HP PhoneWise

HP PhoneWise is a top-notch application that allows you to interact with your phone through the PC, negating the need to take the phone out of the pocket. The app is designed to be used along with specific HP devices that have HP Piecewise installed on them. It enables you to read and reply to messages directly from the PC. Once the smartphone is linked with the computer, the end-user can browse all the contacts of the phone, get notifications from installed apps, give replies to text messages via the keyboard, and answer calls via the headset or the speakers.

Dial and receive calls from the PC without needing to hold the phone. The audio is routed automatically through your PC to the connected headset or speakers. Whenever the end-user wants to make a phone call, they can simply navigate the contacts on the phone or utilize the dial pad to initiate an outgoing call. You can check the allowed app notifications like Outlook on the desktop.


HP PhoneWise Alternatives

#1 Dell Mobile Connect


Dell Mobile Connect reduces distractions by enabling you to use your dell computer to interact with your phone. It makes it easy to wirelessly link Android or an iOS device to the PC, therefore putting all the files and folders in one place. Its purpose is to provide a wide range of features to boost efficiency and create ease for the end-user. You can send photos, documents, videos, and music to and from the PC and iOS or Android smartphone without needing to worry about troublesome cable or cloud storage.

The app mirrors the device, which lets you stay up to date with all the updates/notifications and not miss anything. Take advantage of the big screen of the PC and use the easy-to-use keyboard to respond to SMS messages and dial and answer calls. It respects your privacy and doesn’t tamper with the content in any way. The data of the end-user won’t ever be collected by the application.


#2 Your Phone


Your Phone is a useful application from Microsoft that makes it easy to stay connected with your phone by using the PC. You can connect your Android phone with the PC to perform all sorts of tasks like checking and replying to text messages, dialing and receiving calls, and more without hassle. Create ease in your day-to-day life by managing mobile notifications on the Computer.

There is no need to email photos to yourself because the images can be transferred between the phone and PC straight away. Copy, modify and select and drop photos directly from the Computer. For specific Samsung phones, it provides the function to drag and drop files from the phone to the PC and also enables the managing of the desired apps to and from the PC. It uses the Bluetooth functionality of the Windows PC to make and receive calls.

#3 Wormhole – Control Phone from PC


Wormhole allows you to control your phone directly from the PC. View messages, contacts and manage them from the PC, and use Screen Fusion for Android and iOS smartphones. It has many features and divides them into Basic and Advanced Categories. The basic ones include Wireless Screen Mirror, Audio Output on Computer, Wired Screen Mirror, and Control Phone on Computer. The Advanced features are designed to further enhance your experience and include Touch Bar, Clipboard Share, Type with PC’s Input Method, File & Photos Transfer, Gaming Keymapping, Notification on Computer, Screen Record, and Concurrent Wormhole. The best feature is that you can connect multiple phones simultaneously.


#4 Alienware Mobile Connect


Alienware Mobile Connect enables you to make calls, type texts and send them to others, receive notifications, and transfer files through the Alienware Computer, resulting in a decrease in distractions and giving you complete control over all aspects of the phone without even taking it out from the pocket. The features include Hands-free phone calls, Text messaging, File Transfer, Notifications, and Contacts.

It is designed to reduce distractions and allow you to use the large screen of the Computer and keyboard to your advantage. The requirements are simple, first, download the primary Alienware Mobile Connect App and install it on any Windows 10 PC manufactured by Alienware. After that’s done, proceed to download the companion app available in the Apple, Android, or App Store. Once everything’s done, launch the app, fulfill all the on-screen prompts, and that’s it.

#5 Virtoo


Virtoo is a smartphone app developed by LG to enable you to connect your smartphone to your LG. It establishes a link between the PC and smartphone using a Bluetooth connection and offers different smartphone functions on the PC. The app allows you to perform all smartphone functions on the PC. It enables a convenient computing environment and enables you to fulfill tasks with great ease. The requirements stated in the description include an LG gram Windows PC, and a mobile device running Android 7 or above, and an iOS device with version 11 and above.

#6 MyMobiler


MyMobiler is an app for Android operating systems that allow Android users to control their devices via Wi-Fi or USB from their desktops. It is a tool for remotely controlling the Android set and captures the video or screen. The client can see on the PC what is shown on the gadget screen by utilizing the mouse and console through the ActiveSync or Wi-Fi system.

