iMAL is financial software that works for banks and investment firms and offers facilities for every type of financial organization. It has a friendly interface and provides various tools and gives its services for more than 140 Islamic financial institutions in three different languages across the Middle East and the major Asia Pacific.

It is currently working in 39 countries and provide complete enterprise Islamic banking and investment system. It works for the powerful core banking platform specially built from the ground up to support the Sharia banking operation and work with the vertical application for delivering a required outcome.

The program design is sophisticated as it can handle complex requirements for the institution and work according to the operating procedure in any region. iMAL is available on multiple operating systems that also include cloud-based systems and mobile applications. It comes with the user manual and a constructive layout and interface that has a beautiful design and provides ease of access in interaction.

The platform also supports ATM management, complies tracking, Corporate Banking, multi-branch handling, investment banking, online banking. It also works with the private banking sector, retail banking, securities management, transaction management, risk management, and much more. iMAL also provide 24/7 Live support.


iMAL Alternatives

#1 Finacle


Finacle is one of the most trending banking software which consists of various exciting feature and offers a separate module for every department in the banking system. The primary function of the platform is to provide you with multiple modules that can integrate a cloud-based system for your financial operation.

The interface is easy to interact with and give a constructive layout which guides the user for easy navigation. The platform works around the financial core banking solution to provide you with a digital engagement suite. It also provides corporate banking facility, cash management module, comprehensive front to back digital banking solution with advanced architecture, online banking platform, and much more.

The ease of access and the layout both offers business requirements for retail stores corporate and universal banks and also create a maximum opportunity for growth transformation on a large scale. Finacle gives 24/7 customer support and has excellent features such as corporation of investment modules, compliance tracking, online banking, retail banking, security management, private banking, transaction monitoring, etc.

The platform is the only cloud-based software and does not give any program for the operating systems on mobile devices. The price of Finacle starts form $500000, and the size of the company depends on the pricing factor.


#2 NLS Banking Solutions


NLS Banking Solutions is a smart banking solution that consists of various modules that work to integrate your core banking software and also give you multiple opportunities to handle different financial organizations. The interface is sophisticated and comes with a nice module that includes various solutions for business automation and digital banking.

It also gives users multiple facilities to integrate with the banking system. It comes with the user-guided structure and provides many facilities that include a package of system integration and various software module that provide ease in every operation.

NLS Banking Solutions is only available on cloud-based devices and also gives a dedicated software for Windows operating system. After installation, it provides a training module and online support that offers a 24/7 live agent facility for guiding you through various steps and helping you in any technical problem.

The core features include transition monitoring, private banking, multi-branch handling, compliance tracking, security management, retail banking. It also includes ATM management, investment banking management, and online banking management system.

#3 CoBIS Microfinance Software


CoBIS Microfinance Software is a micro-finance and handling software that gives you very is a module that includes robust micro-financing and micro banking operation. The program has a sophisticated interface and offers the user with account management system client supporting supplier and loan portfolio to the financial planning reports, and much more.

It is easy to use and only available for cloud-based devices, but the desktop-based software is on-demand and for large Enterprises. CoBIS Microfinance Software work around six main modules that include the timely development of services, journal ledger, accounting software, smart banking functionality, customization request, user-friendly look, and browser compatibility.

Using these factors, the platform provides various combinations of solutions and integrate companies from time to time and manage their financial records easily. CoBIS also offer free demonstration version and for large enterprise on Windows operating system. The interface has a smart user manual for training and provides 24/7 technical support for solving your problem.

The key feature of the program includes ATM management, corporate banking, investment banking, online banking, retail banking, securities management, compliance tracking, multi-branch integration, private banking, risk management system, transaction monitoring, and much more.


#4 CPB Software


CPB Software is a smart booking software which provides facilities for many industries and authorities and also works with the various financial organization and provides the solution to manage their business module and day-to-day operations.

This software gives you complex Information technology modules, specialization, and provides services that include a beautiful structure with integrated complete standard software. The program works amazingly with financial institutions and offers a whole range of requirements and tools for the international market.

CPB Software offers comprehensive solutions and provides individual components and standalone solution for small businesses. It is known for its security aspects and provides a competitive feature that includes a security management section, retail banking, online banking, investment banking, and corporate banking.

The program also provides compliance tracking, multi-branching, private banking, transaction monitoring, and various other modules. It is available for cloud-based systems and does not give any program for windows OS or any mobile devices. It has an excellent interactive layout and provides a user-guided structure. The pricing starts from $175000 for a one-time purchase, and the program will keep updating.


