House Flip


House Flip Alternatives for Mac OS

#1 House Flipper


House Flipper, developed by Empyream and published by PlayWay S.A., is a Building, First-person Perspective, and Single-player Simulation. It proposes unique gameplay that obliges the player to perform numerous activities and tasks. During the gameplay, the player gets a chance to become a one-person renovating crew and remains engaged in purchasing, repairing, and even upgrading some devastated houses to make money.

During the gameplay, the player needs to give the second life and try to sell the house at a nice profit. In the game, the player must traverse the whole environment from a first-person perspective and achieve several objectives. While in the game, the player utilizes a set of tools and other parts to hammer, nail, drill, and even screw some things together to clean up or fix the stuff.


#2 Viscera Cleanup Detail


Viscera Cleanup Detail developed and published by RuneStorm is a Sci-fi, Single-player, and Multiplayer Simulation. The game takes place within the brutal world and permits the player to clean up the bloody aftermath of a repulsed alien invasion. During the gameplay, the player controls the role of the protagonist and acts as a Space-Station Janitors.

In the game, the player can clean and repair different facilities to jump into the vicious and even bloody combat during an alien invasion or other kinds of a severe disaster. There are various tasks to complete, such as gather and dispose of debris, dismember several bodies of aliens and humans, break multiple glasses, and even spend several shells.