Humanity (ShiftPlanning)


Humanity (ShiftPlanning) Alternatives

#1 Planday


Planday is another employee scheduling platform that introduces lots of tools and functionalities for a manager they required to manage their employees better. It is a quite simple and flexible software that empowers both managers and employees to world smarter instead of harder.

The best part of the solution is that it connects managers and employees across all devices through the shared overview of work schedules and shift swaps, punch clocks and absences, etc. It also provides an advanced payroll export feature and location-specific timer in function with enables employees to clock-in from any device upon arriving to work, so that they will know the actual number of hours that should be paid to them.


#2 Sage HR


Sage HR formerly known as CakeHR is a robust HR management software that offers advanced employee scheduling, and time and attendance management solution that allows them to create employee schedules and monitor all the similar things. It is a web-based system that helps managers, supervisors, and employees to access it using any device, including a laptop, mobile, or desktop.

On this platform, each employee has its login that gives them quick and immediate access that allows seeing several days they have accrued for vacation. With the help of this application, each employee can also be able to communicate with administrators or managers.

#3 Aladtec


Are you looking for an employee scheduling management software? Here is the best option for you named Aladtec is an online scheduling and workforce management software that enables 24/7 organization sizes to manage their workflows. The software specially designed to facilitate both simple and complex employee management work by automating them through a myriad of customizable features.

As compared to all the other similar platforms, it offers lots of new and online services and features that attract more audiences around the world. The entire process of the platform is fully automated with just a few clicks, whether you need to create new schedules or modify current ones.


#4 Staffvelox


Staffvelox is leading employee management and time and attendance management software designed to make employee scheduling easier so you can your team can focus on becoming more productive and efficient while managing business growth at the same time.

The software comes as the alternatives to Humanity Employee Scheduling software that offers all the same services with some enhanced features. The software allows you to instantly notify your employees of their schedules via email or SMS.

#5 Visual Planning


Visual Planning is a leading employee management software that makes scheduling and resource management simple and easy. One of the best things about this application is that it offers drag and drop functionality that allows users to create, manage, and update their scheduling.

It is simple and easy to use software that has thousands of users around the world who can use it to manage their whole staff. Like other similar applications, it also loaded with advanced tools to help managers monitor their work projects and orders, allocate their resources, and make able value plans, etc.


0 is a tool to extend the functionality of your work calendar. The platform has multiple applications and functions used to track an employee’s absence and attach the reasons. With the help of this solution, users can easily create schedules for tasks, set milestones and deadlines, and automated notifications.

Alpaka is also known as the perfect tool for project managers and their teams who want to manage their projects with time-tracking and scheduling capabilities. Just like the other similar scheduling software, it also provides you with a simple tool that you can use to manage schedules, create and assign tasks, reports, and all the other basic things.

#7 When I Work Time Clock


When I Work, Time Clock is an all-in-one employee scheduling management and attendance management software specially made for all sizes of businesses. The solution allows you to monitor employee attendance in various locations through GPS tracking and live map view.

It is one of the best alternatives to Humanity, Scheduling software, and offers all the similar services with some new features that make it better than others. Compared to the other, it provides a more streamlined way to manage employee payroll and also enables employees to submit timesheets to their manager for approval with the click of a button.

#8 Referrizer Referral Marketing Automation


Referrizer Referral Marketing Automation is the world’s largest and advanced Marketing Automation platform specially made for local businesses. It is simple and easy to use marketing solution that offers all the advanced tools and features that fulfill all the essential requirements.

With the help of this application, you’ll get a fully automated and track-able loyalty system that keeps your customers coming back. Its unique email and SMS marketing system also help your customer fully engaged almost like you’re personally reaching out to each one of them.

#9 7Shifts


7Shifts is scheduling software made for restaurants and all the similar hospitality venues. It is a powerful software that helps users enhanced employee attendance, evenly and efficiently distribute the workload among available workers, and reduce labor costs.

