IFS Field Service Management Alternatives

IFS Field Service Management

IFS Field Service Management is a leading solution that is designed to cater to the needs of service providers whether you belong to the contact center or the project management firm, it lets you address and track all the major problems of your customers on the field… read more

13 IFS Field Service Management Alternatives & Similar Software


1. Delogue

Delogue is a leading cloud-based PLM (product lifecycle management) software that helps businesses in the lifestyle industry to allow their teams to get together and come to the same workspace in order to optimize their processes and maximize opportunities to invent their products and create more products that their consumers can easily relate to. The solution is specially designed to help businesses communicate and collaborate, from ideation to conceptualization to design product, execution, and distribution. Delogue is an ideal tool for designers who want to put all their ideas, designs, and concepts in a single accessible place. From a dashboard, managers are easily controlling prices, update their listings, development, and facilitate distribution by price. With the help of this platform, all information can be shared instantly to the rest of the team in order to ensure smooth collaboration and development. It also allows users to share the details with the suppliers to keep the supply chain rolling easily and meet demands as they come. The software also optimizes your to-do lists and provide you a clear picture of all your designs, tasks and production processes. Delogue PLM also includes core features such as update all file formats, supplier file upload, file synchronization, history log, price calculation, visual style overview, and measure chart template, etc. If you really need a powerful product lifecycle management solution than try it out, you’ll surely enjoy it.


2. YuniquePLM

YuniquePLM is an all-in-one product lifecycle management solution specially designed for the apparel and retail industries. The solution enables businesses to connect their teams with their supply chain and get the right products to the market on the time and at the right cost. It is developed by Gerber Technology and server more than 78000 customers around up to 130 countries. With the help of this platform, businesses can communicate with vendors and decide on their creative directions early on the product lifecycle. In fact, businesses will be ready to decide during the pre-positioning phase, when designer begin fleshing out plans for colors and patterns for all the upcoming season. That gives you sourcing teams and vendors time to perform preliminary costing and cloud-hosted platform where they can prepare the textiles. It eliminates the need for designers to re-enter the specifications into another system at the later date. The platform already offers fully integrated design tools that accelerate and improve collaboration and communication during the creative process. With this users can easily navigate through color palettes, raw materials and images to access the most current details to pursue the design process. Its drag and drop functionality is also placed so they can easily organize color palettes materials whether in the desktop computer or tablet. YuniquePLM is really a powerful PLM solution for all size of businesses.

SoftExpert PLM


3. Oracle Agile PLM

Oracle Agile PLM is a powerful solutions for enterprises to manage their product value chains and lifecycles effectively. It comes as the alternative to Arena Simulation Software and comes with all the major features with some new tools. The solution’s easy to use and provides clear visibility into the product data. The integrated framework enables cross-functional teams to work on co-related tasks collectively and synchronizes data with internal and external pools. Oracle Agile PLM helps enterprises accelerate product innovation, maximize profitability that enhances product design, support and optimize their global product network. The solution is available for different industries and tailored according to their specific needs such as consumer goods, industrial manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industry. Its mobile application provides users convenient access to their entire data quickly and easily that make it possible for them to get job done while on the go. Oracle Agile PLM is a comprehensive solution and comes with all the major products including Agile Product Collaboration, Quality Management, Portfolio Management, and Cost Management, etc. The program ultimately helps enterprises to achieve their strategic objectives including lower cost, faster speed-to-market, enhance quality and regulatory compliance. Overall, Oracle Agile PLM is one of best PLM solution for all size of businesses.


4. Elbats MES

Elbats MES is a customizable solution that combines the functionality of manufacturing execution program and product lifecycle management solution to meet the requirements of businesses and manufacturing companies. It provides manufacturers the competitive edge by helping them efficiently address crucial processes such as electronic production management, changes in material complexity, shortening product cycles and speeding up production delivery time. Elbats MES feature easy information management that saves on time and resources as well as boost productivity through the documents composition and information management function that eliminates purchasing and retrieving of physical documents. With this you can also facilities electronic approval, accessing and storage of documents, record, and details. Through this, you can easily manage monthly and yearly sales plans and quotation, orders, sales, and others Elbats MES effectively manage your company’s current status or formulate future business plans. Sales management, development management, complete data history, planning, tracking, monitoring, delivery control and full work in process coordination; these are core features of the solution. Elbats MES is one of best product lifecycle solution as compared to the others.


