet client requirements and specification while addressing shrinking budgets and compliance. With the help of this platform users and their crew are able to work effectively and efficiently as user access to all information that can help with their current tasks. The user can access all previously related scenarios, resolutions provided, and associated work orders and change processes which were implanted as part of the solution to the user can address the problem at hand more effectively. Most of the repetitive tasks require human intelligence but as workflows go on the replay, fatigue sets in and this result in human errors. Symphony Summit also has a list of core features that make it more interesting. Try it out.


8. SaaS Vulnerability Scanner

SaaS Vulnerability Scanner is a leading IT security solution created by CyberSecurityHelp. The solution is specially designed to protect the user’s network infrastructure form the outside by scanning and detecting susceptibilities in the network for potential access points through which threat can enter. It helps users not only protect their network from outside parties, hackers and viruses but ensure that all devices are updated, and their firmware is recent and adheres to industry standards. SaaS Vulnerability Scanner uses a combination of human and machine learning as well as passive fingerprinting techniques in order to perform a comprehensive scan of his network infrastructure. The scanning process is done from the outside, ensure that it will not cause any memory corruption, consume excessive resources and cause an assertion to fail. The solution starts with a limited level, but now it has thousands of users around who can use it to secure their network. SaaS Vulnerability Scanner offers prominent features such as threat intelligence, safe fingerprinting detection, 24/7 monitoring, up to date vulnerability database and automated analysis etc. If you really want to secure your network then try it out, it is one of the best solutions for you.


9. JCppEdit

JCppEdit is one of the most popular IT development software, support almost all the programming languages that provide developers with a unique solution designed to enable them to code several programs within the unified environment. The solution caters to popular and widely used coding languages such as C, C++, HTML, CSS and Text Files etc. It delivers a simple and straightforward IDE that comes with a simple plug and play feature. The user never has to configure or tweak the software in order to write code in any programming language. Once the user installed it on his computer, he can work with it right off the bat. JCppEdit solution speeds up the way the user works with its Autocomplete functionality, helps the users code faster by furnishing with the list of suggested words while the user type. It automatically gathers his programs and also helps the user to recognize errors in his programming in real-time. As compared to all the other similar platforms it offers lots of new tools which the user need to boost his work. Autosaves, robust set of IDE tools, compile, debug, support multiple languages and easy to understand these are key features of the solution. JCppEdit is one of the best IT development tool as compared to the others.


10. PagerDuty

PagerDuty is an IT Management and operations performance platform specially created to enhance the reliability and performance of businesses by eliminating the chaos across the complete operation lifecycle. It gives IT and development operation teams with powerful capabilities including monitoring, on-call scheduling and incident monitoring in order to resolve problems in their applications, servers and websites. The software also enables DevOps teams to deliver high performing applications and delightful customer experiences. With its real-time alerts and visibility into the critical systems and applications, operations teams can quickie detect and resolve incidents from development through production. It is also known as agile incident management system designed and development by former Amazon developers who used their experience to create a powerful system. PagerDuty allows users to set up and prioritize alerts for the whole team and provide them with SMS and voice messages capability on the tip of the standard email alert. It comes with tons of supported monitoring platform and very simple to use and has powerful GUI scheduling and escalation policy screens. PagerDuty includes prominent features such as system and user reporting, real-time collaboration, service grouping and mobile incident management etc. Overall, it is an excellent IT management solution as compared to the others.

More About Hosted Graphite

Hosted Graphite is one of the best Cloud Monitoring platform used by thousands of engineers around the world. The popular metric platform enables the user to measure the health and performance of his websites, servers, applications and containers. With the help of this platform, the user can view his data on the stunning interactive graphs in real-time and understand what’s really happening with his technology at a glance. Get push notifications when the metric stop reporting or show unexpected behaviour and track incidents with a full alerts history. This powerful solution takes the best features of the original projects and adds scalability, reliable support and team access control that makes integration with his systems quick and easy. As compared to the other it offers a very flexible pricing scheme and a massive number of useful integrations. Hosted Graphite also includes key features such as advanced data view, push notifications, automation, user permission, graph sharing, flexible pricing, application monitoring and more. Do try it out, it is best for all size of businesses.

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