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Inbox is a free easy to use online email service provider that is coordinated with propels email, informing, and spam securities instruments and elements. Inbox offers the new clients a free storage room of 5GB, so they never try to erase their private messages keeping in mind the end goal to deal with space… read more
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14 Inbox Alternatives & Similar Software


1. AOL Mail

AOL Mail is a free online web based email service being given by the AOL. AOL Mail is otherwise called AIM Mail, and AIM remains for AOL Instant Messenger. AOL Mail is viewed as one of the most established email customers on the planet. It was dispatch in 1993 and offering its services in just about 54 worldwide languages. As of late, the AOL Mail has included numerous elements in its service that are Quick Bar for sending messages, messages, and AOL IM messages from one zone. There is additionally a framework for stacking photographs, connections, dates, and addresses from messages. The fundamental specialized components of AOL Mail are boundless email stockpiling limit, email connection constraint up to 25 MB, bolster for three principle conventions (POP3, SMTP, and IMAP), spam and infection assurance, spell checking framework, AIM board, email unsend framework for messages send to another AOL or AIM letter drop, email making in five areas, underpins for SSL and HTTPS and numerous others.


2. Hushmail

It is online email service provider. It offers document stockpiling, PGP-encoded email and vanity area service provider. OpenPGP guidelines are utilized and the source is accessible for download. Shrouded IP addresses in the email headers are its best security highlights. What capacity restricts for a free email record is 25MB. If the client doesn’t utilize his free record for back to back three weeks, Hushmail deactivates the record. For reactivate the record, customer needs to pay for Hushmail Premium record. It offers two sorts of paid records. The fundamental premium paid record with 1GB of capacity, without a desktop service provider. Other is the Premium+ Desk paid record which gives 10 GB of capacity alongside IMPA and POP3 services. Hushmail has two sorts of records principally for people and organizations. Also, texting service is being offered by the Hushmail since July 1, 2011. Hushmail is viewed as the scoring framework for informing that never bargained on the security of its clients.


3. Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is the email service being given by the Yahoo Inc. Yahoo Mail is among the most seasoned email customers. Yahoo Mail was propelled in 1997, and as on December 2014, it was the third biggest email service provider on the planet that has more than 271 million dynamic clients over the globe. Yahoo Mail services are accessible in two arrangements basically for people and business. The services for people are free. Yahoo Mail is putting forth the email stockpiling limit up to 1 to and offering email connection restricts 25 MB to 100 MB. While there is no capacity, restrict if there should be an occurrence of business records. Yippee! Mail lets its clients join ten records in one email. It offers spam assurance, assembled discussions, intense hunt choices, and subjects. It likewise has Dropbox joining for connections, Yahoo Messenger and SMS. Yahoo Mail application is also accessible for iPhone, iPad, tablets and android phones.


4. Gmail

Gmail is the group of Google. It is a standout amongst the most prominent email customers being direct by the Google. Gmail is free pursuit based webmail service provider offers online email client with inquiry capacities. It gives a post box Pop, and IMAP gets to. It offers 15 GB of free stockpiling alongside SPAM insurance, a show of email strings as discussions, a marking and shifting framework. Gmail is promoted as a significant aspect of “Google Apps.” Capacity breaking point can be expanded by acquiring extra stockpiling. Google propelled Gmail in 2004. At present, Gmail has more than 450 million enrolled clients over the globe. Also, the other well-known services of Google, for example, Google Drive and Google+ Photos are likewise incorporated with Gmail. Gmail is additionally offering storage room up to 30 TB for individual use against installments. If discussion about the connections, then it bolsters the connections up to 25 MB.


5. Outlook

Outlook is the different data supervisor and email customer by Microsoft. Outlook is accessible in two arrangements. Outlook is a web based email customer Furthermore the piece of Microsoft Office suite. The best about Outlook is that it is both a web based and desktop based email service provider. Dissimilar to other email applications, Outlook is incorporated with a lot of choices and services, for example, assignment supervisor, timetable, contact administrator, web perusing, diary, note taking and numerous others are the piece of Outlook. The best about Outlook is that it can be either use as a standalone application or can be worked with MS Exchange Server and MS SharePoint Server for numerous clients in business also to get to shared schedules, letter boxes and so on. It offers IMAP and POP3 access alongside informal community reconciliation e.g. Facebook visit. It is accessible for on the web, Android, iPhone, and iPad.