5. Wizeline

Wizeline is an all-in-one, powerful PLM (product lifecycle management) solution for product strategy and road-mapping with full-stack and agile development services. It is one of the best alternatives to Dialogue and comes with all the major services with some new tools that make it comprehensive for everyone. The solution enables teams to collaborate on strategy easily, built data-driven product roadmaps as well as communicate at each stage in the product lifecycle. It prides itself for being the only platform that combines proven best practices for product delivery and road-mapping software, and an expert services team in place. Wizeline is a comprehensive solution that provides a scalable platform for managing all the product ideas and requests for the customer, team members, and all the other stakeholders. Unlike spreadsheets, the software connects these requests directly to the other user’s feature backlog and prioritization process that ensure a complete view of overall requests volume and reducing the like hood that valuable requests slip go unanswered. The centralized location for effective strategy collaboration is in place that allows for sharing of data validation of ideas and alignment objective before finalizing the plan. Wizeline also has a list of core features that make it number one PLM solution.



SAP PLM is an all-in-one solution that helps companies to plan, design and administer production with greater visibility and more control. The software allows efficiently tracking, managing and controlling all details related to your products over the complete lifecycle. It provides companies with all the tools they need to manage the product lifecycle efficiently, and it is an official part of SAP Businesses Suite. SAP PLM is a core solution that comes with some advanced features and tools in order to deliver a complete and comprehensive experience. The prominent component of this solution includes integrated product development, product compliance and innovation management, etc. It not only enables companies to meet the quality standard and deliver complete visibility into the process, but it also ensures compliance regulations. The solution is available for a variety of different industries and offers a targeted platform. SAP PLM’s Portfolio Management feature ensures that product development is in line with the company’s strategic goals. Unlike most of the similar product lifecycle management solutions, it also provides integrated product management. The collaborative development features offer better visibility and control over the cost, engineering changes, and other documents. It support document management, manufacturing collaboration, product structure management, and material master management, etc. The early visibility of materials required results in improved cost saving, Spare parts management, collaborative bidding, PO management, and supplier identification and onboard are also supported. There are also has a list of key features that make it better than others. SAP PLM is a simple but powerful solution for all size of businesses.


7. Autodesk Vault

Autodesk Vault is a product lifecycle management solution that is integrated with other Autodesk Products such as Inventor Professional, AutoCAD Electrical and Mechanical and Civil 3D products that makes this ideal tool to help design teams effectively track work in progress and easily maintain multi-user environments. It is a powerful solution that serves different industries including manufacturing, engineering, architecture, and construction as well as non-CAD users as Vault Office. Autodesk Vault is has a product family includes Vault, Vault Workgroup, and Vault Professional. Its Professional version also includes for Multi-Site replication and can co-exist with all the enterprise business systems. The solution also makes it easier to manage change orders and supports setting several routings. With the help of this solution users automatically get notified when they are required to change order. All the CAD files related to a change order are also automatically added, while the users can leave their comments to change. Autodesk Vault also records all changes made and delivers complete history when teams need to review them. Bills of Materials are accessible from the vault through the Item Manager, while entries not with CAD files can also be added to BOM including labor and maintenance items, grease, paint and so on. Overall, Autodesk Vault is the best product lifecycle management solution as compared to the others.


8. PTC Windchill

PTC Windchill is a complete PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) software solution that is designed to help businesses of all size in the seamless management of their product development. It is a compact package that offers manufacturers with the necessary tools for the transfer, distribution, and publishing of the product data. The internet-based designed of this solution enable companies to coordinate and operate from multiple locations that help the business leaders and company managers to easily manage the complete product lifecycle and associated services from remote locations. Businesses from a multitude of industry domains especially the manufacturing industry that use PTC Windchill to streamline their product development processes. One of the best fact about this PLM solution is that it comes with customizable user-interface. Users can now configure the user-interface and select their own modules or tools that they frequently use in order to appear on the interface. Product Management, Product Configuration and Change Management, Integration, Design details, Process Management, Design Generation and Cost Estimation and Analysis these are core features of the solution. Try it out; you’ll be amazed at all the thing in this powerful PLM solution.


9. Simio Simulation Software

Simio Simulation Software is a product lifecycle management software solution that delivers rapid risk analysis and cost reduction capabilities. Its main simulation module delivers an authentic object-based 3D modeling environment while boasting of easy to use editing tools. The solution’s Port Edition can publish and share simulation and schedule results online. All the materials can be personalized using customized reports and interactive management dashboards. Results can then be displayed on the web using the standard browser. Simio Production Scheduling tools help users to easily create a simulation model that completely captures both the detailed constraints and variations within the system. The unified model of this Simio Simulation Software aims to upgrade processes and accuracy for all kind of users. It offers easy to use tools for everyone even no so tech-savvy one can easily learn how to use all the modules at a fraction of time. In order to make it complete solution, Simio Simulation Software includes core feature such as direct manipulation, analysis of design, in-place editing, drag and drop, comparison of interactive results, custom modeling libraries and production schedule, etc. It has more than six different price plans, and each plan has its own cost.


