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10 Apps Like Indie Shuffle

Indie Shuffle – New Songs is an ultimate music app that comes with unlimited music across hundreds of genres such as electronic, pop and jazz etc. Its smart playlists are the first step in your music discovery. The application is available to use on Android, iOS and Web platforms and you can access it anywhere around the world. With the help of this application you can easily find a track and hit play, the application will build a radio station to help you find new artists and music. There is also a feature that allows you to create own playlists with your favourite tracks and able to share your tracks with the others via Facebook. Indie Shuffle also includes core features such as massive collection of unique tracks, simple interface, no listening time, curated by real people and much more. Do try it out, you’ll surely enjoy it.

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1. Listen: The Gesture Music Player

Listen: The Gesture Music Player is a Music Player you can use it without looking at it. It is an advanced level player that allows you just to tab the screen to play and pause the screen. The application has a unique gesture-based interface where you swipe your finger lift to right to change the tracks, swipe up to add songs to favourite playlists and tab to pause a track.…

2. Vampr

Android iOS
Vampr is an application that helps you discover, connect and collaborate with the fellow musicians. The application is specially designed for those who love music and want to become a musician. With the help of this app, you can easily find a guitarist, singer, producer for your latest project, test for that punk band you always wanted to join or simply discover friends with the same taste in music. Vampr…

3. Wall Of Music

Wall Of Music is a free music streaming application that has more than 40 million tracks and also regularly updates with new songs. For music lovers, it is the first app that unites music navigation and discovery with the tactical, visual and auditory experience. With the help of this application, you can get unlimited access to Apple Music. It is also known a new way to listen, view your music…

4. Hillydilly

Android iOS
Hillydilly – Free Music Discovery is an addictive music streaming and discovery platform with the world’s best music that is regular update with new tracks. It is available to use Android, iOS and Web platforms. The application does not require registration to list and discover music, but if you want to save or create your own music tracks, you need to sign up with an email address, name and all…

5. Splyce

Android iOS
Splyce – automix with effect developed and published by InQBarna KenKyuu Jo. It is free to use Audio and Music application that allows you to enjoy whole new music experience. The application comes with beautiful music player and magical DJ powers that allow you to enjoy DJ mix music for free. You just need to select your favourite songs, order them and click play it is real than simple. But…

6. 8 Tracks

Android iOS
8 Tracks are one of best playlist radio application for people who care about music to make and discover refreshingly human playlists. It is free to use music app, available to use the web, Android and iOS platform and you can access it anywhere around the world to join their favourite playlist. It is the top music app to discover all the independent hip-hop, indie rock, jazz and all the…

7. Upbeat

Upbeat is a beautiful and simple music application that lets you listen to all your favourite songs without any limitation. The application integrates with all the major music provider applications including SoundCloud and Spotify. With the help of this music app, you can be also able to create playlists with all your favourite tracks and share it with the others. Unlike all the other music streaming platforms it also has…

8. Hype Machine

Android iOS
Hype Machine is free to use Music and Audio application where you easily discover the most talked-about music from blogs around the world. The application has a massive collection of unique tracks and every day, thousands of people around the world write about music they love, and it all ends up on this application. It watches new posts on more than 800 of the most interesting blogs and makes it…

9. Digitally Imported

Android iOS
Digitally Imported [] is a 100% human-curated electronic music platform specially designed to satisfy all of your listening cravings. It is a completely free platform and allows you to join and start hearing DJ’s, artists, producers and music collectors curate, stream live and drop mixes which inspire, transport and energize. Choose from more than 90 electronic music stations and join a community that’s the first to hear brand new exclusive…

10. Reddit’s /r/kpop

Reddit’s /r/kpop is a world’s most popular community where you can get a massive range of Kpop music, news, discussions and all the other music related things. It has millions of users around the world who can use to listen to trending music, read news about their favourite artists and musicians. The addictive thing about this community is that many artists such as Crayon Pop gain popularity on this platform…

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