6. Fast Mail

FastMail is online email service provider with most secure and dependable environment in the business. A considerable lot of the organizations have picked FastMail as there is no migraine, unsurprising cost structure, shake firm unwavering quality and is protected and secure. It gives best business consistency highlights. It offers dependable Junk mail insurance. FastMail is an email service provider for the people and associations that are putting forth its services since 1999. Much the same as Yahoo! Mail, FastMail is recorded among the most established email customers. The services of FastMail are accessible in 36 worldwide dialects. The best about FastMail is that it gives 113 spaces that clients can browse. Besides, FastMail likewise offers to facilitate of outside spaces. FastMail is viewed as the quick, dependable, and secure email service provider. Notwithstanding an email framework, FastMail incorporates lots of different elements too like timetables, contact service, draft, sharing, coordination, conveying instruments, speedier email framework and significantly more.


7. GMX

GMX is a promotion bolstered email, and webmail service provider that was propelled by the GMX is 1997. The fundamental component of GMX is the accessibility by GMX to its clients to get to the GMX Mail either through webmail or POP3 and IMAP4 conventions or both. The elements of GMX are not limited to email and webmail as it were. GMX additionally coordinates the different capacities and components like a coordinator, mail gatherer, record stockpiling, and address book. GMX lets everybody make up to 10 individual GMX email IDs. GMX offers the email creation in areas of .com, and .us amongst numerous others being given by it. Extra elements and functionalities of GMX are a document sharing framework, infection and spam assurance, drag and drop framework for both messages and records and bringing outer POP3 accounts also. GMX is a best email service provider that offers its clients to gather and deal with their various documents advantageously.


8. Tutanota

Tutanota is web based email service provider. It is a free and open source. The fundamental center of Tutanota is upon protection. Information can’t be scanned as it put away encoded for business utilization. It offers dead simple end-to-end encryption. It offers 1 GB free stockpiling for everybody. Security and protection are its first need. Just you alongside your secret word can get to your scrambled information and profiling is inconceivable. It is simplest to utilize and secure email customer. Tutao GmbH creates Tutanota. Tutanota is viewed as one of the best open source and end-to-end scrambled email client. Tutanota is likewise considered as one of the best secure email stages that are uncommonly intended for the expansive associations and business visionaries to convey safely by guaranteeing the protection of the discussion. Tutanota likewise gives the ready clients a chance to deal with all their email accounts, both of organization or family, safely from the possess area name of the clients. Additionally, the encoded letter box of Tutanota can be gotten to through the web, iOS, and Android application also.


9. iCloud Mail

iCloud Mail is the mail service being offered by Apple for its clients. By utilizing the iCloud Mail, customers of Apple can send, get and compose the email by utilizing the Mail application on iCloud Mail frame any Mac OS X, and Windows web programs. iCloud Mail is completely incorporated with the gadget of the clients, and at whatever point the clients will roll out any improvements in inbox or envelopes or will send another mail, it will naturally push to the gadgets set by customers for iCloud Mail. In this way, in that is way, iCloud Mail lets its record holders to not to associate with their iOS gadgets to PCs to keep their inbox and mail envelopes upgrades as they changes will be redesigns consequently wherever whichever device set by the client will use to send, get or sort out the messages. As iCloud Mail is just for the Apple clients, so an Apple ID is required to make a record, and after that, they can utilize iCloud Mail from a web program too.


10. Lycos Mail

Lycos Mail is the email service being offered by Lycos Inc. Once the name of knew it. Lycos Inc. is fundamentally a web crawler and web entrance that is the stage of email, long range informal communication, and web hosting and excitement locales. Lycos Mail offers the clients to send right away and get vast records in addition to boundless document connection sizes also. Lycos Mail bargains in two kinds of records free and in addition to the account. The free record accompanies 3GB of free storage room, spam sifting, infection checking, area and address blocking. While in addition to records is accessible with 5GB storage room and all components of free record in addition to two extra that are no inbox promotions and POP3/IMAP get to. The best about Lycos Mail is that it concentrates on to keep up the security and protection of its clients and with a specific end goal to do as such it persistently overhauls its services to battle against tricks.


