IBM Sterling Order Management Alternatives

IBM Sterling Order Management

For a large organization having a dynamic business environment, it is complicated to manage the orders, invoices and inventory at the same time. But IBM Sterling Order Management is one of the best utility that enables you to fulfill your customers’ demands and manage the inventory as well… read more

16 IBM Sterling Order Management Alternatives & Similar Software


1. Invoiceit

Invoiceit is an automated billing and order management tool that allows the enterprises and supply management companies to insert little detail of their customers in setup and start invoicing in real time. Add customers and inventory ‘on the fly’. Within three simple steps, the users of can start your invoicing. Moreover, the invoice prepared can be sent to the customer via email in all formats like as a plain text or PDF attachments or both. The users of Invoiceit are not bound to follow the default design as the invoices are customizable, so, choose the design and make the layout that suit to your business most. It is foremost the best one platforms to automate all of the sales ordering and billing process. The best about Invoiceit is that it is linked with all basic accounts and department. From a single entry, the users can get the advantages of the configuration of quotes, processing of orders, generating of invoices, the collection of payments, and, in the end, recognition of revenue. The areas of service by the Invoiceit are price, sell, bill and collection. In all these areas, the customers of Invoiceit can expect an expert level of automatic system where there will be no requirement to go for the complex submission and record keeping procedures.


2. Blinksale

Blinksale is an online invoicing software and application. Blinksale provides the best payment page and receipt like the professional treatment of your customer with a quality invoicing experience. If you have little knowledge of CSS, you can customize the invoice templates as per your needs. You can also schedule your clients’ bills and can send as a PDF file for your client’s convenience. Getting client sign-off on price and scope before work begins can be a useful step in setting the right experience for work. It is one of the best ordering and billing management application that at one end will keep the systemized record of all of your supply and logistics management issues and the other end will keep your customer satisfied. Although it is for basically providing the users with the beautiful and comprehensive invoice but at the other end each time when the users will insert the record of customer in order to bill him, the description that the users will add in the invoice will automatically go to its respective books of accounts and departments as well in the back end. So, apparently your customer will be enjoying the service and in the back end, everything is going smoothly for you as well.


3. Servicejoy

Servicejoy is an online invoicing, accounting and payments collection, expenses and task management platform for small businesses. It is a cloud-based platform that contains the solution of small business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. By Servicejoy the users can send invoices, collect payments, generate estimates, manage your expenses, clients portals, add their logo, built for teams, task management, instant search, email notifications, accounting reports, bank grade security, and many more. It is not about invoicing only; it is about getting best management solution for your business as well because Servicejoy will assist you in maintaining the record of your inventory as well and you can check for remaining items that are left over in the warehouse. From making and accepting payment to managing income and expenses accounts, each service in detail is being offered by the Servicejoy. You can even connect with your client as well by adding him your online account, so, that he and you both can simultaneously track the record on the regular basis. There are three plans of Servicejoy in which one is free and other two are its premium plan. A free plan comes with the system of one account owner and five active clients only. While the other two that are against the per month price of $20 and $30, provides the support for even more active owners and a number of clients.


4. Amphis Customer

Amphis Customer is basically a contact management, CRM, and jobs software that offers the services of contact management, appointments, quotes, estimates, invoicing, job management, mail merge, email, tasks, reports, and many more. This software is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8. It can be used by a single user or by a team sharing data and documents on the network. It is a multipurpose platform that in order to billing and order management work as the companies account management as well. The single software of Amphis Customer is enough to get full command over the four basic management requirements of – contact, invoicing, jobs and CRM – in a company. Before going for enlisting the features of Amphis Customer first tale about the advantages of Amphis Customer that are regarding all data at a centralized platform, import of data, creation of multiple users accounts, appointment view, status of the order, reminder for bills receivable including today receivables, record of history, Outlook integration for direct email sending and receiving, jobs management, expense management, SMS sending and many others. If talk about the specifications and features of the Amphis Customer then platform contains almost all type of business-to-business and business-to-customers tools that lets the users manage and organize everything from customers to the internal management structure of the business.


