Image Inpainting


Image Inpainting Alternatives



GHOST LENS 2 is a fun, prank-making, and entertainment app that makes you look scary through its features. It contains a basic photo and video editing options with multiple animated stuff. This app helps you in cloning ghosts using your own photos, and you can clone yourself in photos and videos in a way like never before.

It is a miraculous Video Editor and Pic Editor App that enables its global users to enjoy applying dozens of filters and FX over their pics and videos to make them more astonishing. You can create the loops of your faded pics and amaze others hilariously.


#2 Mosaic Pixelate Censor Photo


Mosaic Pixelate Censor photo is a famous and free photo editing app developed in the market by Winson Tan. Having this tool, users can snap and edit images without compromising the pic quality. This app contains notable features to blur, mosaic (pattern produced by arranging together small pieces of stone, tile, glass, etc.), pixelate (typically to disguise someone’s identity), and color the photo in a unique way.

It app also carries basic features to edit your image like fun filters, stickers, emojis, or plenty of amazing stuff. You can also add your desired text over photos of your friends, family members, and others. This app allows you to omit the people in your photo you want to be with. It sharply generates the exclusive image by censoring it.

#3 Jazza’s Arty Games


Jazza’s Arty Games transforms your mobile phone screen into a white canvas to create beautiful paintings and show off your creative skills to your family members. Users can change their profile button from the home screen and mute the sound.

You can select a single game mode and view all the tips to create the perfect painting using your favorite color. The custom generator allows users to use their imagination to create as many games as they want with the option to send a game to other painters through email. You can change the total number of scribbles for each game.