10. Electronic Work Instructions

Electronic Work Instructions is a cloud-based document generation and product lifecycle management software that is well equipped with features to help the users create work instructions, technical documents and training material, etc. It provides users with advanced level visualization support in the form of video and images in order to make the content attractive and easily compressible. A range of industry domains such as power generation, automotive, food, and medicine use this solution for not only creating the work instruction, but also for train their employee, product, and product marketing. EWI (Electronic Work Instructions) makes it easy for the staff and managers to make the documentation cost effective. Through this solution, users can save more than 70 percent time in document creation and modification that is possible due to its features such as document indexing, search new options, data centralization, intelligent data production and analysis features, and much more. Electronic Work Instructions also ensures that the content creation is supported by all the latest visualization tools that help the content developers to make the content compelling easily and consume. In addition to visualization, the users can instantly translate the content to more than 80 different languages that make it more interesting. EWI also includes core features such as creation and modification, streamlining, database, data centralization, mobile optimization, feedback management, and content visualization, etc. Electronic Work Instructions is an excellent PLM solution for all size of businesses.


11. Siemens Teamcenter

Siemens Teamcenter is a powerful product lifecycle management solution that comes with the aims to streamline operations and maximize profitability. It provides business with complete control over their product data and processes by enabling them to share and manage bill of materials, simulation and all the other data in the single environment. Standardized workflows and processes enable organizations to streamline their processes and enhance efficiency. It is a cloud-based solution that focuses on quick retrieval of data for different business functions including planning, development, production, and support. With the help of this PLM solution, teams can make better and more informed decisions as the project data is readily available to them. Also to SaaS, the platform also includes portfolio management software component. It offers a team with the right information at the right time to help them better plan and develop their products. The best thing about this platform is that it delivers powerful tools and capabilities to quickly create and deliver complex products and streamline its global operations. It enables a wide range of industries to get up and running in less time and offers a single platform to manage their electrical, simulation and software data. Siemens Teamcenter PLM com as the alternative to Arena Simulation Software and offers all the core features with some new services and tools that make it better than others. Try it out, if you need a true PLM solution.



GLIDR is a simple but powerful discovery and validation platform that is designed to help growing businesses, product managers, and innovators to easily identify business ideas that are brimming with market needs based on objective market signals. The solution enables users to find new ideas that they can work on to create and provide business models, products, and services that their consumers are likely to buy without the subjective guesswork and inaccurate estimations. With the help of this solution, sales and marketing teams are able to create and share a better understanding of their customers’ needs and determine priorities that are attached on real market signals, and find the best business models, price and channels to take their products to market the faster route and bring in growth and revenue. It has a simple yet easy to understand dashboard where you easily access it all features and tools. Unlike other, it also offers key features such as project workspace, notifications, marketing sizing, trend scores, evidence, collaboration, excrement and research, searchable integration knowledgebase, etc. There are three different price plans, and each plan has its own cost and core features.


13. Continuum

Continuum is an IT Management solution that provides a fully integrated managed services solution and helps efficiently backup, monitor, Maintenace and troubleshoots desktops, services and all the other endpoint for small to mid-size businesses. It is a comprehensive IT management solution that comes with all the major tools and some new features in order to make your task more simple and efficient. The platform includes solution for remote monitoring and management, backup and disaster recovery as well as mobile device management. It’s remote monitoring, and management module automates ticketing and alters processes, filters out false positives and produces actionable tickets for when attention is truly needed. RMM feature includes alerting, SNMP monitoring, reporting, scripting, and client communicator, etc. Each feature on this IT management platform is specially designed by a professional team to deliver perfect experience. There is also has a mobile device management solution that provides a complete device management solution for client conducting businesses in smartphones and tablets. Overall, Continuum is a comprehensive IT solution as compared to others.

More About IFS Field Service Management

IFS Field Service Management is a leading solution that is designed to cater to the needs of service providers whether you belong to the contact center or the project management firm, it lets you address and track all the major problems of your customers on the field. The solution is serving all kind of businesses and was launched in 1983. It has lots of aspects that can take complete care of your customer queries such as request handling parts management and tech support etc. The software is specially designed to meet the highest level of efficacy, IFS Field Service Management is also available for the mobile device and will allow your field workers to keep an eye on tasks and assignment. Alongside resource planning, the solution also takes care of the financial aspects of your business. It manages all your billing and invoices seamlessly and enables you to set out quotes for your customer as well as estimates. IFS Field Service Management also includes core features such as forecasting, inventory tracking, task scheduling, billing, fleet management, quotes, estimates and complete history of services these are the core features of the solution. If you are looking for a comprehensive PLM solution, then try it out, it is specially designed for you.