5. SalezShark

SalezShark is cloud-based relationship management, sales CRM, lead, forecasting, and marketing software. This platform enables the management to build long-lasting relationships with their customers. With SalezShark’s intuitive Sales Automation, your contacts, leads, and account get easily linked to each other and provide you with predictive insights on your leads to fasten the sales process cycle. Moreover, this empowers you to approach your goals through your internal connections to auto-nurture your opportunities. From hunting to closure, this software automates every stage of your sales cycle to reduce the time and enables you to close deals at a much faster rate. From tracking the record of customers to getting the real-time reports, all are the necessary parts of the SalezShark. For a better sales growth, the businesses are first required to keep their customers satisfied and this is not possible without a proper order and invoicing management system. Same is here in the case of SalezShark as it starts with first satisfying your customer and then, in the end, provides you the better sales growth functions and tools. It is a way to broaden business opportunities by keeping the all of your records and data in an intelligent way. Management of leads, activities, meetings invoicing and lot of others are now possible by using the SalezShark.


6. Repsly

Repsly is an invoice and order management application for the field teams by using which they can easily charge the customers on the spot and the data will be automatically saved to the central database of the company. It is available in the form of both desktop and mobile application and both are synchronized with each other. It is a unique type of order and customer record managing application in itself where the field teams and order taker can easily collaborate with those sitting in the office. By using this application, the field teams can easily schedule and track their visits as well. The basic function of Repsly is although to manage the order and invoicing, however, in broader view the stunning functions of Repsly are data collection, availability of customized mobile forms, audits, scheduling and many other features that are available in the single application of the Repsly. In a nutshell the overall features of Repsly are availability of mobile forms along with filling, CRM system, GPS location & tracking system, photo capture & management system, order management, client portal along with individual client account system, appointment scheduling & reminder, team management & collaboration, time tracking & mileage, electronic signature and capturing system, etc.


7. Orderhive

Integrated with the features and tools of inventory management and order management, Orderhive is a platform to automate the business environment. The best about this web-based platform is that it can be used for both single and multichannel selling. This featured packed platform is suitable for the shipping and multichannel selling and inventory management. There are many reasons that make the Orderhive a best one inventory and order management platform. First of all, Orderhive provides the users with almost forty plus integrations to make any platform a full time and highly advanced e-commerce platform. There is proper shipping, accounting and payment system in this application that is according to the requirements of the companies. Then there comes a centralized inventory management platform that is for maintaining the same level of inventory on all channels. All the part in inventory management are linked with each other and entry on one end will automatically add in the all those channels that are integrated into it. Order management system provides the basic tools of getting orders from different channels and then keeping their record and tracking their real-time position. The integration of three hundred global delivery providers lets the users to even track their shipment as well. In last, there is a proper analytics and reports generating system to measure the performance of every segment of the business.


8. NetSuite Order and Billing Management

NetSuite Order and Billing Management is an order and billing management platform for fulfilling the sales and financial requirement of a business by improving the quote accuracy, order tracking, scheduling, eliminating billing orders and maintain the internal and external records regarding orders and billings. By using this software, the business can easily track their order2cash process by erasing out the manual bottlenecks and errors and in the end establishing a smooth and efficient sales quote to order processing and timely invoicing to the payment system. By integrating the NetSuite Order and Billing Management into the sales and finance department, the users can get the real benefits of improving the quote accuracy, eliminating the billing errors and driving efficiency. The main benefits of using NetSuite Order and Billing Management are that it streamline the process and strengthen the customer relationships. By using this, the users can get information and insight on time. The other features of NetSuite Order and Billing Management are quote & order management, billing & invoicing management, and report generating for getting efficiency and growth. NetSuite Order and Billing Management is a best one platform for accurate billing and invoicing and for efficient cash flow.