It has thousands of users who can use it to simplify the way they create schedules, communicate with their employees and bring down labor-related expenses, etc. 7Shifts is also best for employees that empowers them to perform productively and easily submit requests for trade shifts and time offs.

#10 Homebase


Homebase is an all-in-one employee scheduling software that is optimized to generate revenues by ensuring that all shifts are covered, and every employee is paid accurately. It is also known as a time tracking tool for restaurants, coffee shops, and retail stores.

Homebase is one of the best alternatives to Humanity Software that offers all the similar services with some new features that make it better than others. With the help of this solution, all the business owners and managers create schedules designed to bring in the most revenues while still being able to effectively manage absences as well as the loss of income by eliminating errors in payroll calculation.

#11 TrackSmart


TrackSmart is reliable attendance management and employee scheduling software that design for all size of businesses. It is a scalable solution that allows growing alongside your business as users enterprise expands.

The solution features an intuitive dashboard view of a centralized calendar that gives managers an overview of all the important details, including attendance information, employee time off and links to common tasks, etc. It also provides users with powerful reporting tools that show absences details, schedules, and all the other similar things.

#12 Zywave HRconnection


Zywave HRconnection is one of the best benefits administration solutions that helps you to protect your accounts and win new ones by providing year-round HR support. The platform expands your role from a reliable adviser to an indispensable partner.

Like the other similar solutions, it also offers lots of tools that help you to manage your complete system and grow your agency. More limited employer resources and the emergence of technology-based business has added HR support to the list of must-haves.

#13 ScheduleAnywhere


ScheduleAnywhere is an employee scheduling solution that saves time and money by helping companies and employees to communicate instantly and more effectively. It is a powerful web-based solution that’s the way it allows you to access it from anywhere and ensures proper staffing and automatic rotation of schedules.

As compared to all the other similar platforms, it is more powerful than others, and enable businesses to efficiently manage staff requirement, manage request for off time and more. The software automatically alerts if a specific department, location, or position is being under or overstaffed.

#14 Deputy


Deputy is one of the best cloud-based employee scheduling platforms that makes it easy to schedule employees, manage time and attendance, enhance workplace communication, and track employee performance. It has more than 270000 users around the world and available to use on almost all the primary devices, including Android and iOS.

With the help of this platform, you can create fully coasted employee schedules next to on time. The solution easily captures when employees start and stop shifts, you can also be able to set timesheets to be automatically approved based on rules set as well as generate an invoice based on hours work straight into any accounting software.

#15 Shiftboard


Shiftboard is an Online Scheduling solution for small and medium-sized businesses. It is a robust platform that allows managers to create, distribute, and implement work schedules in minutes while employees can access the system and view their schedules.

Shiftboard is a web-based application and not require anything to download or install anything in your system. To make use, it offers all the vital services and features that help businesses get the most out of their team with the system’s smart scheduling and people management.

#16 Synerion


Synerion is an advanced level HCM (Human Capital Management) software and service that support the various stages of an employee’s lifecycle. Its software bridge between the daily HR activities and proactive talent management to maximize the organization’s most valuable business resources, the employee to create synergy between employee productivity and business strategy.

It is a powerful solution that gives its users the actionable data they need when they need it. The details massive amount of data and highlight items that require further attention and immediate action. While its employee self-service module allows staff to request time off, make profile change and all the other related tasks, etc.

#17 Jolt


Jolt is a leading cloud-based restaurant management program created automate and simplify task management. It is an all-in-one solution or managing employees and businesses operations; it contains robust features for task automation, employee scheduling, attendance, tracking, training, and team communication, etc.

Jolt also helps you to come up with a flexible work schedule for all your staff members and lets them punch time clock even when working in different areas individually. Even when you are offsite, it allows you to stay on the top of your business by enhancing staff accountability, productivity, and efficiency.

#18 Shift Agent


Shift Agent is a smart employee scheduling solution that allows managers to assign employees to the shifts with ease while ensuring there are no overlaps and that preferred shifts are taken into the accounts. It is a simple but powerful solution that contains all the major features and key tools to manage all the significant parts of scheduling and deliver a more realistic experience.