It can sort content from the PC and have it on the gadget. By utilizing MyMobiler, it is conceivable to make a pic duplicate of what shows up on the screen of Windows Mobile from the PC. The product is likewise coordinated with a possibility for video catching.

This system offers clients with the likelihood to securely trade information between cell phones and PCs. They can be photographs, recordings, or music documents. Another element of MyMobiler is its capacity to duplicate, cut, and glue writings between the two gadgets. It additionally permits clients to the pivot of the showcase on the PC and zooms it.

#7 Mobogenie


Mobogenie is a reliable app that permits you to oversee contacts, apps, messages, and mixed media documents of your cell phones utilizing your PC. This sort of utilization is otherwise called Android Synchronization programming. It has an exceedingly instinctive interface and helps you to search and deal with every one of the records on your Android phones only like contacts, instant messages, and applications.

The client will like its decent, vivid, and cutting-edge plan. Its route boards help you to get to every present component, and another board can show the picked data. The application deals with your applications, ringtones, amusements, and backdrops on the Internet and empowers you to watch recordings from YouTube through related choice.

Mobogenie has supportive components that enable you to reinforcement and reestablish all the data present on your cell phone, so permitting you to forestall sudden information misfortune or rapidly switch telephones. This device can quickly oversee client contacts, including new ones, erase them, embed pictures, apps, and documents with a little exertion.

It offers a fascinating component for more experienced clients who encourage clients to root their gadgets and access to the entire Android versatile working framework. Mobogenie is a useful app for your Android cell phones.

#8 Wondershare MobileGo


Wondershare MobileGo is a dependable and convenient app that can help you to reinforcement or exchange information from your Android mobile phone to the PC and access particular applications to deal with your records effortlessly. To get advantages from Wondershare MobileGo for Android, you need to interface your telephone utilizing their special USB link.

At the point when the product identifies the Android phone, it demonstrates its model name, the variant of Android, and the battery level. The client can get extra points of interest of Android through his PC, much the same as processor sort, screen size, bearer or baseband, accessible memory, and bootloader. Also, you can utilize the application to get a review of its involved space on the gadget and the SD card.

Wondershare MobileGo for Android demonstrates a rundown of introduced apps on client telephone, so you have the office to uninstall superfluous apps, trade them to the PC, or move to the SD card. Besides, you can seek all the soundtracks on his gadget and set them as ringtones, rename or play them, and also send out them to the PC or the iTunes library.

The app permits you to exchange the recordings or pictures to another area, get to, or evacuate them. Besides, you have the choice to deal with your contacts, make new ones or alter them, and fare them to Outlook Express, vCard records, Windows Live Mails, Window Address Book, or Outlook.

#9 Droid Explorer


Droid Explorer is a dependable and lightweight utility that permits you to deal with your established Android gadgets. This app underpins a substantial assortment of devices simply like HTC, Google Nexus, Samsung, and Acer Liquid. Droid Explorer helps the client to see and arrange the device substance with the assistance of the Android SDK. Also, he ought to have the relating OEM drivers, and BusyBox introduced, and also the USB investigating highlight present on his established gadget.

The application recognizes the associated device consequently and gives you a chance to chip away at fundamental record administration operations. Besides, it has introduced and uninstalled support for APK documents and helps you to reboot the Android gadget in typical or recuperation mode. A troubleshoot console, and an order shell is a piece of this utility so you can use SQLite Explorer to structure information stockpiling.

The bundle director helps the client to see the rundown of the present applications on his Android and introduce or uninstall them from their PC individually. Clients have the preferred standpoint to duplicate and auto-apply overhauls to the Google portable apps accessible on the framework. Droid Explorer has the component of taking scene or picture screenshots of cell phone and spares them to the PC.

#10 Android Control


Android Control is a straightforward and robust program that encourages you to control your Android gadget from your PC with the assistance of a USB connection. You can begin taking shots and play out the progressions you need on your Android gadget, through USB investigate mode. Before interfacing your cell phone to your PC through a USB connection, you need to enact the element from your device’s settings segment.

It highlights Designer Mode gives clients an expanded level of access to the substance of his telephone. It can roll out particular improvements that would be some way or another be hard to accomplish.