0 is a smart baking platform which gives many facilities for integrating global financial institutions, and it is a business startup that provides facilities for universal banks, private banks, Islamic Bank, leasing institutes, and various other platforms. It has a remarkable interface which works beautifully and includes a peer to peer lending, a crowdfunding platform, alternative banking, Finance organization, and multiple banking facilities in one single software. consists of an interface that provides flexibility, ease of use, cost-efficiency, and flexible design. It also customizes the interface according to user requirements. It also provides a separate API that consists of a user dashboard for employees and supervisors to review every performance and other functions under the system.

The program is available for the cloud-based module, gives mobile applications, and also gives a dedicated software for installing the program in the Windows operating system. It also comes with online support and training module that provides a guideline structure.

The core features include ATM management, multi-branching, credit management, compliance tracking, corporate banking, investment banking, and various other functions. Online banking, retail banking, security management, transaction monitoring, risk management, are also some of the main tasks of

#6 Core Banking Solution


Core Banking Solution, as the name suggests, offers a banking software that comes with various facilities and offers a guaranteed solution for day-to-day business with secure encryption and straightforward design, which work according to user requirements. It can handle multiple transactions simultaneously and provide an article report on day to day transactions.

This software helps you in organizing every management module in the banking operation and gives you a remarkable interface. It enables your financial institution to not only operate in an efficient way but in a most cost-effective way.

Core Banking Solution provided services for various operating systems and platforms but only offer an iOS application for mobile devices. It also comes with the 24/7 live representative who can solve your technical problems and also guide you through the training module, which includes in-person training webinars documentation and much more.

The essential functions include compliance tracking, ATM management, investment banking, multi-branching, online banking, private banking module, retail banking, risk management system, security management system, transaction monitoring module, and much more.

Core Banking Solution can be the best choice for small organizations because it can handle day-to-day business and also give you a customizable dashboard with interactive tools that provide you a progressive system for your financial needs.

#7 OLYMPIC Banking System


OLYMPIC Banking System is one of the renowned banking systems and provides a core banking solution that works in the best way. It has a sophisticated interface, and the program is available for cloud-based modules and offers dedicated software for Windows operating system.

The expertise of the software is in retail banking, private banking, wealth management fund, and trust and also provides its services in central banks. The system is interactive and includes a smart information system that incorporates front and back offices for monitoring tools communication systems. It gives control to the single user and offers high-end security and authentication protocols.

OLYMPIC Banking System gives a training module that includes in-person training, live online webinars, and documentation. It helps the firm and its employees to know about the distance integration and functionalities, provides insight into how every function can utilize its extent. The core features include ATM management, investment banking, online banking, security management, retail banking, and corporate banking.

Compliance tracking, credit card management, multi-branch, private banking, risk management, and transaction monitoring are also some of the central aspects of the platform. OLYMPIC Banking System comes with a friendly interface with an attractive module and constructive design. It also supports the user with a 24/7 live technician represented for understanding the modules and technical help.

#8 Capital Global Banking


Capital Global Banking is one of the most sophisticated banking software which gives a complete management module, and transaction monitoring features, so you can get the best experience for managing every business process in a single system. It provides a core banking facility and also gives you modules to integrate private banking, anti-money laundering, fraud detection protocols, and various other features.

The program has a remarkable interface that comes with a user-friendly navigation system and offers a constructive layout for ease of use. It comes with features that include ATM management, system compliance tracking, investment banking, multi-branch operation controlling online banking. Other features of the system include retail banking, security management, transaction monitoring module, risk management, and more.

The software works around the portfolio management and multi-asset trading, check management, customer relationship management module, which also works in a beautiful way of providing the functions to boost up the business, generate leads, and keep track of your employees and customers.

Capital Global Banking comes with the 24/7 live agent support, but it does not give a module for installing the software in your desktop-based operating system but give you a server and cloud-based access. The starting price of the platform is $500000.

#9 Temenos Transact


Temenos Transact is a smart banking software that offers tons of the facilities and functions for your core banking operations and monitors various transactions in the management software. It consists of a micro-service architecture, continuous innovation platform, offers a product factory, and catalog for its user to interact with the product defining transaction processing software in the best way.

It gives unparalleled operation scalability and functional depth for the reliable banks and also work with corporate and private banks, and manage their transaction. It is also able to monitor wealth managers. The key features include customer-centric system, account and deposit wearing platform, a sophisticated API module which provide over 700 published open module for covering all areas of the banking operation.

The program also provides enterprise credit, which is monitored by the bank and secured the entire exposure to corporate governance. Temenos Transact has a sophisticated interface, and the platform works beautifully and comes with a constructive layout which gives user navigation protocol for machine learning and integrating with the tools.

The main reason for the popularity of this software is the cloud-native and cloud-agnostic technology. Moreover, the revenue earned invests in the R&D department, which works for unparalleled functional depth and breadth, give you embedded analytics, and much more.