9. TradeGecko

TradeGecko is an order and inventory management software that is integrated with those tools that provide the both eCommerce and wholesalers to increase the efficiency of handling their orders effectively and efficiently. The best about TradeGecko is that it lets the enterprises synchronize their orders with the inventory accounts and each time when they will issue a new order or schedule the new order the effect will automatically charge into the inventory accounts well and in that’s way the users will enjoy the two features of order and inventory management simultaneously. Say goodbye to the traditional order and inventory management platforms and simply use the TradeGecko where you will easily manage the order and track the process and will remain free from the double handling errors as well. From orders creation to fulfillment, providing the information about the each type of sales orders workflow is another specialty of the TradeGecko. Business is not about only taking the order and managing them only; sales orders workflow is equally important just like other segments of the business. So, by using the TradeGecko, you will be able to connect all of your sales channels at a centralized platform, managing order, maintain stock level, accessing sales reports in real-time, create sales orders, scheduling meetings and tracking the partially fulfilled orders as well.


10. Multi Channel Order Management

Multi Channel Order Management or simply M.O.M is a technical solution that provides the retailers and wholesalers with the system of managing all of their orders and billing with the accuracy and speed to maintain the satisfaction and internal system of their organizations. This program basically provides the solution for capturing and managing all of their orders in a single and centralized platform of the Multi Channel Order Management. Here they can easily direct entry orders and those orders that are imported from the online store and their shopping channels as well. Multi Channel Order Management provide the users with the minute2minute or real-time reports where the users can select and review orders by status like waiting for approval, waiting for payment or on the way to the customers. Multi Channel Order Management basically not a solution for the order and billing management only; it also deals with the management of inventory, shipping & drop shipping, purchasing & receiving and those other modules that are basically linked with each other in the internal structure of an organization. By using the Multi Channel Order Management, the users can get the advantage of synchronizing or liking all of these sections in a centralized platform of the Multi Channel Order Management where entry pass at one level will be recorded at another end as well.


11. Brightpearl

Brightpearl is a business-to-business, inventory and order management for the large enterprises to maintain the record of their online and offline orders. By using the Brightpearl, the business can easily collect all of their orders from different channels into centralized platforms of Brightpearl where they will be able to effectively manage all of the order from placing to delivering. What makes Brightpearl special is its system for automatically creating accounting journals and giving the order and inventory management department to get a financial insight of the real performance. If you are the owner of a large enterprise then you must have noticed that as the order volumes grow, it becomes difficult for you to manage inventory, resources and track the shipments as well. Brightpearl provides simple and flexible yet resourceful platform and provides those tools that you need to effectively process the orders according to the specific requirements of your business and elegantly handle partial order fulfillment as well. There is no logic behind an order or billing management platform if it is not synchronized with the warehouse as the synchronization of order and inventory management basically provide the users with the double edge of monitoring orders and inventory level simultaneously. On the basis of the same principle, Brightpearl is also dealing in both.


12. OrderBot

OrderBot is an all-in-one order and inventory management platform where the users are only required to keep their orders fully managed and the effect will automatically pass to the inventory accounts as well. OrderBot is an entirely hyper focused enterprise resource professional solution that provides the basic solution for orders management, inventory management, sales & CRM, and invoicing. The best thing here is that all these functions are also integrated with each other as well. The main advantages of using OrderBot are the improvement in efficiency, scale for growth, reduce errors, increase in profit figures, no need to use papers and, in the end, the customer satisfaction that is the most important factor. OrderBot is the best platform that basically make any business a customer-oriented business. Having an order management platform is not enough until it is the expert in preventing the errors and must be using a logical workflow at the same time as well in order to notify you in the case of missing steps. But when you will use the OrderBot you will realize that this software has a robust perspective of all the areas of operations. Moreover, all the area of functions in OrderBot have their own integrated solutions as well that lets the users to do everything and enjoy the system of automation as well where entry passed at one level will put an effect on the other connected areas well.