It has a genuinely essential and unremarkable interface having a different catch to performing distinctive activities on your phone or tablet. Much the same as you have the choice to Reboot Device, Reboot Device In Recovery Mode, or Reboot Device in Bootloader Mode. It helps you to Remount System Partitions or Shutdown Device.

Android Control app encourages clients to introduce App into Device by picking the related APK record from the PC and stacking it into the telephone. It additionally performs inverse operation implies the client can Uninstall App from Device by giving the bundle name and pushing on the Uninstall catch.

#11 MyPhoneExplorer Portable


MyPhoneExplorer Portable is convenient programming that encourages clients to deal with cell phones in an agreeable way, control contacts, calls, and updates specifically from his home PC. It is a convenient version of MyPhoneExplorer with an easy to understand environment to oversee information on your telephone. It works without establishment, permitting you to drop the project records anyplace on the hard-plate and run the executable document straightforwardly.

You likewise have the choice to store MyPhoneExplorer Portable on a USB streak drive and run it on any PC. Also, the Windows Registry section of the application does not get new passages and does not leave documents on the hard drive after system expulsion.

It highlights a clean and entirely natural interface and backings more than 700 sorts of cell phones, including Android-upheld gadgets. It helps the client to import, trade and make new SIM contacts, and also get to call, notes, messages, documents, the logbook, alerts, and other primary ranges of the telephone like screen and memory status.

Besides, you can synchronize information between different gadgets, make and reestablish reinforcements, and sync the phone clock with an online server. Clients can utilize different alternatives from the Setting board on the association sort, UI appearance, synchronization, and conduct. It lowly affects the PC’s general execution and utilizations a low measure of CPU and memory.

#12 91 PC Suite for Android


91 PC Suite for Android is a lightweight administration app that permits clients to get to and deal with all elements of the Android cell phone right from the PC. This product arrangement has extraordinary apparatuses to oversee and sort out information and records on an Android cell phone. The client can download and uninstall apps on the phone and perform numerous other valuable errands.

After capable associate the cell phone to the PC, clients can oversee contacts and SMS messages, read messages, set alerts tickers, get to the logbook plans and the schedules, view bookmarks, and change notes. The Media tab is helpful to include and evacuate backdrops, ringtones, photographs, and recordings.

You can utilize it to put in new topics and take screenshots of your cell phone. You can get to the Framework tab to make a reinforcement of telephone information. There you can likewise discover instruments to oversee documents and apps, reestablish support, alter pictures, and conform settings of your cell phone and pursuit calling area.

It has an instinctive design, and the essential window demonstrates some conspicuous notices, which makes 91 PC Suite for Android a helpful utility both for amateurs and expert clients. Recollect that one thing that dependably you need to associate your cell phone to the PC with a USB link.

#13 Portable SonicHandy


Portable SonicHandy is a compact cell phone administration programming that permits clients to view contacts and messages on his gadgets. It helps you to investigate the connections of your Android Phone on a Windows PC and perform reinforcements of your contacts and SMS document. You can duplicate messages, call history, and location book for recouping if there should be an occurrence of catastrophe.

It also includes a New Device Wizard that manages the client through every one through setting up an association between the PC and the cell phone. In any case, before beginning, recollect that the Android gadget must have USB investigating mode enacted, and the SonicHandy Android app should be as of now being introduced.

The app can check all USB associations, Bluetooth associations, COM ports, and remote systems to distinguish the nearness of the perfect gadget, giving the outcomes in a sorted out rundown.

You have the choice to screen the battery, sign, and capacity limit of the phone, and its similarity with the Windows program. You can open your SMS inbox and read messages, view calls history, get to your phone directory, and duplicate contact points of interest to the clipboard. You also have the office to send an SMS message to any of your contacts from your PC specifically.

#14 Android ICS Root Unlocker


Android ICS Root Unlocker is a dependable utility that encourages the client to empower the root capacity on your Android cell phone. This app permits you to utilize any adjustments to the gadget, with no limitations. To begin working with the app, you need to interface your telephone to the PC through a USB information link.

By doing this, the product can speak with your Android working framework. Be that as it may, you need to empower or impair a couple of alternatives on your telephone before to bring any product changes.

In the wake of dealing with every one of the settings, you can begin the method by utilizing the means appeared on the screen. It highlights a charge line interface that is easy to comprehend and you can perform errands effortlessly with no exertion.