11. is a web based and secure email supplier that gives the news, articles, apparatuses, webmail application and recordings with no capacity restrain. bargains in two kinds of records are substantially free and premium. The best about both choices is that both contain accessibility of boundless stockpiling, portable get to, and mail gatherer. In any case, advertisement free framework, phone backing, POP3, and IMAP or accessible for premium clients as it were. lets its customers get an email from more than 200 one of a kind area to associate with their craved address. is known for giving best choices to its clients like a client of can make an email ID given the area of their enthusiasm including calling, character, a way of life, area. In this way, in that is way, lets its clients express their selves using the personalization arrangement of The is likewise offering notwithstanding messages as per calling and intrigue, topographically based spaces.


12. Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is a fast, secure and ad-free business email hosting with rich webmail client, POP/IMAP access, integrated Calendar, notes, contacts and tasks application etc. It is a powerful system that collects your messages from other email accounts so you can view them in the single inbox. The solution is mostly used by small businesses because it comes as part of the packages of the solution in order to help create bases, keep track of expenditures and project future revenue. It works similarly as compared to the other email hosting platforms; you can attach images and documents up to 20MB to messages you send, and you can preview attachments without downloading them. Zoho Mail is also known as the new way to email with new innovations such as folder share and much more. It also includes core features such as office suite, support multiple accounts, no ads, powerful control panel, mass section, a tabbed view, multi-level folders and anti-spam and anti-virus etc. Try it out; it is best for everyone.


13. TypeApp

TypeApp is a simple and beautifully designed email application that provides a top-notch email experience while managing all your email accounts from a single customizable mail app. With the smart alert, packaged in an intuitive and easy to use design, TypeApp is an excellent replacement for your stock email client. The app is designed for all kind of users and offers a massive range of new tools that make your work simple and fast. It supports IMAP, POP3 and all exchange protocols including EAS for Outlook, Yahoo and Office365. The app automatically configures them once you sign in. View and sync all your email accounts from one stunning inbox while enjoying lighting fast, true push email. Unlike other email applications, it also allows you to communicate with people and focus on mail from people much faster with the people switch or be notified when specific VIP notifications. TypeApp also includes core features such as group mail, send and receive unlimited emails, simplify email with clusters, smart conversation, rich text, calendar sync, unread and scrollable widgets, dark mode and much more. If you want to manage your all emails in a single platform, then try it out, it is specially designed for you.


14. Yandex Mail

Yandex Mail is the free email service being given by the Russia-based web crawler Yandex. Yandex Mail is a service that gives the letter boxes to the eager clients on Yandex servers with no cost. After getting register at, Yandex Mail gives 10GB of free storage room to everything about the client. Additionally, for normal clients, there is likewise a shocking offer by the Yandex Mail, and that is the accessibility of further 1GB storage room at whatever point the underlying storage room gave by the Yandex Mail begin to under 200 MB of free space. In this way, in that is way, Yandex Mail can be said for an email service that gives the boundless storage room to its clients. Yandex Mail has likewise viewed as the email service provider that attention on the security and protection of their customers. It utilizes those sorts of innovations that battle against spam and enhances the services ceaselessly.

More About Inbox

Inbox is a free easy to use online email service provider that is coordinated with propels email, informing, and spam securities instruments and elements. Inbox offers the new clients a free storage room of 5GB, so they never try to erase their private messages keeping in mind the end goal to deal with space. The other best thing about is its record connection framework. Inbox email lets the sender send attachments up to 20 Mb and besides the senders can likewise exchange their approaching relationships too straightforwardly to online information stockpiling services also. Notwithstanding essential elements and capacities, underpins various expansions also that are produced by Inbox. There is a toolbar by the name of Inbox Toolbar that gives the clients to get notices and reviews of approaching messages, a chance to get to their letter drop and form new messages specifically by tapping on the Toolbar.

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