Houzz Pro


Houzz Pro Alternatives for iOS

#1 WeBuild


WeBuild is a best-in-class construction management platform that is operational, efficient, and reliable with its project estimations. The software helps the teams correctly manage their projects while reducing risks and barriers ahead of productivity. Webuild is based on a cloud construction management system capable of solving complex productivity solutions for small, large contractors. The rich analytics lets you understand trends more quickly that will help you to make more proactive decisions on the spot.

The software is dispensing real control over your teams, business, and, more importantly, your projects. Using state-of-the-art technology means you have an integrated control center for the new technological world contractors. Each of the team members knows its task to deal with via having the customized management platform. There are multiple features on offer: bid management, document management, project and contract management, quality and safety, dashboard and reporting, rich collaboration, integrated solutions, and more to add.