With this scheduling programs, employees and managers alike can accept a request from their team, and they can quickly review these on the computer or their mobile phones to make modifications on the fly. Shift Agent also ensures that everyone on the team is aware of the other people’s schedules.

#19 RotaCloud


RotaCloud is an all-in-one online Rota Management and Staff Scheduling platform with a simple drag and drop interface for building rotas as well as tools for managing time-off requests, logging employee hours, track attendance, and more. This cloud-based tool also allows managers to create, share, and manage rotas and ensure that employees and staff are on the same page at all times.

It can be accessed using any desktop or mobile device with an internet connection and the native mobile applications for iOS and Android that enable employees to check their schedules and manage their shifts on the go. The rota planning tools within this solution allow HR professionals and managers to create staff schedules using the simple drag and drop interface, tacking into the account, and more.

#20 Bizimply


Bizimply is a comprehensive employee management software solution that simplifies day-to-day activities. It an automated version of Human Resource Management software through which everything can be managed within a single platform, be it payroll management or scheduling, or attendance. The system is based on a single framework so that managers and employees can integrate and utilize the offering of this solution in their daily workflows.

Bizimply does not only serve managerial functions but also bridges the communication gaps. With the help of this software, businesses such as restaurants, bars, and clubs can go a little further in their effort to integrate seamless management solutions. Businesses with multi-chain stores can easily manage their staff, schedule shifts, and attendance logs, even from different locations.

#21 NimbleSchedule


NimbleSchedule is an all in one ideal solution to set a schedule for daily work by giving a smooth and organized way to manage things. The software comes with the full range of organizational tasks ranging from time tracking to staff scheduling. NimbleSchedule has an intuitive interface that is extremely easy to use from any device, and your entire schedule will be at your finger-print.

You can check and update it in seconds and dispensing easy to read schedule that allows your employees to understand easily. The active time management lets organizational task to be completed more quickly that enhance the productive results which lift the business to be on the track of success. NimbleSchedule can easily integrate with multiple tools and services. Once you are used to it, the software will become an essential part of your day-to-day process and is the best solution to bring professionalism to the business process.

#22 TeamSeer


TeamSeer is an absence management software that enables the users to manage and measure any kind of absence accurately. The platform helps the HR professionals to manage and absence and holidays of employees and reduces all kinds of unnecessary costs. Managers can monitor holidays, sickness, unplanned absence of their employees all through a single software.

It allows the managers to create interactive calendars focussed on teams, location, or projects which employees can access anytime and anywhere. Managers can create categories of absence for better tracking and reporting. TeamSeer offers single-point access, which means all of the actions can be carried out from the dashboard.

#23 E-days


E-days is a platform that offers world-class absence management software made for the business that empowers people to work smarter and healthier with an online solution. The platform comes with an annual leave tracker system that helps businesses of all sizes to track the leaves of their employees with ease.

It gives access to employees, managers, and admins to manage their leaves throughout the year. Moreover, the platform enables the managers to book and approve leaves directly from the software and to keep their HR system flow smooth. It helps businesses by enhancing their workplace wellbeing and allows users to access the virtual GP for employees.

#24 My Hours


My Hours is a powerful solution that allows businesses to arrange their projects in an organized manner, keep track of time, and submit work reports. You can coordinate tasks and projects, monitor the work hours, and impress clients with visually appealing reports. It is the choice of thousands of businesses, and the list also includes big names like TypeFox, Manpower, KPMG, and more. The best feature is that it assists everyone in remembering the purpose of projects by attaching or writing down details freely.

It provides hourly rates to make it easy to assess the profitability of projects. Furthermore, the end-user can add a budget and receive reminders when they are near. Another characteristic worth mentioning is that you can track all your work and write down an in-depth description of expenses and time logs for better clarity. Use the Dashboard to convert work into beautiful reports, removing the need to spend time on spreadsheet work, and on top of that, there is also an option to export the data.