The client needs to utilize the app for the particular purposes on the off chance that he needs to figure out how to enact the root capacities on his Android cell phone. It helps you to perform errands through the orderly technique.

#15 Raccoon


The Raccoon is an application that empowers clients to download the Android APK field without utilizing an Internet program. This helpful program acts like Google Play downloads customers and helps you in snatching APK documents from the store with no connection with it.

To get a text from the Internet, you need to sign in to your Google account through Raccoon, locate your required application, diversion or book and tap the “Download” to get it. It moves the downloaded document to the Chronicle organizer, which Raccoon makes on your framework.

It demonstrates all the list items in a perfect rundown, and you can see their titles with extra data simply like an engineer, document size, value, consents, distributed date, and client rating.

It offers a little thumbnail to help you in recognizing it effortlessly. The best advantage of the app is that the client does not use the first store and his movement can’t be followed by advertisement bots. It gives some extra elements to get Android APKs more having them generally on your framework, you can introduce them when you are disconnected.

#16 MobiKin Assistant for Android


MobiKin Assistant for Android is a simple and easy to understand programming that is helpful to deal with the archives and projects present on your Android telephone or tablet. To utilize this application, you need to interface your gadget to the PC through a USB link. After this, the essential window of the application demonstrates a nitty-gritty review identified with the associated gadget having data in regards to the without further ado possessed space or OS adaptation.

The client can see space involved by his introduced applications on a cell phone, or he can introduce another application on the off chance that he, as of now, has downloaded the APK record to his PC. Besides, he can without much of a stretch, erase the pointless system with a solitary snap, right from the PC desktop.

MobiKin Assistant for Android gives you the likelihood to skim through pictures, melodies, or recordings on your Android gadget, yet you can likewise see all the got and sent SMS. Moreover, you can see the contacts on your cell phone simply like their names, email addresses, and telephone numbers. MobiKin Assistant for Android is a convenient utility for dealing with your Android information.

#17 Android Applications Manager


Android Applications Manager is an open-source app having basic settings for introducing and uninstalling applications from Android-fueled gadgets. This straightforward platform empowers you to uninstall apps from your Android phones effortlessly and includes new ones or apply reinforcements with more established settings. It takes a shot at the PC without establishment if Java is as of now running on the PC.

In this way, the client can spare the system documents to an organizer on the plate and tap on the JAR record to begin dealing with the Android Application Manager. The user has the choice to save it in a pen drive or other removable stockpiling units from keeping it with you when you are moving.

The simple to-utilize interface of the app does not give outwardly alluring components. It recognizes Android gadgets associated with the PC consequently and permits clients to choose anyone from the rundown, look at introduced applications, erase them, or put in new ones.

Additionally, you can see the name, absolute limit, and free space of the gadget, and can make a rundown of apps to introduce and stack a reinforcement record. This utility does not have any strength issues since it didn’t hang crash or appear mistake messages. It lowly affects PC execution and chips away at a low measure of CPU and RAM.

#18 SnapPea


SnapPea is a direct programming utility that empowers you to deal with your Android information from their PC and send instant messages. The app highlights a basic and clean interface having a route board and a board to demonstrate the particular data, alongside a couple of different catches.

This project is anything but difficult to make sense of by all clients with the assistance of complete and very much sorted out help substance. Clients can interface his gadget to the PC through information link or Wi-Fi, and access entire information accumulation on the gadget simply like messages, photographs, contacts, music, and recordings.

You can make a reinforcement of all documents specific to the PC. You also have an approach to change ringtones, alert sound, and notices right from the essential window of the application. This utility encourages clients to see the entire rundown of contacts from the telephone and alter them, sites, email addresses, and different subtle elements.

You can likewise observe instant messages, keeping in mind the gadget is associated, and send new ones. You have the choice to see as of now introduced apps on the device and oversee and besides the photos, music documents, and recordings on the PC. You can duplicate all things to the PC in a couple of straightforward strides.

#19 Pure APK Install


Pure APK Install is a lightweight app that encourages the client to introduce XAPK and APK position records on Android gadgets right from your PC. If you got another cell phone and you are not ready to introduce your coveted applications on your versatile, so you have the alternative to introduce apps physically on your gadget with the assistance of Pure APK Install.