13. SellerActive Inventory Management

SellerActive Inventory Management is an order fulfillment program that enables the retailers, wholesalers, and eCommerce shopping owners to maintain the record and track their online and offline orders and shipment from a single platform of the SellerActive Inventory Management. SellerActive Inventory Management is basically a multichannel management that lets the user to connect all of those accounts that have either direct or indirect relation with the ordering and scheduling. By using the SellerActive Inventory Management, the user can even consolidate and process the both incoming and scheduled orders from marketplaces through the easy to use interface of the SellerActive Inventory Management and organize the clutter of multichannel selling as well. Most of the features and functions of SellerActive Inventory Management are for the online selling management as most of the online marketplaces are integrated with the SellerActive Inventory Management. Use it and instantly detect and purchase the most cost-efficient shipping rates from the world’s most popular delivery and shipping companies as well. Either you have built only a single order or you are dealing with a highly professional business environment, SellerActive Inventory Management can make your life easier.


14. BrandOrder

BrandOrder is the solution for business-to-business commerce and the sales order management. BrandOrder is the one of the best solutions for all type of industries either it is musical instruments provider, fashionable industry, healthcare, gifts & home goods, furniture or any other one. By using the BrandOrder, the users can save their enormous time with the paperless sales order system of the BrandOrder that automatically integrates with the accounting system of the business. BrandOrder is a program that provides the sales representatives, brands, and retailers to access and place all orders easily and efficiently. The main advantages of using BrandOrder are maintaining of all of the business activities, scheduling orders, and keeping all the areas organized. BrandOrder is available in three plans in which two are paid and one is free. The free version of BrandOrder is available for a trial period of thirty days only and the paid versions of BrandOrder are available against per month price of $45 in both cases that are suitable for brands and sales representatives companies. In the paid version, even QuickBooks is also integrated that make it easy for the users to maintain their accounts even on the QuickBooks as well.


15. OrderMotion

OrderMotion is a real-time and minute-to-minute order, inventory and invoice management application for the offline and eCommercing. OrderMotion empowers its customers to centrally manage orders from multiple channels easily and effectively. The list of available features in OrderMotion include the system for order management, retention management, reporting & analytics, cross-channel self-service system, merchandise planning and product information management as well. OrderMotion is best for direct or offline ordering and eCommercing order management where its customers can get the advantage of managing all accounts at a centralized platform of OrderMotion and extend their sales as well in a highly scalable environment. OrderMotion provides its customers with the system of measuring their KPI metrics as well like inventory turns, selling in percentages, days of supply, stock to sales ratio, and real-time gross margin return on the investment as well. The users of OrderMotion can even explore other features as well to effectively manage and analyze their businesses. One of the most important thing here is that OrderMotion is one of the most effective platforms to ensure the customer satisfaction be delivering him his demanded products on time and maintaining all of their records effectively and efficiently.


16. arvato Order Management System

arvato Order Management System is a cross-platform order and billing management system by using which the businesses can know the real-time value of the order, maximize sales and enhance customer satisfaction. arvato Order Management System provide the users with flexible features that make it easy for the users to easily process and fulfill their orders from various channels efficiently, cost-effectively and accurately. The professional business persons know about the real value of the connection of cross-channel. Based on the same principle, arvato Order Management System provide its customers with the opportunities to collect all of the activities of the business regarding order and billing at a central platform. arvato Order Management System provide the users with a wide range of features and functions to enhance the business processes, strategic value, operational value, operational units and customer vale. Backorder management, recurring orders, sales returns management, inventory management, warehouse management, special order management, sales tax management, shipping management, order fulfillment and order tracking are the areas in which arvato Order Management System deals effectively and efficiently.

More About IBM Sterling Order Management

For a large organization having a dynamic business environment, it is complicated to manage the orders, invoices and inventory at the same time. But IBM Sterling Order Management is one of the best utility that enables you to fulfill your customers’ demands and manage the inventory as well. This software provides the best inventory management service that means by using this software you can improve inventory utilization and more accurate promise dates. IBM Sterling Order Management based on those entire latest requirements that are important to be adapt in a dynamic business environment. In order to make the work of its customers even more effective and efficient, IBM Sterling Order Management provides the basic tools of viewing single view of sully and demand across all markets, features for making coordination & collaboration between all supply management departments, order information system, online order processing & call making system and a dozens of others that basically lets the customer to increase their profitability and customer satisfaction at the same time.