This app has a direct and straightforward to handle format, so it is useful for both amateurs and more propelled clients. The essential window helps the client to skim for the APK or XAPK position document and get it from his PC. You can move and customize the record onto Pure APK Install’s surface.

The client needs to interface his telephone or tablet to the PC and burden the chosen Android app into Pure APK Install, and after that pick, the goal likes his gadget’s internal memory or an SD card.

After that, Pure APK Install performs different assignments, permitting you to appreciate applications on your Android, in a split second. With everything taken into account, it is a valuable and natural app that empowers you to set up Android applications and recreations on your cell phones, even they are not accessible on the Play Store.

#20 AST Android SMS Transfer


AST Android SMS Transfer is an easy to use app that permits the client to exchange effectively and reinforcement Android SMS messages contacts to the PC. It bolsters a natural interface with a consistent window split into two territories, for exploring Android areas and Viewing content separately.

It empowers you to analyze and exchange instant messages from the inbox, sent a container, outbox, draft fizzled, or lined area concerning the status, number, and substance. You can utilize an inquiry highlight to locate a specific SMS when working with a lot of information.

You need to indicate the yield catalog if you need to duplicate things to the PC. Likewise, you can view and exchange contacts and erases stuff from the Android gadget. This app functions admirably without making Windows hang, crash, or appear blunder messages.

It loads data in the essential casing when the gadget is associated with the PC. It performs errands rapidly, and lowly affects CPU and memory. In this way, it is a basic and powerful technique to duplicate instant messages and contacts from Android gadgets to PCs.

#21 KingRoot


KingRoot is an app that allows you to root your mobile device in a matter of seconds. It offers the fastest and easiest one-click root tools that come in both PC and APK installations. It is a completely free to use app that has millions of users who can access it anytime, anywhere around the world. Rooting your devices can deliver lots of advantages to your user experience.

It unlocks your device’s full potential to unlimited possibilities. The procedure to root your device is quite simple and entirely in Chinese. First, you need to download and install it on your mobile device. After completing the installation, the only thing you need to do it press the blue button and wait.

Within a couple of seconds, it finishes working, and you’ll have your routing device. It includes lots of prominent features such as speed up, saves battery, removes ads, customization, better backup, and much more. King Root is one of the best as a one-click root tool for all android phones and devices.

#22 Kingo Android Root


Kingo Android Root is a mobile device rooting app specially designed to help Android users to root their devices. It has a simple interface and does not require any skills to navigate. By rooting the device, you can unlock and sort of tweaks and features that would normally be hidden.

With the help of this root app, you can boost your mobile battery, unlock speed in the processors, and customize appearances. You can do anything to open all the hidden features. It is a simple, and easy-to-use app, and you need to install it on your mobile device to enable it with all elements.

Kingo Android Root app includes lots of prominent features such as customizable appearance, access root-only app, ad-free, privacy guarded, and boost battery life, etc. After rooting your device, you are given many additional options and flexibility with your phone.

#23 Samsung Kies


Samsung Kies is a freeware software solution used to communicate between Mac or Windows OS and Samsung smartphones and tablets. The solution serves as the primary way to update phones, sync and back up contacts, and transfer media from your computer to your smartphone. It is available to use on multiple versions and editions that depend on the device and the operating system it is running. After connecting the device, you can easily update your phone, create a backup, and sync your devices.

The comprehensive software comes with lots of additional features that increase your device’s performance and remove all the unknown files. Samsung Kies includes core features such as secure transfer for media, upgrade firmware, wireless firmware, easy to install and setup, secure data sync, and much more. Samsung Kies is one of the best solutions to communicate between Windows and Phone.

#24 MyPhoneExplorer


MyPhoneExplorer app lets you explore Android devices on PCs. It is a mobile administration app that enables users to sync contacts with Outlook, calendar, notes, and others. You can control other stuff on the phone, like messages, files, calls, etc. You can create a backup of data and restore it in case of data loss.

You can manage an Android device while enjoying it on a big screen without stretching. The app allows you to establish a link between phone and PC through a cable or a wireless connection. You can copy photos and other stuff from PC to phone or vice versa.

My Phone Explorer Client app enables you to use the keyboard as an input device for Android phones. You can also handle calls, dial numbers, end calls, and reject calls from PC. You can also view an archive of calls log, messages, and block numbers. Its interface is straightforward, and the app doesn’t contain any ads.

#25 RemoDroid


RemoDroid is a controlling app through which you can control smartphones from another smart phone. You can tap on remote control options to allow screen mirroring and remote control of the device, but this mode needs a rooted device. You can tap the connect button to view the device’s screen and control it (this mode doesn’t require root permissions).

It comes up with features to let multiple users quickly see the live streaming of screens. The app can automatically search for devices, or you can manually enter the device’s IP address. You can take screenshots of the screen and save them on the desired device.

RemoDroid app contains options to change different settings of the app, such as screen capture mode, remote control, push notifications, etc. You can set a password to establish a connection for more secure screen mirroring. The app notifies you about any new links, and you can tap on the option to release the keyboard when no one is using it.

#26 Remote Mouse


Remote Mouse is an intuitive remote app that lets you access your phone from other devices like PCs. It works as a wireless mouse, keyboard, and touchpad and provides controls to manage media, applications, web browsing, etc. You can access, manage, and enhance your smartphone remotely through it.

The gyro mouse feature enables you to move the mouse cursor with the gyro sensor of your phone. The remote Mouse app comes up with a built-in keyboard that supports many languages from around the globe. You can also type through the voice recognition feature and view different keyboards according to your device.

Remote Mouse Handy Computer Remote app enables you to use the physical volume buttons of your phone as volume control for a PC. You can connect with devices through an IP address, QR code, or recently connected devices’ history. Remote Mouse app also supports power options, and you can shut down your PC or put it to sleep.

#27 Unified Remote


Unified Remote is an app by Unified Intents Inc. that enables you to turn your phone into a remote for a PC. It contains more than 90 programs, including a virtual mouse and keyboard, media players, power control, etc. It can automatically detect servers to find devices on the same network, and you can set a password on the network for additional security.

The app comes up with a voice command feature that lets you write stuff without typing on a physical keyboard. It features 18 free remotes, widgets, quick actions, and many other features to assist you. It supports many video players, internet browsers, document editors, and media centers.

Unified Remote app contains floating remotes, which you can drag over other apps for multitasking. The bottom bar includes standard controls such as a keyboard, mouse, voice command, media players, etc. You can customize widgets and quick actions according to your needs. It enables you to perform NFC tags, create a QR image, and build a URI string.

#28 Microsoft Remote Desktop


Microsoft Remote Desktop is an app through which you can use your PC or virtual apps on your phone remotely. It allows you to access computers that are running on Windows Professional, Enterprise, and Server operating systems. It supports all Windows gestures with multi-touch experience and provides you with a safe and secure connection to data and apps remotely.

The app features a connection center where you can easily manage all your connections to PCs. It comes up with features to offer you high-quality audio and video streaming. Its interface is easy-to-navigate, which lets you multitask and go to the home section with a single tap.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Work from anywhere app allows you to type by a virtual keyboard, or you can use voice commands to type as well. You can change screen mirroring resolution according to your needs and also change gateways through a separate menu. It enables you to manage multiple accounts at the same time without doing much.

#29 Remote Control Collection Pro


Remote Control Collection Pro app is a collection of remotes through which you can control a Windows PC without any physical connection. It features multitouch gestures such as zooming and scrolling that enables you to use it as a touchpad.

The virtual keyboard feature lets you type characters and you can import keys and controls as well. The screen mirroring option shows a live view of PC’s screen and cursor location at your smartphone’s screen.

The app comes up with a built-in media remote that enables you to control audio and video from the phone. It also acts as a slideshow remote to lets you control slides, and it shows live slides on your phone. It contains a speech recognition feature through which you can speak words or letters and it types them on PC.

Remote Control Collection Pro app offer features to control all devices on the same network, and you can control internet things through it. It also includes all keys of the keyboard such as escape, delete, alt, ctrl, space, enter, close, and many others.

#30 VMware Horizon Client


VMware Horizon Client app brings features to help you in accessing VMware virtual desktop and apps from smartphones or tablets. It uses high-level hardware decoding to provide you with a better experience while using less battery power.

It comes up with tons of features and supports apps to run them as local android apps. The contains various functionalities to allows you to choose favorite apps or files, and you can multitask without a start menu or taskbar.

It also uses multiple protocols to make itself faster irrespective of your internet connection type. The app is secure to use with smartcards authentication and card readers by developers. To use the app, you need to enter the server name or address and description of the server for later use.

VMware Horizon Client app allows you to add devices to a favorite list. The search bar lets you search for desired files or apps. It shows lists of running apps, favorite apps, personal documents, and various others. The unity touch feature enables you to browse, search, and open apps and files of Windows.

#31 VNC Viewer


VNC Viewer app provides you access to a PC remotely from anywhere around the globe and turns your phone into a virtual desktop. To use it, you need to download software on your Pc and sign in to the app on your phone through account details.

It automatically shows all PCs registered on your account, and you can tap on one to connect to it. You can also connect through enterprise subscriptions or by entering the IP address of your PC.

It comes up with a feature to help you protect your connection with a password and encrypts all sessions through end-to-end encryption. It enables you to use the smartphone’s screen as a trackpad to provide you with control of the desktop remotely.

It supports Bluetooth keyboards and a mouse. VNC Viewer – Remote Desktop app allows you to move the cursor with the drag of your fingers, tap to left-click, and enjoy various other gestures to use mouse controls. VNC Viewer apps contain a scroll bar that includes commands and windows keys.

#32 Parallels Access


Parallels Access app is a simple way to use Windows and Mac apps as well as files from smartphones. You can access a single folder or can edit a document from the computer’s screen on your phone. It provides you with single-tap secure connectivity to PC.

Its interface is easy-to-navigate that enables you to access the hard drive to find a desired document or file. The app comes up with features to help you in copying and pasting text.

The magnifying glass enables you to zoom-in to documents for a better view. You can switch between files and apps with a single touch and put personal data into the home section for easy access.

Parallels Access Remote – Access to your Computer App also includes a digital keyboard to help you with typing documents. You can use the file browser to browse for files and also copy or paste with a single tap functionally.

#33 Splashtop Business – Remote PC


Splashtop Business – Remote PC is an app by Splashtop that brings remote access to personal computers from mobile devices. Everyone in your team can access all apps and files on their PCs. You can navigate with on-screen shortcuts and can use built-in profiles or create a new profile as well. The app automatically adapts itself according to network conditions for better live streaming.

It allows users to invite, enable, or disable other users as a team admin. It comes up with features to control access of users to computers and you can view the usage history of all devices. You can also reset accounts of all users under you.

Splashtop Business Remote – Support and Access app contain on-screen shortcuts to make editing stuff more manageable and quicker. It offers end-to-end and SSL encryption for high-level security. It is an easy-to-navigate app that provides you with access to a large number of apps. Splashtop Business is a free-to-use app that doesn’t contain any in-app purchases.

#34 HiSuite


HiSuite is a powerful management software that allows smartphone users to easily manage their contacts, messages, and other multimedia content. The software helps users transfer all their data from mobile devices to computers. It enables users to manage their pictures, videos, and even apps from the computer. The software provides data backup facilities that help the users if they lose their important files.

It allows users to update their mobile phone’s software directly from the computer. HiSuite searches the web for the new software update and installs it on the device. The software helps the users export their messages from mobile devices to computers, or users can easily manage their contacts in groups. The platform allows users to browse pictures and videos in multiple browsing modes. Lastly, the platform enables the users to send and receive a message on the computer.

#35 KDE Connect


KDE Connect software helps users communicate through all of their devices and enables them to connect. The platform allows users to share files and links between their devices easily. It will enable them to browse their phone files remotely, or they can open any link on any of their device through this platform. The software enables the users to receive all of their phone notifications instantly on their desktop without even looking at their phones.

It provides different commands to users on their phones through which they can lock the screen of their desktop or can shut it down. KDE Connect allows the users to remotely control their music on their desktop from their mobile devices. The software lets users use their smartphone as a presentation remote or even as a trackpad. Users can know their phone battery level through the desktop.

#36 Xfinity Connect


Xfinity Connect is a full-fledged application designed to enable you to check email, access the contacts/address book, and listen to voicemail on your Android and Apple devices such as tablets and smartphones with great ease. It comes with many features to assist you in your day-to-day activities and make life easier. The characteristics include accessing and managing the Xfinity Connect Address Book, checking emails on, initiate outgoing calls, and respond to the calls made to your Xfinity Voice number. Check Xfinity Voice voicemails, which also have call logs, call forwarding settings, and readable voicemail transcripts.